View Full Version : The 2007 Chiefs season in lyrics

08-30-2007, 09:34 AM
I'm not skilled enough for putting these to the right music but it just cried out for a little tweaking to capture the mood around here.

To the tune of (Cadence of) The Dirge by Exhorder:

(Cadence of) The Herm

Arrowhead Drive proceed
the hearse and limousine
Laying in the casket, the
corpse of inner joy
Questioning time,
all hope for winning died

Greying haze of the
autumn skies,
true fan's hearts retract
amongst the news
within a dream that
commits itself to Huard
resurrected by a black


Heaving sob-seizures
roused by the view
of future embalmed in a box
Grovel, beg, plead for a
change, but never mind
'cause win is now a word
left far behind

Bliss buried in a sepulchre
by the hand of Carl
The birth of a losing age
reminds all the
absence make the
tickets grow floundering

Perish the memory
Scream in agony
Croyle is late, Croyle is late

A sorrow-raising surge
lies in the Cadence of the Herm