View Full Version : ahhh worlds of fun

08-25-2007, 04:54 PM
So today I woke up hungover and my parents were like.
"Hey demon we are going to worlds of fun" uhhh ok
They were taking my 2 year old nephew. So I decided to do something crazy and go figuring it would provide three things
People bitching about how run down the place is (Deberg1990_
People dragging their kids around.
and Hopefully a kid throw up after the finishing fling.
It was pretty good. The place needs alot of new shit but it was ok. I laugh about how much responsibility they give some of the young people there. I had to say that the people that handled my nephew were decent. If i was 16 year old i would not want to deal with a bunch of kids all day long on a hot day I wasn't going to give them the Demon stamp of adduquette because they were just doing their job but I am glad they atleast were cool. My nephew really wanted to ride one ride but he was too small. I thought trying to con the worker to letting him on because he was a kid on the make a wish foundation, but I decided not to **** with karma. One thing was funny though. I went on the patriot and the roller coaster which the guy wouldn't let me take my busch lite on. How the hell did I do that as a kid, boy peer pressure must be a real bitch because I started going up the first hill and was thinking if I didn't just drink a couple beers no way would I be doing this. Overall it was a good time and I would recommend you just do something stupid and fun with the family sometimes. Even if it sucks maybe you can look back on laugh on it.