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10-04-2000, 09:56 AM
The so called "Battle of the Bay" is the matchup with the most interest for AFC West fans this week. A 49er win at home could send Oakland into Arrowhead at 3-2

Garcia is 94 for 149 with 1122 yds. and 11 TDs with only 4 ints
Gannon is plodding along at 62 for 101 for 721 yds. and ONLY 3 TDs with 2 ints.

Shouldn't Oakland be 4 1/2 point dogs?<BR>

10-04-2000, 10:01 AM
LOL. Niner defense is so bad that Gannon might actually have a good day...

10-04-2000, 10:13 AM
I'll say one thing about Gannon, they won't rattle him. He'll run around, dodge and weave and make plays. I think they need to stuff Okeland's running game and make rich beat them. You can't just let Kauffman/Wheatley run wild.

10-04-2000, 10:30 AM
The last time Gannon played away against a team wearing red he did good enough to win...

10-04-2000, 10:39 AM
It'll be a good game I am sure. I expect the 9ers to at least keep it close. However, far be it from me to defend the Raiders, but they do have the stronger team (obviously), and Gannon's numbers don't reflect his rushing TDs.

10-04-2000, 10:48 AM
Gannon has never been a numbers guy. He looks for ways to win. I think he will scramble, run, kick or punt if it will help his team win...<BR>

Lurker Brett
10-04-2000, 12:35 PM
Don't tell Denise this but without Gannon the 9'rs would win.

10-04-2000, 03:01 PM
Where is all this Niner love coming from? They just beat two really bad teams. They are a 5-11 team at best. There is no way they are even close in this game...

10-04-2000, 03:22 PM
Where does the 49er love come from? That's a bit obvious, I think. They're playing one of your division rivals and it will work to your advantage should 49ers win...

10-04-2000, 03:30 PM
But the point is there is no way in hell the Whiners will win. If this game is even close the Raiders should be embarassed. This is the perfect game for the Raiders to expand their offense beyond Tim Brown and the running game...

10-04-2000, 03:41 PM
Okay, since when has it been wrong to be a Chiefs fan on this board? Forget the who should, would, could, can win this game, I will say it:

I hope that the Raiders get stomped and embarrassed by the "at best 5-11 Niners", because I am a Chiefs Fan, and I HATE THE RAIDERS!!!!! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

I don't care if they lose on a last minute fumble that almost went for a touchdown to win the game. I just want the Raiders to lose 'cause I AM A CHIEFS FAN.

I don't care who is the better team, I just hope that if the Niners are the worse team- then so be it. Lets pray that the better team loses. !!!

How many other Chiefs Fans would like to join me now in saying worst of luck to Gannon and the rest of the Oakland (or is LA) Raiders ??

Stand up and be counted- this is a call to all Chiefs Fans and fellow RAIDER HATERS!

RAIDER HATER AND PROUD OF IT !!!! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


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10-04-2000, 03:54 PM
my two favorite teams
the cheifs and whoever is playing the raiders.
go niners.

10-04-2000, 03:59 PM
Great post. I'll jump on that wagon with you. Hoping the 9ers (a team that I absolutely can't stand, but not a division rival that I can't stand) humiliate the TRaiders!!!!


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

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10-04-2000, 04:25 PM
Oh absolutely, I wish that a miracle would happen and the Whiners would step up to the plate and embarass the Raiders, every Chiefs fan wishes that.

But it is not going to happen. What I meant by "Niner love" is that people are trying to paint them out as being a better team than they really are. I'm just pointing out that the Niners are crap, and if this game is close the Raiders should be embarassed.

BTW, rereading this thread, I realize that I got some posts mixed up with another thread on another board that I am reading at the same time (as KC Wolf).

Some posts there are trying to paint the Niners as a better team than they are. I don't see that much of that here actually, I just carried it over to here for some reason so I'll recant on my previous post...

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10-04-2000, 04:45 PM
Guys, the Niners DO have weapons. Rice, Owens, Stokes, Garcia, and a young and improving D. They might have a chance!


10-04-2000, 05:03 PM
Is it traditionally the fifth or sixth game every year that the Raiders start fading? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

they're due anytime now...

10-04-2000, 06:41 PM
OCF; Ben Davidson spearing Lenny in the back, George Blanda hitting a field goal over Morris Stroud's attempted block at the goal posts, Marv Hubbard hung in effigy from the rafters in Municipal Stadium, that old f*rt Blanda doing it again to us..........

Hated them a long time, still hate them, will always hate them......... Commitment to mediocrity or Commitment to jail suits me just fine. Just lose baby lose... and lose... and lose.............

10-04-2000, 06:56 PM
The Whiners are playing better now than they did at season's start. Which ain't saying much because they stunk pretty bad early on. The Raider first-string laid a whupin on the 9ers 1st string in pre-season, chewed em up and spit em out. Pushed their offense back 29 yards for a safety. It won't be as lopsided as expected earlier, but don't bet on Oakland losing this game. We'll come into Arrowhead 4-1, but the winner takes the division lead (Raiders on scoreboard, Chiefs on tie-breakers). Its a big weekend for sports on the Bay....Giants and A's division champs and playing off, Raiders atop the AFC West and playing in San Francisco. If I were The Fly, I'd have a beer....

Lick Bush in 2000 !!!

10-05-2000, 09:31 AM
I would like to hear from someone who has seen this match up in the past...

wishful thinking has me throwing out the stats and going with the home team.

from the No Cals
I can see batteries & sourdough rounds flying out of the stands.
from Raider fan
I can see Tatoos, Mickey Big Mouths, and a orthodontists dream

Iron Chef
10-05-2000, 10:01 AM
There is no way the terrible 49rs should have a chance in this game. Although the Raiders are the Raiders, and the melt down should hit any day.

Almost started feeling sorry for them last year, after a decade of mediocrity. Losing for, what, about 20 times in a row to the chiefs.

The over time win last year changed all that. Hate the Raiders with a passion.

Will be rooting hard for the niners this weekend. Remember, they had to pull out a sqweeker against San Diego at home! Anything is possible.

10-05-2000, 10:04 AM
CBS offered the local station the option of carrying the Denver-San Diego game as originally scheduled or switching to the Oakland-49s game...they switched...I wonder who I'll be cheering for?...


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10-05-2000, 11:26 AM
dessert chef:

Stats from previous games probably have no value as at least one team, if not both teams, has changed a lot since their last game together.

Dismissing 49ers is a mistake; they are good enough to win.

If both teams play their best game, I think the advantage goes to the Raiders, as I think their defense is better than the 49ers.

You guys get to think about playing against the Raiders for two weeks. Good for you!