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Pitt Gorilla
05-01-2001, 10:53 PM
That Mavs/Jazz game was absolutely THE most intertaining NBA game I've ever seen. Do what ever you have to do to catch Dirk "Digler" Novitski and the Mavs in game 5. Wow. Wow.

Mile High Mania
05-02-2001, 05:34 AM
I'm not much of an NBA fan either, but the Mavs are an exciting young team to watch. Despite the fact they don't have a big man worth a crap in the middle (Bradley)... they can put on quite a show.

If they can show Bradley the door and bring in a free agent center worth his salt, then look out next year.

Dirk is the shiznit!

05-02-2001, 02:07 PM
Mavs stand a better chace of upsetting the Spurs than the Jazz do.

Game 5 should be extraordinary and a potential passing of the torch...

05-02-2001, 02:26 PM
I don't see either team doing anything to the Spurs. Lakers are going to repeat. 11 straight wins. booyow

Pitt Gorilla
05-02-2001, 02:34 PM
Mile High,
I though even Bradley played quite well. He had consecutive blocks on Donyell Marchall and collected quite a few boards. I realize the Jazz don't have a scoring center either. However, Bradley is exactly what the Mavs need. Bringing in ANOTHER scorer would result in less shots for the big three and howard. Maybe Zsi Zsi will be an option for them. He looks and acts like another Novitski. You'd better put the kids to bed for game five. It could be insane. Did you see Finley's dunk after being fouled? How about the big man led breaks? Dirks thunder dunks and potential four point plays? Finley's full court assist in air off a rebound? Nash's drive and dish, tough inside scoring, and threes? These guys are incredible. I'll calm down now.

05-02-2001, 04:34 PM
Love baskeball, but do not like NBA rules against defense which I think is just as exciting as a dunk and far harder to do. Like Sac. Think Lakers will win as long as Shaq gets free ride.

Mile High Mania
05-02-2001, 04:38 PM
See, that's the thing about Bradley... he has a very good game like last night and then follows it up with 4 that really suck.

Too inconsistent and incredibly overpriced.

05-02-2001, 04:59 PM
The Mavs are certainly an exciting team to watch... I personally think NBC is stupid for not showing at least one of their games...

Good ol' Bradley... I still can't believe he was one of the players who had his "skills" stolen in Space Jam. That was just ridiculous...

05-02-2001, 05:10 PM

Give me a break. Shaq a free ride huh? Shaq is fouled consistently harder than anyone in the history of the game. Even the coaches of the other teams say that, unless they are playing against him. They have to in order to make it fair because he is too big and strong. Superstars have always been given the benefit of the doubt in the NBA. Jordan could do anything short of taking your head off and not get a call. Shaq is the only exception to the rule. They give the other guy the breaks to try and make the game fair. I can't believe you posted that. Yea, like Divak has anywhere near the same talent and ability.

Nelson Muntz
05-02-2001, 05:13 PM
I love to watch the NBA once the playoffs start. Of course my team probably won't do much this year but they are putting up one hell of a fight as the 8 seed. Hopefully Reggie can play well tonight and beat them d*mn Sixers.

Pitt Gorilla
05-03-2001, 11:09 PM
Wow. The Mavs/Jazz game wasn't as great as I had thought it would be, but man, the Mavs fought off a huge Utah lead to pull it out at the VERY end. What a game and what a series.

05-03-2001, 11:21 PM
A breakdown on D, and 2 open looks that clanked.
Wotta comeback by Dallas. Gotta feel 4 Stockton/Malone. Maybe 1 more year 4 the combo?

S_S: outa Compton and don't like daLakers? PACERS!?!?!!
Fool be illin'...

05-04-2001, 01:52 PM
Everyone is predicting a very tight series between the Lakers and Kings. I say Lakers take it in 5

05-04-2001, 01:54 PM
Even though I know they're the Chiefs of the NBA..Sorry...

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.....lol