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WEIR: "Slightly Irregular"
Jul 03, 2007, 2:32:50 PM by Eileen Weir

Larry Johnson is so my type. Having LJ as a Chief until the sunset of his career would be a dream come true for me.

My choice of humans comes from the bin labeled “slightly irregular.” The Big Man on Campus kind like Peyton Manning, the All-American Boy Next Door sort a la Trent Green don’t top my list of preferred athletes. Tremendous ability, proven toughness, great leadership skills but a bit too peachy-keen for my taste.

I like ‘em to be born angry and easily incensed. Bill Parcells is my all-time favorite football figure for his ability to win football games and his inability to suffer fools lightly. Habitually sarcastic with the media, Parcells is a non-discriminate curmudgeon, treating his multimillion-dollar veterans with the same measure of indifference that he does undrafted rookies. Legend has it that Coach Parcells once said to a New York Giants placekicker who announced one Sunday morning that he couldn’t play because of a severe bout of intestinal flu, “You don’t have to play, you just have to kick.” Among Parcells’ first acts as the New York Jets head coach was to release All-Pro kicker Nick Lowery from the roster. Before Parcells got finished parking his car he cut one of the League’s most successful players without a moment’s hesitation. I love that.

Kansas Citians grew weary of the down and dirty characters that dominated the Chiefs roster in the latter half of the 1990’s. Fans clearly expressed a desire to clean up the operation and populate the depth chart with men of upstanding character who would represent themselves, our team, and our town with dignity and pride. The city felt ashamed to have notorious troublemakers like Andre Rison and Bam Morris donning the red and gold and presumably threatening our public safety. More unsettling was the perceived impact such figures had on younger players like Dale Carter and Tamarick Vanover who absorbed the message that it is acceptable to be a constant problem to society.

Man, do I miss those guys.

I don’t mean to say I condone criminal behavior, but I pine for the days when we had some flavor to our team. Now that we have genteelly glided through the cocktail party hosted by Dick Vermeil, tenderly hugging one another and shedding tears of earnest emotion, which by the way resulted in a grand total of one playoff appearance and zero post-season wins, I may not be alone in lo
nging for a revamped image for our hometown team. Let’s put some sizzle on this steak.

Johnson is candidate number one for supplying the long-missing pizzazz to the Chiefs. We know the star running back loves show biz judging from the company he keeps in the off season. You won’t find Johnson frequenting posh Country Club Plaza eateries or sipping aged wines from a private stash at Morton’s. No, he’s in New York. L.A. Hollywood. He wants to be in a big time town with big time celebrities. Good for him. If he can inject his ambition to be a legitimate superstar into the Chiefs ranks than good for us.

The anti-fans of Johnson have qualified him as a locker room distraction and a danger to team chemistry. The Johnson detractors falsely imply that he is prone to anti-social behavior. They say he is too self-absorbed to do anything but run the ball and rack up personal statistics. Though Johnson has been convicted of no crimes and has done nothing but excel on the field of play, he is bombing in the public opinion polls.

If, like me, you find Johnson’s innate nastiness irresistible, you are having a hard time imagining how the Chiefs can avoid awarding this sensational young athlete a significant new multi-year contract. Drafting the Penn State runner number one in 2003 and then deactivating him for ten games turns out not to be one of Dick Vermeil’s smartest moves. “Discovering” the talent of Johnson in December of 2004 to replace an injured Priest Holmes and watching him accumulate 514 yards and nine touchdowns in six games should have given ample proof that here was a special player. Yoking him with the lion’s share of carries throughout 2005 and putting the ball in his hands 416 times in 2006 only solidified that his talent was special.

It’s no wonder Johnson wants to get paid.

And what argument do the Chiefs have for not rewarding his production with a bigger deal? Maybe none and maybe they have offered more than you or I know. Though the rumor mill cranked out stories that had the Chiefs shopping Johnson around for a first, second and/or third round pick prior to this year’s draft, the team refuted the notion that the All-Pro was actively on the auction block. That said, everyone’s expendable. As with every business, everything in the NFL is for sale for the right price.

The cynical nature of Chiefs fans, which is bred from year after year of disappointing endings to storybook seasons, causes us to presume there will be a big showdown between Johnson and team officials. Maybe not. The supposition of team followers is that negotiations between players, their representatives, and the Chiefs upper management are always contentious. Because of a few high-profile cases and a handful of training camp hold outs, we imagine that a deal cannot be reached without the requirement of weeks of turmoil.

Not so. Many big contracts for critical players, including Derrick Thomas, Will Shields, Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez were reached with little or no conflict. Players that the team recognizes as irreplaceable are easily transitioned from one contract to the next. Veterans failing to report for training camp is a poor indicator of their discontent. If you knew what it was like, you wouldn’t want to go either. Holding out of camp is not unusual and normally not hugely detrimental to the development of a veteran player. And we can expect Larry Johnson to be on that list of hold-outs come July 26th.

I, for one, hope the Chiefs regard Johnson as one of those rare talents that is worthy of a long-term relationship with the team. If not, we will likely witness a big fight gassed up with plenty of emotion and persecution complex provided by our star running back. I can hardly wait.


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Love a good anti-hero. LJ works for me.

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Larry Johnson is so my type.

Chick sports writers... :shake:

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Chick sports writers... :shake:

GoChiefs would have said the same thing.......


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made it to the 3rd paragraph.... that's a record...

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WEIR: "Slightly Irregular"

I stopped right there. I am no longer gonna read any of the crap she writes. It's just pure irrelevant crap that has no point to it or anything in life. How she has a job I don't know.

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Go cover the Bengals then you stupid bitch.

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This was my favorite part...

"I don’t mean to say I condone criminal behavior, but I pine for the days when we had some flavor to our team. Now that we have genteelly glided through the cocktail party hosted by Dick Vermeil, tenderly hugging one another and shedding tears of earnest emotion, which by the way resulted in a grand total of one playoff appearance and zero post-season wins, I may not be alone in longing for a revamped image for our hometown team."

Gee there's a shock. Another KCChiefs.com columnist now poking fun at the Vermiel era after the fact.

Hammock Parties
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I had a sex change recently....guess the cat's out of the bag now.