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Rain Man
09-19-2007, 11:20 PM
Okay, I've gone back and looked at the Chiefs draft from 1989 through 1995. I have compiled the Chiefs' actual draft, and then I have compiled two additional drafts where we can assume that a monkey and a pecking chicken randomly selected players from among the next nine picks after Carl's pick (or possibly Carl's pick).*

They are posted below, and we'll have a poll asking whose draft you would prefer: Carl's, the monkey's, or the chicken's.

*Occasionally the figure is less than ten picks for a couple of database reasons that I was too lazy to fix.

Here are the drafts. In each row, we have the year, the pick number, followed by Carl's pick, the monkey's pick, and the chicken's pick. In the case of the monkey and the chicken, I also include the team that actually did draft that player.


1989 4 Derrick Thomas,LB,Alabama,Kansas City Chiefs Deion Sanders,CB,Florida State,Atlanta Falcons Broderick Thomas,LB,Nebraska,Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1989 32 Mike Elkins,QB,Wake Forest,Kansas City Chiefs Doug Widell,G,Boston College,Denver Broncos Courtney Hall,C,Rice,San Diego Chargers
1989 60 Naz Worthen,WR,North Carolina State,Kansas City Chiefs Derek Hill,WR,Arizona,Pittsburgh Steelers Darrell Hamilton,T,North Carolina,Denver Broncos
1989 88 Stan Petry,DB,Texas Christian,Kansas City Chiefs Maurice Hurst,DB,Southern University,New England Patriots Jim Wahler,DT,UCLA,Phoenix Cardinals
1989 143 Robb Thomas,WR,Oregon State,Kansas City Chiefs Anthony Stafford,--,Oklahoma,Denver Broncos Wes Pritchett,LB,Notre Dame,Miami Dolphins
1989 171 Ron Sancho,--,Louisiana State,Kansas City Chiefs Ricky Royal,DB,Sam Houston State,Phoenix Cardinals Dave Popp,--,Eastern Illinois,New York Giants
1989 199 Bryan Tobey,--,Grambling State,Kansas City Chiefs Dana Brinson,WR,Nebraska,San Diego Chargers Dana Brinson,WR,Nebraska,San Diego Chargers
1989 220 Todd McNair,RB,Temple,Kansas City Chiefs Scott Kirby,--,Arizona State,Green Bay Packers Chris Dyko,T,Washington State,Chicago Bears
1989 227 Jack Phillips,--,Alcorn State,Kansas City Chiefs Pat Davis,--,Syracuse,San Diego Chargers Chris Dunn,--,Cal Poly-S.L.O.,Atlanta Falcons
1989 255 Rob McGovern,LB,Holy Cross,Kansas City Chiefs Mark Schlereth,G,Idaho,Washington Redskins Ricky Andrews,LB,Washington,San Diego Chargers
1989 283 Marcus Turner,DB,UCLA,Kansas City Chiefs Jeff Hunter,DE,Albany State (Ga.),Phoenix Cardinals Victor Floyd,RB,Florida State,San Diego Chargers
1989 311 Bill Jones,RB,Texas State,Kansas City Chiefs Joe Mickles,RB,Mississippi,Washington Redskins Joe Mickles,RB,Mississippi,Washington Redskins


1990 13 Percy Snow,LB,Michigan State,Kansas City Chiefs Renaldo Turnbull,DE,West Virginia,New Orleans Saints James Williams,DB,Fresno State,Buffalo Bills
1990 40 Tim Grunhard,C,Notre Dame,Kansas City Chiefs Kenny Davidson,DE,Louisiana State,Pittsburgh Steelers Carwell Gardner,FB,Louisville,Buffalo Bills
1990 96 Fred Jones,WR,Grambling State,Kansas City Chiefs DeMond Winston,LB,Vanderbilt,New Orleans Saints Harlon Barnett,DB,Michigan State,Cleveland Browns
1990 124 Derrick Graham,T,Appalachian State,Kansas City Chiefs Barry Foster,RB,Arkansas,Pittsburgh Steelers Rob Burnett,DE,Syracuse,Cleveland Browns
1990 127 Ken Hackemack,T,Texas,Kansas City Chiefs Calvin Williams,WR,Purdue,Philadelphia Eagles Ken Hackemack,T,Texas,Kansas City Chiefs
1990 152 Tom Sims,NT,Pittsburgh,Kansas City Chiefs James E. Williams,LB,Mississippi State,New Orleans Saints Bryce Paup,LB,Northern Iowa,Green Bay Packers
1990 180 David Szott,G,Penn State,Kansas City Chiefs Dan Grayson,--,Washington State,Pittsburgh Steelers John Levelis,--,C.W. Post,Minnesota Vikings
1990 235 Michael Owens,--,Syracuse,Kansas City Chiefs Eugene Rowell,WR,Southern Mississippi,Cleveland Browns Eugene Rowell,WR,Southern Mississippi,Cleveland Browns
1990 263 Craig Hudson,TE,Wisconsin,Kansas City Chiefs Jerome Martin,--,Western Kentucky,Green Bay Packers Donald Smith,DB,Liberty,Minnesota Vikings
1990 291 Ernest Thompson,--,Georgia Southern,Kansas City Chiefs Justin Strzelczyk,T,Maine,Pittsburgh Steelers Al Edwards,WR,Northwestern State-Louisiana,Buffalo Bills
1990 318 Tony Jeffery,--,San Jose State,Kansas City Chiefs Elliott Searcy,--,Southern University,San Diego Chargers Blaine Rose,G,Maryland,New England Patriots


1991 21 Harvey Williams,RB,Louisiana State,Kansas City Chiefs Ted Washington,NT,Louisville,San Francisco 49ers Henry Jones,DB,Illinois,Buffalo Bills
1991 50 Joe Valerio,T,Pennsylvania,Kansas City Chiefs John Johnson,LB,Clemson,San Francisco 49ers Doug Thomas,WR,Clemson,Seattle Seahawks
1991 77 Tim Barnett,WR,Jackson State,Kansas City Chiefs Ed McCaffrey,WR,Stanford,New York Giants Chris Gardocki,P,Clemson,Chicago Bears
1991 133 Charles Mincy,DB,Washington,Kansas City Chiefs Anthony Moss,LB,Florida State,New York Giants Charles Mincy,DB,Washington,Kansas City Chiefs
1991 162 Darrell Malone,DB,Jacksonville State,Kansas City Chiefs Scott Bowles,T,North Texas,San Francisco 49ers Darrell Malone,DB,Jacksonville State,Kansas City Chiefs
1991 189 Bernard Ellison,CB,Nevada-Reno,Kansas City Chiefs Sheldon Canley,RB,San Jose State,San Francisco 49ers Harry Colon,SS,Missouri,New England Patriots
1991 218 Tom Dohring,T,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Roland Smith,--,Miami (Fla.),Miami Dolphins Roland Smith,--,Miami (Fla.),Miami Dolphins
1991 244 Robbie Keen,--,California,Kansas City Chiefs Louis Riddick,DB,Pittsburgh,San Francisco 49ers Robbie Keen,--,California,Kansas City Chiefs
1991 273 Eric Ramsey,--,Auburn,Kansas City Chiefs Eric Ramsey,--,Auburn,Kansas City Chiefs Terry Crews,LB,Western Michigan,Los Angeles Rams
1991 300 Bobby Olive,WR,Ohio State,Kansas City Chiefs Elijah Austin,--,North Carolina State,Cleveland Browns Ernie Rogers,--,California,Miami Dolphins
1991 329 Ron Shipley,--,New Mexico,Kansas City Chiefs Dennis Johnson,WR,Winston-Salem State,Los Angeles Raiders
Dennis Johnson,WR,Winston-Salem State,Los Angeles Raiders


1992 20 Dale Carter,CB,Tennessee,Kansas City Chiefs Dale Carter,CB,Tennessee,Kansas City Chiefs Vaughn Dunbar,RB,Indiana,New Orleans Saints
1992 40 Matt Blundin,QB,Virginia,Kansas City Chiefs Tony Sacca,QB,Penn State,Phoenix Cardinals Amp Lee,RB,Florida State,San Francisco 49ers
1992 101 Mike Evans,DT,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Mike Evans,DT,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Chuck Johnson,G,Texas,Denver Broncos
1992 159 Tony Smith,WR,Notre Dame,Kansas City Chiefs Nate Turner,TE,Nebraska,Buffalo Bills Kary Vincent,--,Texas A&M,New Orleans Saints
1992 186 Erick Anderson,LB,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Jim Gray,--,West Virginia,New England Patriots William Boatwright,--,Virginia Tech,Philadelphia Eagles
1992 213 Jim Jennings,--,San Diego State,Kansas City Chiefs Robert Stewart,--,Alabama,New Orleans Saints Mike Pawlawski,QB,California,Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1992 244 Jay Leeuwenburg,C,Colorado,Kansas City Chiefs Boone Powell,LB,Texas,Washington Redskins Muhammad Oliver,DB,Oregon,Denver Broncos
1992 271 Jerry Ostroski,G,Tulsa,Kansas City Chiefs John Terry,--,Livingstone,Dallas Cowboys Bob Meeks,C,Auburn,Denver Broncos
1992 298 Doug Rigby,--,Wyoming,Kansas City Chiefs Tim Daniel,WR,Florida A&M,Dallas Cowboys Doug Rigby,--,Wyoming,Kansas City Chiefs
1992 325 Corey Williams,--,Oklahoma State,Kansas City Chiefs Kameno Bell,--,Illinois,Miami Dolphins Corey Williams,--,Oklahoma State,Kansas City Chiefs


1993 74 Will Shields,G,Nebraska,Kansas City Chiefs Mike Reid,DB,North Carolina State,Philadelphia Eagles Terry Kirby,RB,Virginia,Miami Dolphins
1993 103 Jaime Fields,LB,Washington,Kansas City Chiefs Ronnie Bradford,CB,Colorado,Miami Dolphins Albert Fontenot,DE,Baylor,Chicago Bears
1993 130 Lindsay Knapp,T,Notre Dame,Kansas City Chiefs Chris Gray,T,Auburn,Miami Dolphins Lindsay Knapp,T,Notre Dame,Kansas City Chiefs
1993 159 Darius Turner,--,Washington,Kansas City Chiefs Robert O'Neal,DB,Clemson,Miami Dolphins Robert O'Neal,DB,Clemson,Miami Dolphins
1993 186 Danan Hughes,WR,Iowa,Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Robinson,WR,Tennessee State,Houston Oilers Patrick Robinson,WR,Tennessee State,Houston Oilers


1994 25 Greg Hill,RB,Texas A&M,Kansas City Chiefs Henry Ford,DE,Arkansas,Houston Oilers William Floyd,FB,Florida State,San Francisco 49ers
1994 58 Donnell Bennett,RB,Miami (Fla.),Kansas City Chiefs Jason Sehorn,SAF,USC,New York Giants Vaughn Parker,G,UCLA,San Diego Chargers
1994 92 Lake Dawson,WR,Notre Dame,Kansas City Chiefs Shane Bonham,DT,Tennessee,Detroit Lions Malcolm Floyd,WR,Fresno State,Houston Oilers
1994 96 Chris Penn,WR,Tulsa,Kansas City Chiefs Alai Kalaniuvalu,G,Oregon State,Atlanta Falcons Alai Kalaniuvalu,G,Oregon State,Atlanta Falcons
1994 127 Bracy Walker,SAF,North Carolina,Kansas City Chiefs DeWayne Dotson,LB,Mississippi,Dallas Cowboys Trent Pollard,T,Eastern Washington,Cincinnati Bengals
1994 151 James Burton,CB,Fresno State,Kansas City Chiefs Roderick Lewis,TE,Arizona,Houston Oilers A.J. Ofodile,TE,Missouri,Buffalo Bills
1994 156 Rob Waldrop,DT,Arizona,Kansas City Chiefs Jim Reid,T,Virginia,Houston Oilers Roosevelt Patterson,--,Alabama,Los Angeles Raiders
1994 185 Anthony Daigle,RB,Fresno State,Kansas City Chiefs Barron Wortham,LB,Texas-El Paso,Houston Oilers Anthony Abrams,--,Clark Atlanta,Buffalo Bills
1994 199 Steve Matthews,QB,Memphis,Kansas City Chiefs Jim Pyne,C,Virginia Tech,Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steve Matthews,QB,Memphis,Kansas City Chiefs
1994 219 Tracy Greene,TE,Grambling State,Kansas City Chiefs Lemanski Hall,LB,Alabama,Houston Oilers Lemanski Hall,LB,Alabama,Houston Oilers


1995 31 Trezelle Jenkins,T,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Trezelle Jenkins,T,Michigan,Kansas City Chiefs Zach Wiegert,T,Nebraska,St. Louis Rams
1995 81 Tamarick Vanover,WR,Florida State,Kansas City Chiefs Eric Zeier,QB,Georgia,Cleveland Browns Rodney Young,SAF,Louisiana State,New York Giants
1995 97 Troy Dumas,LB,Nebraska,Kansas City Chiefs Michael Roan,TE,Wisconsin,Houston Oilers Michael Roan,TE,Wisconsin,Houston Oilers
1995 134 Steve Stenstrom,QB,Stanford,Kansas City Chiefs Stephen Boyd,LB,Boston College,Detroit Lions Mike Senters,CB,Northwestern,Carolina Panthers
1995 155 Mike Pelton,DT,Auburn,Kansas City Chiefs Jay Barker,QB,Alabama,Green Bay Packers James Stewart,RB,Miami (Fla.),Minnesota Vikings
1995 164 Jerrott Willard,LB,California,Kansas City Chiefs Jerrott Willard,LB,California,Kansas City Chiefs Lance Scott,C,Utah,Arizona Cardinals
1995 202 Bryan Proby,DE,Arizona State,Kansas City Chiefs Fred McCrary,RB,Mississippi State,Philadelphia Eagles Bryan Proby,DE,Arizona State,Kansas City Chiefs
1995 207 Tom Barndt,G,Pittsburgh,Kansas City Chiefs Tom Barndt,G,Pittsburgh,Kansas City Chiefs Billy Williams,WR,Tennessee,Arizona Cardinals

Remind me and I'll post the other two parts, which cover the middle ages of Carl's reign, and the post-nihilist age.

el borracho
09-19-2007, 11:24 PM
Wow. I am so not reading all of that. How long did that take you to compile?

Rain Man
09-19-2007, 11:37 PM
Not very long, actually. I came up with a nifty way to automate it all.

I went with the monkey in 1989, 1990, and 1991, and it looked like the monkey was going to run away with it. However, Carl came back and won 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995, shutting out the chicken and rallying to beat the monkey.

I have to call Carl the winner in the early years, though the monkey was a very close second.

09-20-2007, 12:17 AM
How does Carl not win the 1990 draft?

Grunhard and Szott vs. Who?

That's 2 KC Ring of Famers, right?

09-20-2007, 12:21 AM
1989 - Carl wins
1990 - Carl wins
1991 - Monkey wins
1992 - Carl wins
1993 - Carl wins
1994 - Monkey wins
1995 - Chicken wins
1989 through 1995 - Carl wins

09-20-2007, 01:16 AM
How does Carl not win the 1990 draft?

Grunhard and Szott vs. Who?

That's 2 KC Ring of Famers, right?

09-20-2007, 02:02 AM
Too much reading. No can read this much now.

09-20-2007, 08:49 AM
I'll ask more directly...

I went with the monkey in ... 1990...
Why so?

Rain Man
09-20-2007, 12:06 PM
I'll ask more directly...

Why so?

The monkey picked up three effective starters, versus two for Carl. The monkey got Turnbull in the first (8 years, 1 pro bowl), Barry Foster in the fourth (5 years, 2 pro bowls), and Justin Strzelczyk in the 11th (nine years, 0 pro bowls).

Carl got Grunhard in the 2nd (11 seasons, 1 pro bowl), and Dave Szott (14 seasons, 0 pro bowls). Graham was a starter for a couple of years too, I think.

It's close, but I think Strzelczyk more or less cancels out Szott, and Turnbull and Foster beat Grunhard.