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The Bad Guy
05-12-2001, 09:39 PM
I know it doesn't matter much what he says, but Elvis Grbac never said things like this during his 4 years as a Chief.

This is from the KCStar.


"I keep in communication with most of the guys every day," Green said. "I'm over there all day. At some point in time, I see them. I'm going about doing my thing and they're going about doing theirs. Of course, we're joking about my situation. We've got to do that.

"The guys see I'm there every day. I'd like to think there's an appreciation there that I'm not blowing things off and staying back in St. Louis to rehab. I could be back in St. Louis, but this is where I want to be and where I need to be."

You can tell in terms of leadership ability, Trent Green is lightyears ahead of Smelvis Girlback.

Chiefs Pantalones
05-12-2001, 10:10 PM
"You can tell in leadership, he's light years ahead"

Amen to that.

It matters what you say as well as your play, when your a QB, Frank. My ex-coach used to tell me that. This season is gonna rock!


surprise em' all Chiefs!

05-13-2001, 01:05 AM
It will be nice when he gets back that he shows that he can walk the walk. But I like what I hear so far!

05-13-2001, 04:38 AM
Leadership is key. I was leery of giving up the 1st round pick, but I am thinking that it may be worth while. I think Green is a great addition to the team.

05-13-2001, 05:07 AM
Keep in mind, Green has not so much as thrown a pass for the red & gold yet. Charisma is valuable asset, but it rarely wins football games.

~devils advocate

05-13-2001, 05:16 AM
The point is.....this is a great way to start and gain support.

05-13-2001, 06:14 AM
I agree, Mr. Green is off to a great start winning over the community with his charm.

But when the Chiefs are down by 6 in the fourth quarter we donít need a community mediator. We need a QB who is going to make brusque decisions and win the game for us.

I like the way he is introducing himself to the KC community, but donít confuse PR ability with on the field leadership, poise and capability. They are opposite ends of a different spectrum.

Our 31 year old, questionable knee, first round draft pick has yet to throw a pass. I beg your pardon if Iím skeptical but given his resume, I have a fundamental reasons to be skeptical.

~learned the hard way charm and ability donít go hand in hand

05-13-2001, 06:31 AM
I agree with your outlook. I just wanted to add how excited I am that we get to rely on someone besides Grbac for that last minute drive. I would much rather have Green in that situation than Grbac (who would most likely throw an interception or run the clock out).

I just hope Green doesn't make decisions like that under pressure. I don't think he will. I don't think many at the NFL level would.

05-13-2001, 07:43 AM
47 Mack,

I'm watching my sister kids while her and her husband shop and if I hear barney tell me one more time that he loves me I'm going to hit him up for a loan. Iím never up this early, so Iím probably in rare form. :mad:

I find myself getting hyped up about Green, but yet I find myself wondering why its taken him this long to become a starting QB. Before Kurt Warner took charge of the St. Louis offense he looked great. But why has it taken him this long to become a starting QB? Why was he cut and traded so many times?

I really do hope he goes out there and makes me and my skepticism look foolish but quality QBs these days seem like they have to be home-grown. A move I was hoping the Chiefs made this year with Brees.

Iíve probably grown cynical after the Chiefs QB fiasco and expect the worse but hope for the best.

05-13-2001, 07:46 AM
Otter, do you remember Joe posnaski's article on TG a couple weeks ago? Bad breaks.

05-13-2001, 08:14 AM

Yes, I did read that. But Iíve taken it with a grain of salt as I do everything the media presents to me. To close my eyes to Greens past based upon what a columnist from KC Star has written would be foolish.

I think the Chiefs need a conqueror at QB given their situation right now. Outside of Tony G and arguably Donnie Edwards, we have no star to lead us through the close games and humbling defeats.

As I said in the past posts, Green is coming on strong and doing all the right things to put him in the position to become that conquer. But I also see a team of strangers, kind of like the Washington Redskins from last year.

No unity, no cohesiveness. A stooge hangover if you will. But that is where the coaches come in and Dick Vermeil is as capable as anyone in building the bond that needs to be formed between the players.

~contradicting himself

05-13-2001, 08:19 AM
I agree, first round pick that can't practice is a bummer.

05-13-2001, 08:29 AM
All in all, giving up the #1 was risky. Lets hope it turns out well.

05-13-2001, 08:38 AM
I was against any trade for Green that cost us a 1st round pick. The trade that was consumated wasn't as bad as I thought we would eventually end up with, but was, to me, still to high. I find myself hoping that Green gives us 7-8 years of play at a high level, and exudes leadership on and off the field. I also find myself hoping that Damione Lewis turns out to be the biggest bust of this draft.
That's probably petty on my part, but I don't really give a flying leap.
Oh yeah, I'm also hoping Martz turns out to be every bit as qualified to be a HC as Gunther.

05-13-2001, 09:00 AM
Originally posted by milkman
I also find myself hoping that Damione Lewis turns out to be the biggest bust of this draft.

I want it to be Vick.....BADLY

05-13-2001, 09:07 AM
I've thought from the time that Vick started to get all the hype, and it became increasing obvious that the hype would lead him to the decision to declare for the draft, that he would become a bust.
If SD had retained the #1 selection, then I would be hoping that he proves me right, because we would have to deal with him for years. But since he was drafted by Atlanta, I don't really care, one way or the other.
I'm hoping Lewis is a bust, because that was our #12 that we gave to STL. It would help me get over throwing our pick away for Green.

05-13-2001, 09:13 AM
I say Vick for the fact that most of his highlights I saw showed him scrambling. This proves nothing to me. I see another RB playing QB. IMO he will be no more productive than Stewart is in Pittsburg.

05-13-2001, 09:22 AM
I agree with your assessment that Vick will become nothing more than a Kordell Stewart, but whether he busts or becomes the next superstar makes little difference to me. I don't need the satisfaction of being right. Actually, if he does become the next great player, because of the type of player that he is, it can only be good for the league.
The players that have some kind of connection to the Chiefs, or their division rivals, are the ones that I concern myself with.

05-13-2001, 09:28 AM

Well said and interesting point. I like that thinking.

05-13-2001, 10:51 AM

The reason it took Green so long to surface is due to the heavy politics that goes into the NFL QB position...Since he was a 7th round pick for SD he didn't get much of a look but was able to prove he belonged on the roster which is tough to do as a late round pick...In the NFL the QB position is usually determined by investment....1st and 2nd rounders get plenty of shots to prove the team right for drafting them ala Shuan King, David Klingler, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Andre Ware etc.etc...None of those guys ever proved they deserved to be on the field but due to the investment they all made it out there over and over until the team had no choice but pull the plug...Late round picks are given nothing and have to earn everything they get so it takes awhile...Just like Kurt Warner, he was kicked around for many years and had it not been for Greens knee injury he might have retired without ever taking a regular season snap...

Once Green went to Washington he had to battle the politics all over again because of their investment in Heath Shuler and Frerotte...But he did overcome the politics...

I'm getting excited about GREENer pastures....

05-13-2001, 03:03 PM
I was down on the Plaza Friday afternoon and had the opportunity to meet Trent Green. He was doing some PR stuff for Discover Card and was down there signing autographs. The 1st thing I told him was that we were glad to have him as a Chief. Next I told him that I know that he has lots of friends in St Louis, but Chiefs fans did not like Lambs fans and there is a BIG rivalry developing between them. I went on to tell him that I watched him play here last year and that it was probably the most exciting Chiefs games last season. He said, "..yeah, you guys whipped us pretty good". Anyway, he was VERY cool about everything and very humble, taking the flack for that game. He said that his knee was feeling good and was anxious to start playing. I wished him good luck this season and
went on my way.

We definitely do not have an Elvis Grbak on our hands. Trent seems to be all the things Elvis wasn't, smart, onfident, honest and humble all at once and did not have any Dion Sanders Syndrome (EGO). He is genuinely a nice guy and I think that he will be a good leader.

05-13-2001, 03:27 PM
Trent sounds like what many people told me from St. Louis. That he is humble, nice..da da da. They just asked and hoped KC treated him the way that he should be treated.
I say he will be treated like a King, not the last one that thought held that position...:D Trent Green is a class act. Can't wait to see him suit up in Red and Gold and play...whoa, what a day that will be!

05-13-2001, 05:14 PM
My biggest concern with Green was echoed in the KC paper today. Something about the fact that he might not be ready to practice yet in early June. Just how bad is that knee really? Minor surgury to clean up some scar tissue doesn't sideline someone for this period of time.

I hope I'm wrong and Green has a fantastic season. I do like what he's been saying, but I believe we got damaged goods. :(

05-13-2001, 05:20 PM
I don`t think hes damaged goods. They are just being extremely careful.

The Bad Guy
05-13-2001, 05:29 PM
You read the same thing I did Old, and that piece gave me the sense that Vermeil won't rush him back. They want to make sure he's 100% before he even participates in anything.

The Chiefs and Green initially hoped the process would have started by now. They viewed the minicamp two weeks ago as a target date for his participation, however limited.

But the rehab process, which began in February, has proved tedious. Green had arthroscopic knee surgery to clean scar tissue that developed after the initial reconstructive surgery in 1999.

"I feel better now than I did at this point in time last year, and I was able to play effectively last year," Green said. "I tore more than just my ACL. I had multiple surgeries prior to last season. There's a little more that goes into my rehab.

"I wanted to play last year so I hurried back. It was important for me to get back on the field not only from a physical standpoint but also from a mental one. I was so anxious to get out on the field that I maybe rushed things a little bit in terms of the long-term success. I was more interested in the short term.

"Now we're all looking for long-term success, not for me to hurry and get back by a certain minicamp. The goal is to play well this season and have a successful career, play another six or eight or 10 years or however long I'm able to do it."

If right now he feels better than he did when he started 5 games and appeared in 8, then I can make the assumption that Vermeil is just being more safe than sorry with Trent.

05-14-2001, 01:44 AM
Wasn't the incredible Faulk's injury almost as serious, being he was a rb? Yet he returned after only a few weeks. Heck, on artificial turf, making the types of cuts he does, and the hits rb's take, Faulk should have been out longer.

And I'm not talking about Green's first injury, his "clean up" procedure. Faulk had as serious a problem and played only weeks later....

What gives?

keg in kc
05-14-2001, 02:29 AM
First of all, Green did play last season...

This is just precaution and they're not rushing him back - there has been speculation that part of the reason there was some trouble with his clean-up is that he may have rushed-back from the ACL reconstruction in the first place to play last season (that injury has a two year window...). So, instead of sitting at his (old) home in St. Louis he's staying around the team and getting to know everyone. No problem with that, in my mind, nor am I concerned that they're going the slow route with his return to the field. I see it as the cautious, and wise, approach.

Remember that "the incredible Faulk," as you so aptly put it, had problems all season with his knee, had trouble for several games after returning and was told he'd need major surgery after the season with 4-6 months of rehab. In the end he opted out the major surgery and instead had some small arthroscopic work done on it last week in order to clear up scar tissue.

He is also being held out of mini-camps until June...

In any event, different type of injury as I understand it.f you're going to match injuries like this, you'd be better served to compare with someone like Jamal Anderson or Terrell Davis. An ACL generally has a two year window to full recovery, regardless of position, and I don't see any real problem at this point. Better to sit out of camp until June than to come back too soon and miss a few weeks after aggrivating something...

Mark M
05-14-2001, 06:19 AM
You asked a very valid point when wondering why Green has been passed around so much, never getting a chance to start. Here's my take:

It's the system. Green's game is suited to the quick read, quick strike offense that the Rams, and soon the Chiefs, employ. Just like Klingler and Ware in the run-and-shoot, Green does best in this offense. Grbac would suck up the joint even more than he did in the west-coast offense. Dilfer did well when making easy throws and never having the game on his shoulders. It's all the system, IMO.

~~Checking out now (he hates big brother).