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GRETZ: What to Watch For
Jun 01, 2007, 6:20:13 AM by Bob Gretz - FAQ

If you live and breath the red and gold, hopefully you’ll find your way to Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday for your first opportunity to see the 2007 Chiefs.

Make sure you grab a roster sheet, or just to be safe print off the roster right here on kcchiefs.com. There are a lot of new faces from the last time the Chiefs performed in public. That means a lot of new numbers, and plenty of duplicate numbers. Just remember, the guys in red play defense, the guys in white shirts play offense.

For instance, Boomer Grigsby is no longer No. 51 in red; he’s wearing No. 46 in white as a fullback. Long snapper Jean-Philippe Darche is now wearing the No. 51 jersey. There are defensive linemen wearing No. 90 and No. 93, but they aren’t Ryan Sims or John Browning. It’s the rookie duo of Turk McBride and Tank Tyler. Physically, it will be pretty obvious that Dante Hall is no longer No. 82 in red; that now belongs to Dwayne Bowe.

There will not be a No. 68 in white on the field. For the first time in 14 years, Will Shields is not part of the pre-season preparation. Rightfully so, nobody was issued his number for this year’s team. But there’s a familiar face back, wearing No. 59 in red. When you see Donnie Edwards running around on the Arrowhead grass it signals the end of a five-year linebacker nightmare for the Chiefs. He just never looked right in the dark blue that the Chargers wear.

If you look close, you might even see a red No. 24, as Ty Law is scheduled to make his first appearance in Kansas City since the end of the season. Make sure you catch a glimpse, because he will probably not be visible again in these parts until the team returns from training camp.

The players will not being wearing pads in the Saturday workout and there will be no intentional contact. That always makes it tough to judge the play of the big guys upfront. But among the other players, here are some names and numbers to watch for during the practice:

Boomer Grigsby, No. 46 white: Boomer has moved from linebacker to fullback and he’s running around out there like he knows what he’s doing in his new position. During Thursday’s OTA, he made a nice one-handed catch in the individual drills.

Napoleon Harris, No 50 red: Watch Harris in the drills when the whole defense is together. He’s already taken charge of the huddle, just like a middle linebacker must do for defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. Watch him and the rest of the linebackers and you’ll see how much faster and more athletic the team has become in the last two seasons.

Kolby Smith, No. 21 white: As Smith goes through the drills, especially when the running backs are catching passes, watch him and tell me he doesn’t look like Kimble Anders out there. If he were wearing No. 38 he would be a dead ringer. He plays the game like the Chiefs former Pro Bowl fullback. He will be a factor for this team in the 2007 season.

Maurice Price, No. 17 white: Everybody’s eyes will be on first-round draft choice Bowe when the receivers are working. He’ll certainly get plenty of chances to catch the ball. But keep your eye on Price, a rookie free agent from Charleston Southern. He’s made a catch in just about every one of the five OTA sessions that has caught the attention of the coaches.

Brodie Croyle, No. 12 yellow: I’m not sure how the quarterback rotation will work, but Croyle will get his throws. What he’s shown again in the OTAs is that he’s got the arm to make just about any throw he wants to make. Croyle can wing it and he’s usually very accurate.

Tyron Brackenridge, No. 34 red and Tony Franklin, No. 41 red: There is some talent with these two young cornerbacks, both signed as college free agents out of Washington State and Virginia. Franklin struggled in Thursday’s OTA, which was noticeable since he’d really done a good job in handling the corner.

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If you live and breath the red and gold, you would have voted for the rolling roof and already paid far out the ass to King Carl for your season tickets.Fixed your article.

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names, numbers and new guys?

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names, numbers and new guys?


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So is Kolby Smith actually going to get work at FB? Kinda seems like a waste if you ask me.

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watch Rhonda Moss and Jason Whitlock
fight over the pretzel mustard

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So Bob, how's the "Poorly written and confusing ballot language" theory going?