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Tribal Warfare
05-02-2001, 09:34 PM
Green looks like a superhero, and Grbac looks like a bad car salesman?

05-02-2001, 10:20 PM
Elvis is just a PANSEY~ Oh no my pickey..oh well, just another boo boo. Oh buy the way do we have Seattle's bandaids so I can try them just in case...:cool:<<so he was thinking. DUH? What a whimp! :D

05-02-2001, 10:29 PM
You know, I like the Poll feature of this board, but could we get a less slanted poll? Half the polls are extremely slanted... I voted a guy who didn't deserve the bad media because:

1) He wasn;t a panzy lookin' for attention
2) He had no problem with his name, that I know of,
3) Umm.. he made the Pro-Bowl (as an alternate)
4) Villain? Yeah, until SpiderMan Spidered him..
5) Umm.. I think he wore a cup?
6) the least negative reaction..

Can we push for more centralist polls? Like when you take Psych tests... 1) Greatly agree, 2) partly agree. 3) Ambivalent, 4) Partly Disagree, 5) Totally Disagree...


05-02-2001, 10:35 PM
Grbac has a better arm, but a total blithering idiot...

Green has decent accuracy, a weaker arm, but APPEARS to be a true team leader...

Oh queen of drama, you have recieved your Gannon...

Tribal Warfare
05-02-2001, 10:44 PM
Originally posted by SunshineChief
You know, I like the Poll feature of this board, but could we get a less slanted poll? Half the polls are extremely slanted... I voted a guy who didn't deserve the bad media because:

lighten up,where's the fun in that? :D

05-02-2001, 10:51 PM

please change your name to sensitive to better reflect yourself

05-02-2001, 10:54 PM
The polls are somewhat slanted...But hey, if I knew how to do one I'd do one that isn't...

Of course, that would require me to figure out HOW to do one first...

05-02-2001, 10:56 PM
Green.Over the Grbage anyday.I don't condone to the price paid for him though.

05-03-2001, 01:34 AM
Well, gee. Can we pick three?

I picked 'total fake'. He's so much of a fake, he's even fooled himself into thinking he's good!

To be fair, I think many fans were unfair to him by booing too soon and too often. I think he wasn't really allowed to play the way he wanted to play. Don't get me wrong, I'm Soooo glad he's gone.

You have to give him credit for holding his head high despite the fact that half a million people despised him. I couldn't take that half as well as he did.

05-03-2001, 06:35 AM
IMO Elvis had crap for receivers most of his time in KC. That plus an inept OC. He showed some nads putting up some pretty good numbers after almost getting booed out of the stadium.

My only beef against him was his slow release, although with different receivers even that might have been better.

With that being said I thought we made the wrong choice by letting Gannon go instead of Elvis. But I'm not going to bash him cause he had guts in an ugly situation.

Now this Green kid, he's the one that better produce or I'll be calling for DV and CP's heads.

No pressure Trent.

Clint in Wichita
05-03-2001, 07:13 AM
Mayor Willie Brown was right about Grbac.

I'd rather be stuck with Collins as the starter than a retard.

When there's a league called the "SFL" Grbac will fit right in...as a backup for the Cleveland franchise!!

BTW, "SFL" stands for "Special Football League".

05-03-2001, 08:22 AM
I have to agree that Grbac was the object of major, inappropriate negativity. I supported him because he was our QB and while I will concede he had his problems, I think he performed admirably in the face of so much bashing and booing...just my opinion of course.

05-03-2001, 08:31 AM
I totally agree with Redsurfer11. Green is the better but I surely feel the Chiefs over paid. Who did they think they were bidding against? Hopefully he has a healthy season...

05-03-2001, 09:25 AM
Once again I ask:

HOW in the HELL can you people say we paid too much for Green? For *$%^# sake, we gave up a #1 for a QB that knows the system and can contribute immediately, an explosive return man, and <i>received</i> an extra fifth-rounder! We could not have drafted a player whose impact could measure up!

Some people place WAY too much value on draft picks IMO

05-03-2001, 10:48 AM
I agree HC, but of course this trade will be judged on how Deuce McAllister's career goes. If he becomes the next Edgerrin James or something and Green doesn't lead us to "greener pastures" so to speak, we paid too much. If McAllister is OK but we get a terrific 5-7 year run out of Green then it is a real nice deal for us. It depends. We really won't be able to judge the deal for a few years, since Vermiel has already said year 3 should be light years ahead of year 1.

We shall see...

Tomahawk 11
05-03-2001, 12:48 PM
I think Elvis got a raw deal. I agree with all who have stated that he was booed to early and often. After the morons realized that you couldn't run the ball up the middle every down he did some good things. He made a lot of improvements last year that went unrewarded because by that time the majority of the fans WANTED to hate him. I think what it came down to is that the fans had about as much patients as I had on my first hunting trip.

He didn't always perform as the greatest QB in the world, but we didn't have the greatest performances in the world from any position every game. I think the Elvis story will turn out much like the Gannon story soon. That is, he will become something we want after we let him go. Just my opinion though. I know it is unpopular.

Baby Lee
05-03-2001, 01:29 PM
Don't feel so all alone Tomahawk - I have spent most of the Grbac era outside of KC proper, and as a result spent a lot of time apologizing for our bloodthirsty fans to fans of other teams who were honestly incredulous at 'our' hatred for him. I got a lot of 'you guys got it good, WTF is with the malcontents?' Then I'd do a lot of shrugging and looking sheepish.
Now he's gone. He's left a team that was, and is, a mess for the SB champs. And with every success he has, I will be forced to suppress my baser urges to exhibit what could only be described as 'Denise-like' behavior.
Its called kharma, I guess. I got so GD tired of hearing the everpresent refrain of 'Gannon woulda, coulda.' Only fitting the stars should align so that every week of the FB season will produce new evidence to feed my urge to say "Grbac woulda coulda."

05-03-2001, 11:38 PM
I never "hated" Elvis... To me he was the perfect definiton of "wuss"...

05-04-2001, 01:05 PM
I supported Grbac while he was QB, but he still made me mad with some of his bone-head decisions! I personally think that he was/is an average QB. The knock against him is that he couldn't see the field. How many times did we see him lock-on to 1 receiver all the way, and not even see the receiver standing alone, waiving his hands in the air?

I don't think we paid too much for him, because he comes in, (1) knowing the system - he'll be at least 1 year ahead of any other FA QB, (2) has the unquestioned confidence of the head coach and offensive coord, and (3) is a team leader, and plays better in games than practice.

I'm already looking forward to a 11-5 season!

05-04-2001, 01:10 PM
I'm not sold on Atlanta's guy, and the Chargers guy won't probably be starter ready for another year or two...

That said, Green will come in and have more of an IMMEDIATE impact. Might not have a better long term career, but he'd do more to help us win TODAY...

Which is a refreshing attitude since I had already accepted the premise of rebuilding.....