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05-10-2001, 04:19 PM
I for one didn't mind having it on in the off season. That piece of $hit Rome should be happy. He will probably will get his bonus from the NFL now.

05-10-2001, 04:28 PM

keg in kc
05-10-2001, 04:28 PM
You have a link?

There's no information on this anywhere that I can find, including espn, cnnsi, sportingnews, cbssportsline, wwf.com and xfl.com.

keg in kc
05-10-2001, 04:30 PM
Hmm, that's too bad.

I still think the NFL needs a "minor league" in the states, sort of the role NFLE serves right now.

05-10-2001, 04:32 PM
It was cool, for about 5 minutes!

05-10-2001, 04:40 PM

I agree completely. It wasn't nearly as bad as the press made it out to be. I think it was on the top of Rome's list of must do's to dog out the league all year. If he showed that WR drop the ball in the corner of the end zone one more time I thought I would puke.

Bob Dole
05-10-2001, 04:45 PM
Another excuse to get out of the house and sit in a bar down the chute.


keg in kc
05-10-2001, 04:48 PM
I always found it amusing that Rome mocked the XFL so much. Personally I consider him the XFL of sports broadcasting: all flash but largely lacking on real substance (90% of his show is crap. The other 10% is interviews with good people, so I listen...)

At least the XFL improved over the course of the season. Romey still sounds exactly the same...

Like I said, I really think the NFL needs a minor league, and with the number of XFL players being signed in the big league, I'd imagine the NFL personnel folks would agree with me.

Too bad jagoffs like Rome wouldn't give the XFL a chance because it was associated with 'rasslin'. I think that league really could have turned into something, and it looked like McMahon was smartening up and starting to move the league away from the "sports entertainment" arena into the pure "sports" arena (I liked his interview with Bob Costas on HBO where he talked about improving the announce teams, etc.).

This is just a great example of how truly powerful the media is...

05-10-2001, 05:29 PM
If true, this is unfortunate. I never watched the games regularly, but it was nice to have some fresh football when the season was over.

My hope would be that the NFL would fill the void by developing a more reliable and regular schedule for the Europe games (you never know when the damn things will be on). I always enjoy watching these games if I happen to catch one.

As for Rome, I absolutely think he's the biggest pr!ck in sports journalism - only Jim Gray even comes close. Fox Sports' biggest failing, IMO, is continuing to give this pompous jerkoff a voice.

Their second biggest problem is MADDEN. God, I'm sick of that guy.

keg in kc
05-10-2001, 05:43 PM
It's official now, I believe the WWF had a press conference.

Frazod, at least here in Kansas City, Fox Sports Net shows an NFLE game every Saturday at noon.

05-10-2001, 08:55 PM
There is a God!

05-10-2001, 09:20 PM
KEG _ We are in agreement again. Jim Rome is definitely the XFL of sports news. What a stellar description.

Pitt Gorilla
05-10-2001, 09:35 PM
Why was McMahon included in anything sports related in the first place? The creator is a joke, and unfortunately, so was the league.

05-10-2001, 11:24 PM
I bet if we could see the books from the XFL we would find that all though it flopped Mr. McMahon made out like a bandit. And if we knew the truth I bet this is what he planned all along. A single season of bush league football with McMahon getting most of the money.


Chiefs Pantalones
05-10-2001, 11:52 PM
I am glad that crap was cancelled.


did not like the XFL, and I don't like wrestling, you know...all that WWF stuff, that stuff is crap. I used to watch that stuff...when I was in 3rd grade!

also hopes wrestling gets banned

05-11-2001, 12:12 AM
I would have liked to see it succeed, and transform into a filter league for the NFL. We've already witnessed a number of NFL signings obviously as a direct result of XFL exposure. It could have transformed into a NFLE right here in the states and that's something I think the NFL could use.

Also, it was kind of nice to get a football fix [for us junkies] in the offseason. No matter how raw the skill level was.

Although I was not impressed, and could have done without all the WWF glitz and garbage

Bob Dole
05-11-2001, 05:39 AM
Actually, phil, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. is a publicly held company and holds a minority interest in the XFL. While McMahon, as Chairman of WWFE drew a $2.3 million salary in 2000 (while his wife pulled another $1.7 as CEO), WWFE expects to take a $35 million loss related to the XFL joint venture.

Whether you like his product or not, McMahon appears to be a fairly adept businessman, and stock transactions would indicate that he has not attempted to skim off any profits from WWFE's involvement in the XFL venture. McMahon has no WWF stock transactions over the past year, and his wife bought only 100 additional shares in October 2000. (Viacom, however, has been selling off its holdings since December 2000.)

The XFL's end does not appear to be the culmination of one man's attempt at a quick grab of big dollars, but a business venture that was ended because the additional investment required did not appear to offer commensurate returns.

<a href="http://biz.yahoo.com/fin/l/w/wwf.html">WWF financials</a>

05-11-2001, 06:16 AM
Actually, if it was endorsed by ANYONE but the WWF, I would have watched it. McMahon's head is way to big, and the last thing I want to do is give that a$$ another reason to put down the NFL. Good riddance. Maybe now somebody with some REAL business sense and marketing skills will try to start a league would be considered the minors.

Bob Dole
05-11-2001, 06:32 AM
You seem to be confusing the cheesy product with the person developing it, bishop.

Bob Dole doesn't watch rasslin', nor did Bob Dole watch much XFL (primarily because of the annoying rasslin' atmosphere). Bob Dole doesn't care for the product(s) much at all.

You'v got to be off in la-la land somewhere, though, if you deny that McMahon has business and marketing sense.

Joe Seahawk
05-11-2001, 04:51 PM
He hate unemployment...:)

Pitt Gorilla
05-11-2001, 11:32 PM
LMAO, Joe!

05-12-2001, 10:10 AM
I thought after season's end, when it was obvious that the XFL would be on life support, at best, if they survived another season, that the NFL should have actively pursued the possibility of purchasing the league, and establishing it as their minor league system.

They could've have then reset the schedule to coincide with the NFLE, and finished both league's schedule with an NFLE/XFL game, maybe calling it something like the TransAtlantic Bowl, or the Water Bowl.
A game like that could have created interest in both leagues on both sides of the Atlantic.

I still think that players assigned to the NFLE from NFL teams should all be placed on the same team, I.E., all Chiefs players would be assigned to the Barcelona Dragons, all Raider players to the Munich team, etc, etc.
To make this work, you would have to assign players from more than one NFL team to each team in NFLE. Just don't have players from the same NFL division assigned to the same team.

I would be more interested in the league if I thought I had a chance to see all possible Chiefs players on the same team.

On another note, does anyone know about the NFL owning a piece of the Arena League, with an option to buy another 49% of the league in the future?
Heard Sean Jones in an interveiw with Romey mention this, but he didn't go into any detail. I hadn't heard this before.

05-12-2001, 10:31 AM
I watched about 15 minutes of a game. It was too silly to be football and too serious to be wrestling. Too much emphasis on “we are outrageous” and not enough emphasis on “we are playing football.”

It is too bad. I agree that the NFL could use a “farm system” in the US, instead of Europe.

Cannot say he will miss it.

05-13-2001, 10:45 PM
Just pulling up a harmless thread in order to bury the topic that's screwing up the index page. One more should do it.