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06-06-2007, 10:02 PM
Jun 06, 2007, 3:52:35 PM

Q: It must be nice to have Trent’s trade out of the way so that now you can concentrate on what you are supposed to go out and do?

CROYLE: “It is. Everything finally worked out the way everybody wanted it to. It’s good to move on and get back to doing what we do.”

Q: Was there a difference out there at practice today?

CROYLE: “Not really. Just more reps. Other than that, not really.”

Q: Do you feel things have cleared up a bit, knowing that it’s a two-man race right now?

CROYLE: “Honestly not. I can only worry about myself and how good I do each day. It didn’t really matter if Trent was here or if Trent wasn’t here. It was just a matter of me going out there and doing my job.”

Q: Did Trent Green give you any departing advice?

CROYLE: “Not really. We talked before and he had a feeling it might happen. He’ll back in town and I’m sure we’ll get together.”

Q: What was the most valuable lesson or thing he taught you last year?

CROYLE: “Just how to handle everything – not only on the field with your reads and who to give the ball to, but off the field, how to handle all this, how to handle adversity. Just be the same person through it all and you’ll win your teammates over. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.”

Q: Are you where you need to be?

CROYLE: “I’m still not where I need to be right now, but I’ve gotten better every day. I think if we continue to do that (as a team) and have a good training camp, we’ll have a good shot.”

06-06-2007, 10:02 PM
Q&A with HERM EDWARDS - 6/6
Jun 06, 2007, 4:07:01 PM

Q: Trent Green is now gone. Can you talk about that?

HERM EDWARDS: “I think it’s good for Trent. That’s what Trent wanted. It’s good for him and his family. He’s done a great job here for six years as the quarterback and taken us to two playoff berths. He’s won a lot of games.

“This year was a different situation for this whole football team. We started competition at a lot of different positions – quarterback being one. Obviously, he feels more comfortable in Miami right now. He will be the starter. The situation here was he had to compete to be the starter. He’s no longer here and we wish him well. I hope he plays very, very well for them. Now what we continue to do is have competition at the quarterback position with the guys we have here.”

Q: You say it’s good for him, but it’s good for you to have it over isn’t it?

EDWARDS: “It doesn’t bother me. I just coach the guys whether it’s…..

Q: But now you coach the guys who want to be here…

EDWARDS: “I don’t think he didn’t want to be here. I just think the situation played out to where it’s good for him to be very comfortable where he’s going [and] playing for two coaches who’s he played with before and an offense he’s very familiar with. We’ve changed this one a little bit this year due to our personnel and due to some things we didn’t do very well last year. We’re going to change it a little bit.

“Trent’s been a pro through the whole deal, a top-notch guy. He came to work every day; he helped the young quarterbacks when he had the opportunity to do that. Now Damon (Huard), Brodie (Croyle) and Casey Printers are the guys that will compete.”

Q: With one less guy around that’s more work for a guy like Brodie. What’s the balance?

EDWARDS: “We went into this with competition in mind and tried to make sure we gave everyone the same. Now, all of a sudden Printers is the third, not the fourth. Now Brodie and Damon are battling with Printers. The reps are about the same and it’s going to work out that way.

“The whole key is from now until the pre-season. When the pre-season starts that’s going to be very important when we start playing and we see if the quarterbacks are equipped in all situations and how they react.”

Q: Did it offend you at all that Trent still believed till the very end that this was not a fair competition that he was never going to get the opportunity to start?

EDWARDS: “No, we had a conversation again and he told me how he felt. We were on the same page. It had a lot to do with some other things where he thought it might not be fair. We discussed it and he was fine with what I was doing. He understood what I needed to do as a football coach here and he came out every day and worked.”

Q: Is that more of a misunderstanding where you said something and he heard something else?

EDWARDS: “No, we were on the same page.”

Q: Clearly that’s not what occurred?

EDWARDS: “Yeah, we were. The way he said it just sounded like he didn’t trust what I was doing. But at the end we spoke and were on the same page. We have a good relationship. It’s going to be intact. Probably play golf in July when we go up to Tahoe. I was his golfing partner last year and we’ll probably play this year. He can tell me about Miami and I’ll tell him where we’re at. He’s where he wants to be and that’s good for him and his family. You want them to feel comfortable where they’re going to compete at and he felt more comfortable there than here.”

Q: You talk about Casey going to get a chance, but it would be a major upset if he was the starting quarterback? Can you handicap it at this point or is all dead even?

EDWARDS: “I’ll tell you what: I’ll let you guys do that. You guys do a great job with that.”

Q: How much work can they get done before going to River Falls?

EDWARDS: “They’ll get enough. We’ll have the whole offense in and have situations that we need to practice on offensively. From there it’s training camp where you have a lot of time and then pre-season games which will be a key. What’s going to help us is we’re really going to get a fifth game environment when we practice against Minnesota twice. We’re going to go there the first time on Friday and I believe they’re going to come to us on Saturday. So, they’re going to see a different color jersey early twice rather than once before the first pre-season game.”

Q: Brodie’s real laid back, but do you anticipate he’ll take this situation in stride like he seems to take everything, or is that something you don’t know about yet?

EDWARDS: “No, I like his demeanor. He comes across as laid back like he’s a Southern guy that’s just kind of been fishing all day. But he’s a competitor. He is a competitor. You are failing to realize something about this guy: this guy has dealt with a lot of adversity in his short college career. He’s had some hits and some knocks and been injured where a lot of guys wouldn’t have come back. This guy has battled through all that. This guy is a tough-minded guy. Damon Huard is a tough-minded guy.

“You’re talking about two guys: Brodie coming out of college where he was hit a lot and didn’t have a lot of protection at times and played in a big hostile environment at the University of Alabama – big time football.

“Damon Huard is a guy who’s been a journeyman quarterback in this league. He’s been a guy who hasn’t played a lot but all of a sudden he has to come in off the bench last year and start for us and go into some hostile environment. He won some games for us and with Trent helped us to get into the playoffs. You’re talking about two tough-minded guys and that’s what you like about both of them.”

Q: Brodie is someone who is tough but he’s been hurt. What’s your concern at this level?

EDWARDS: “Well, so was Trent. Trent was hurt, too, the first couple of years in the league if you look at his history. Then all of a sudden he didn’t get hurt. Chad Pennington was a guy that was hurt, too. There have been some guys who have been hurt. You don’t anticipate guys getting hurt and sit around waiting. He’s competing to be a starter as Damon is.”

Q: How can you see Brodie’s development when you’re not in pads?

EDWARDS: “Just mental decisions, what he does with the ball. That’s what you always guard against with young quarterbacks, or quarterbacks who haven’t played a lot, a la Damon last year. You don’t want to put them in situations where they have to make a lot of plays right away.

“What you tell those guys is you don’t have to win the game, but you have the ability to lose the game if you make some bad throws. They have to know that. That’s not like you’re going to play cautious, but your surrounding cast will help them win the game. They have to learn that and if they learn that they’ll be fine. As they gain confidence you open things up for them. But it’s all about confidence at any position, but at the quarterback especially because of the fact that he touches the ball every play. You have this team in your hands.”

06-07-2007, 08:48 AM
Q: You talk about Casey going to get a chance, but it would be a major upset if he was the starting quarterback? Can you handicap it at this point or is all dead even?

EDWARDS: “I’ll tell you what: I’ll let you guys do that. You guys do a great job with that.”

No they really aren't very good at that either.

06-07-2007, 09:07 AM
No they really aren't very good at that either.

I believe there was probably some sarcasm lacing that statement. And that funny. I have to say I'm impressed that they didn't just give him softball questions like they normally do.