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09-13-2007, 08:08 AM
Haha this is the scouting report from the bears forum. This guy obviously didnt do his homework to well on some of this stuff...


(for any and all typos and errors call 1-800-SOO-WHAT)

411, Last game & Recent history:

Chicago Ill. Soldier Field (61,500), Grass, 3:15 pm Central time.

The Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs are week #1 twins. They both scored the league lowest 3 points each. They both gave up costly turnovers (Chi-4 KC-5), and they both lost the T.O.P. batttle due to those turnovers.

The Bears defense was strong and held SD scoreless untill 0:45 secs left of the 3rd quarter. The Bears defense simply tired out, they were on the field for almost 2/3 of the game. (37:03 of the 60 mins.). Kansas City's Larry Johnson was held to only 43 yards rushing and 44 yards recieving. Not having Trent Green seems to be having a quick impact on the Chiefs. Both teams looked pathetic on offense. Both offenses looked like helpless and pathetic.


Herm Edwards is still the new guy in KC. and is continuing his rebuilding process. Adding more defense with Napolen Harris, Donnie Edwards, and Alfonso Boone. Even with the defensive additions Herm is trusting Damon Huard untill his future QB Brodie Croyle is ready to take over. That seems to be the future plans of the Chiefs.

Lovie is still loving Rex, and know one knows why. Will Lovie show Rex the Love if he continues to play poorly? Or will Lovie show Rex some clip-board love and fall in love with another? That is the Chicago Soap Opera known as "All my Quarterbacks". Time will tell, but like the sands of time... (ok enough)...pfffff. we all get the picture here..


Nothing to brag about here, maybe another defensive battle? L. Johnson is the offensive stud in this game on both teams. Look for KC to bring him like the Chargers wanted to bring LT. Look for the Bears to stop LJ like they did LT. Both teams will have the same game theme. "Run the ball better, do not turn it over and score more". Rex will need to step up in the air and Benson on the ground. I give KC the RB advantage and i give a tiny advantage to Rex. (more on that later).


(Ok it is later). Rex has got to show something, and he was "Bad Rex" last game, so i expect "Good Rex" to show up. At home, with his own fans and after playing a bad game, look for Rex to show up and shine like a new penny. Rex lovers are looking to make excuses for his last performance. I say "bla bla bla". Rex was sacked 3 times last week, so was Rivers , but Rivers still managed to complete 71% of his passes and Rex only 52% of his. Rex nation can go on making excuses, but Rex will still need to be more accurate.

Like i mentioned Good Rex will show up , and win the game thus saving his job for another week and getting some much needed Love from "Lovie the Lover" Rex has better WR weapons, and look for Hester to get more involved, also Olsen if he suits up. Rex was counting on many dump plays and extra coverage to be eaten up by Olsen.

Huard is not the answer in KC, just like Rex is not the answer in Chicago, But Huard does have a proven stud RB who he feed the ball to if he is doing poorly. Huard has a solid o-line that is great with the run, but polar opposite with the pass rush. The Bears defense will need to take advantage when Haurd drops back to pass and stack the middle when LJ runs the ball. Huard and Rex looked like twins last week , twins that need to be taken out back of the shed and beat with a stick!


I give a LJ a HUGE advantage here all day.. Any questions? If you do send them to kool-aid-drinker@givemeabreak.com

LJ will need to be stopped by the Bears like they did with LT. Benson again is still unproven and is hoping in week #2 he will show everyone what he is made of. Lovie made an rare moved and benched the RB after he fumbled 2 times. Once on a pass and another on a run. I expect the home crowd will have him pumped up and he will have a great day. Chiefs defense allowed 109 yards combined rushing last week, and i gather to guess they will do the same with Benson and Peterson. Lovies move to bench Benson was welcomed by myself, and he needs to take that manner with Grossman aswell.


"Da Bears" got my vote here.T. Gonzalez is suffering with some type of illness and Sammy Parker has never caught for more then 600 yards passing or for more then 3tds in a complete year. Kennison is still Haurd's best option and he is filing for Social Security soon. Maybe they have an unmentionable who can pick up the slack. But with Huard passing and LJ "Huarding" the ball, no one can tell. Look at Dwayne Bowe rookie WR out of LSU to turn some heads maybe.

Berrian and company are still serious threats, but in normal fashion they must wait for Rex's head to surface from his rectum inorder to put up some numbers. I want to see Hester and Olsen make some moves and give Rex some options, anything can help at this point.


Chiefs defense gave up 202 passing yards and 109 rushing yards.
Bears defense gave up 207 passing yards and 77 rushing yards.

Bears will need to stop the run again, and the Chiefs will focus stopping the pass and try to confuse Rex with 10,000 blitz's. Benson may be a big suprise for them this week. I expect Hester and Olsen to make an impact as long as Olsen is in the game.

Watch out for Jarred Allen the Right end.. He will be in Rex's grill all game.

Advantage Bears.

Special Teams:
Da Bears got another check mark here also. They will need to do better on returns and fielding the ball, but minor mistakes happen. This unit will be ready this Sunday... Count on it.

Eddie Drummond is the return guys for the Chiefs, he has 2 career kick off returns for td's and 3 punt return td's. All came back with his days on the Lions all came in 2004 or before. Dustin Colquitt is the Chiefs punter as is decent.

"Disappointed with kicker Justin Medlock, the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday signed Dave Rayner to a two-year contract. Medlock was inconsistent during an 0-4 preseason and missed a 30-yard attempt at the end of an exhausting 15-play drive in the first quarter against Houston on Sunday" AP

When i hear Special teams for this game, i hear two names "Hester and Gould", and that's all i need to here to give my nod to the Bears.

Top 2 Studs to watch:

Larry Johnson.

Devin Hester.

Big Disappointments

Bears:CB. M. Brown was injured for the season in week one.

Chiefs: Kicker Justin Medlock went 0-4 in his rookie debut, and now has new teamate who is looking to take his job.

Rookies to watch:

Bears: TE Greg Oslen

Chiefs: WR Dwayne Bowe

Quick Snaps:

The Chiefs will face 4 playoff teams on the road this year. Chi, Indy, Jets and SD.

Bears much practiced and well talked about Twin TE set has yet to be seen. Maybe this is the week.

Sucker Punches:

Placing your offensive hopes on a shakey QB and a RB who is starting his 3rd career game is a huge gamble.

11.9 was last years QB rating for second year QB Brodie Croyle, who is supposed to take over the QB job at some point this year.. (i think week #2 is a great time to give that kid a shot, dont you?)

Love Tap:

Rex somehow escaped blame for the week #1 loss, at home he will not recieve such a cheer for his bad performaces. He will show up and look incredible with a passer rating over 100.

Larry Johnson should always be started on anyone's fantasy team. Even mine, i will not pull him out even vs. the Bears. He can throw up large numbers at anytime vs. any team. He will give the defense a hard time, and he will force Rex to play well to stay in the game.


Look for Hester on offense this week, Olsen if he is in. Long ball will be something to watch for. Benson will be underrated and will have close to 100 yards. (crossing my fingers). Larry Johnson will also gain 100 yards, but that is all the Chiefs will have to offer. Bears win this game by 17 points.

Bears. 27 Chiefs 10


09-13-2007, 08:12 AM
Ha ha, they obviously know nothing. They have the Chiefs scoring a touchdown.

09-13-2007, 08:15 AM
Chiefs: Kicker Justin Medlock went 0-4 in his rookie debut, and now has new teamate who is looking to take his job.


LOOKING to take his job?

09-13-2007, 08:26 AM
Come on....they still have Eddie Kennison playing.

09-13-2007, 08:35 AM
What the hell did I just read?

09-13-2007, 08:36 AM
I think Priest is going to have a hard time running aginst the 'fridge.

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That's hilarious.

It's like Gochiefs moved to Chicago and had a lobotomy.

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I didnt know that GoChiefs also was a Bears fan...


El Jefe
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LMAO ROFL. (cdcox) You get my award for funniest post of the day, that one cracked me up.

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Folks, according to this report.........We have a chance.:D

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He also credited us with 5 turnovers instead of 4.

the Talking Can
09-13-2007, 09:13 AM
I think Priest is going to have a hard time running aginst the 'fridge.


09-13-2007, 09:48 AM
That's hilarious.

It's like Gochiefs moved to Chicago