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04-27-2001, 01:51 PM

Grbac had already been working informally with receiver Brandon Stokley at the complex, but this was his first opportunity to practice with a full unit. Before he took the field, however, Grbac didn't need much time to realize that he wasn't in Kansas (City) anymore.

"It's been great," he said. "Now I know what everybody was talking about. There's not an offense, defense mentality here. Everybody kind of really blends in real good. (Please tell me this moron isn't the same guy that lead our offense for 3 years.),
Guys were coming up to me and introducing themselves; it just goes to show you what kind of a team we've got here."

Grbac left the Kansas City Chiefs in March to sign a five-year contract with Baltimore. The Ravens envisioned him as an upgrade over Trent Dilfer, and Grbac viewed Baltimore as a marked improvement over KC. (Normally I would disagree with this, but apparently the players get a free buffet after each practice or something.),

Grbac, a backup quarterback on 1995 world champion San Francisco 49ers, is itching to win another title. He didn't think it was going to happen with the Chiefs, so he jumped at the chance to come to Baltimore. (Oh yeah, I forgot how talented Baltimores offense is.)

"I was in a great situation when I was in San Francisco my first four years in the league, and I've been looking for a place like that," he said. "Is Kansas City a San Francisco or a Baltimore? In my opinion, no. (Isn't that why they call us the KC Chiefs and not the SF 49ers???),

"Once you win a world championship, you know what it takes to win (what the hell are you talking about moron, you didn't start in the SB), and this team has it. You can make all the money in the world in this league, but the most important thing is winning a championship," he said.

"I've got one and I'd like to get another one. I think this team has a great opportunity to do that."(Good luck Cinderella, at least we will know it wasn't due to YOUR efforts... we've seen you play before.)

04-27-2001, 01:58 PM
LMAO....nice comments...he definatly has no i dea what he is talkin about

LD for KC
04-27-2001, 02:04 PM
Makes me all WARM inside.

nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

LD for KC

04-27-2001, 02:04 PM
I remember him making similar types of comments when coming to KC over SF that pissed off a lot of 49er fans (We've definitely got a team here that can do even better things than we did in San Francisco, fans in the midwest are much better than the fairweather fans in California, Steve Young is more of a running back than a quarterback, etc.)

Dude just likes to hear himself talk and kiss up to his new city. The fact that he keeps using his time in SF to try and valididate himself as knowing what it takes to fit in with BMore is funny though...

04-27-2001, 02:36 PM
Guhrbac is an idiot. I will not miss his mindless dialogue or excuses at all.

04-27-2001, 02:55 PM
This guy is the rainman of the NFL. DaWolf hit the nail on the head...he just likes to hear himself talk.

Man he upsets me though and I shouldn't even let it get to me...who in the hell fostered this guy's skill in inter-personal relations?

Quote: "You can make all the money in the world in this league, but the most important thing is winning a championship"

Right...my a$$!

He means "...is [them] winning [me] a championship"

04-27-2001, 03:03 PM
I can't wait to see him have one of his brain farts on 4th down, behind by a toudown, 10 seconds left in the game, on their opponents 25 yard line.

"Grbac drops back...scans his receivers...pumps...throws...and its a...a...five yard completion to the fullback???"

Ah, good ol' Elvis!

04-27-2001, 04:22 PM
Another Grbac gem:

"I think anytime you come to a new team, the first impression is always the one that lasts with a lot of the guys," Grbac said. "It'll be interesting because what I've heard about the locker room is that they're such a tight-knit group."

He sure as hell learned his lesson here by making a horrible first impression...

04-27-2001, 04:39 PM
Grbac should have learned that when he talks he sounds like an ******* 90% of the time. I can't believe nobody has told him to just shut up. There are those media magnets like Warren Sapp who just have a flair for what to say and then there are those like Grbac. Just shut up Elvis. Please!

Clint in Wichita
04-27-2001, 04:48 PM
If you want to win a ring in the NFL, the last team you should go to is the team that one the Super Bowl the previous season.

04-27-2001, 05:04 PM
Don't worry, guys. When he gets run out of Baltimore on a rail, he'll say the same sh!t about them.

As long as Green stays healthy, we're better off. Screw him.

Bob Dole
04-27-2001, 06:24 PM
Not that Bob Dole agrees that the Elvii should be spewing crap about KC, but the fan base, on the whole, did treat him pretty sh*itty until 2000...

That said, Bob Dole is just fine with the fact that the slack-jawed, limp-wristed, mouth-breathing, foot-in-mouth, finger-pointing bastige is gone.

04-27-2001, 07:07 PM
I assume you all think he should have gone to Baltimore and said, that he really would have preferred KC, however, it was all about money. Which it was. To me, he just said the things people wanted to hear, and that is what he should say. Unless, of course, he wanted to be treated the same way he was in KC. He's gone, and is not a Chief anymore, I could care less what he says.

04-27-2001, 08:18 PM
IF he gets run out of B-More on a rail, then we'll be a be to continue with, "Elvis has never won a playoff game."

04-28-2001, 06:41 AM
Ahhhh, but that is not true..."he's been to the SuperBowl!!!"

04-28-2001, 11:00 AM
Okay, someone please 'splain this to me.

A QB that so much of KC spent so much time hating and reviling (for no apparent reason) is gone. He goes to another town and simply does the politically correct thing that QB's in a new town do; praise his current town/team, saying how happy he is to be there versus his last team/town. Yet we have people here spending more time/energy hating and reviling him.

He's gone folks. Like him or hate him, he's gone. Give it up. Find a new whipping boy. Spend more time worrying about Green. He'll give you plenty of opportunity to worry.

04-28-2001, 11:04 AM
Chuck - I have never understood the fascination with players who have left the team.

See ya Elvis.

As far as I am concerned he is nothing until we are scheduled to play him.

04-28-2001, 01:14 PM
Maybe I just wish he didn't have to imply that we weren't as good as other teams. I guess I just shouldn't be offended that he thinks that KC is no good. I supported him while he was here, I think I at least deserve a "The chemistry wasn't there with the Chiefs and I.", oppossed to a spit in the face after betrayal. Yeah, I am a bit upset with him. If it doesn't bother you, well, fine, but I defended him, and I feel a bit like a heel now.

Bob Dole
04-28-2001, 04:05 PM
Give it up. Find a new whipping boy.

Where's BroncoFan when you need him?

04-28-2001, 04:54 PM
Bishop_74 - Trust me I was one of the biggest Grbackers on the planet (Earth that is). However I was neither shocked nor left feeling betrayed when he left. It was obvious he wasn't wanted by the new Chiefs braint-trust. The fans had done everything they could to run him off for four years. To top it off CP offered him a pay-cut as a reward for a 4000yrd pro-bowl season where he, Gonzo, and DA <b>were</b> the offense and the <b>only</b> reason we were 7-9. I don't blame the man for leaving. I'd of thought less of him if he stayed and put up with the BS. As an example put yourself in the following scenario:

You work in sales. A salesman from another office comes to your office for a week. Your boss speaks ad-nauseam in front of everyone who'll listen about what a great salesman this guy is and how great it would be to have him. And you learn that your boss has talked to his boss about a possible transfer. Meanwhile you learn that you've been switched to a new route and are being given the worst route in your district. In addition your quota is being raised and your commision level dropped.

Now tell me would you be inclined to:
1. Stay with this company
2. Find a new company
3. Speak glowingly about your current company in either case.

04-28-2001, 05:52 PM
Good point. I just feel a bit hurt. My spin on that is...

Superman works for the Hall of Justice. A great new superhero from another office comes to the Hall of Justice for a week. The boss speaks ad-nauseam in front of everyone who'll listen about what a great superhero this guy is and how great it would be to have him. And then Superman learns that his boss has talked to the other superhero's boss about a possible transfer. Meanwhile Superman learns that he's been switched to toilet paper refiller and is being given the task of "Helping old people cross the street". In addition he just realized he got a VD from Wonder Woman.

Now tell me would he be inclined to:
1. Stay with the Hall of Justice.
2. Speak to Xavier about coming over to X-Men.
3. Speak glowingly about the Hall of Justice in either case.

Sorry, had to do something humorous to lighten my mood about the guy. You're absolutely right... though it's still hard to swallow.


04-28-2001, 06:01 PM
Since we're talking Ravens, is it just me, or did Siragusa get a lot fatter? I didn't think that was possible...


I would not be surprised if the Ravens get a little bit complacent this year and fall flat on their faces. I would also not be surprised to see someone figure out a weakness in that defense and expose it...

04-28-2001, 10:56 PM
His head must be huge about now!