View Full Version : Behold...The 2007 NCAA Football All-Name team!!!

09-21-2007, 06:31 PM
2007 MVP Award goes to TE Kyle Sackrider, Michigan State (I bet the kids never gave him a chance)
The teams:

QB Casey Dick, Arkansas
RB Richie Rich, North Carolina (Macaulay Culkin is a big fan)
RB Jimmy Johns, Alabama (I love his sandwiches)
OL Gurminder Thind, South Carolina(rejected Harry Potter character name)
OL Hercules Satale, Hawaii
OL Jordan White-Frisbee, Washington(lol)
OL Shelley Smith, Colorado State
TE Kyle Sackrider, Michigan State(see above)
TE Vincent Chase, SMU(with his "Entourage" in tow)
WR De'Cody Fagg, Florida State(MVP Runner Up)
WR Darius Passmore, Marshall

DL Ladi Ajiboye, South Carolina
DL Tonga Tea, Oklahoma State
DL Peanut Whitehead, Louisville (I bet he is a big bastard)
DL Vegas Franklin, Miami
LB Logan U'u, Minnesota (I can only think that the last name is pronounced something similar to the sound you make when taking a huge dump)
LB Ohene Opong-Owusu, Michigan
LB Alex Butt, Alabama (recess was probably rough til about 5th grade)
DB Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina
DB Chris Baloney, Arizona State (this baloney has a first name)
DB Knowledge Timmons, Penn State(should have went to Harvard)
DB Zaire Kitchen, Rutgers
K Britt Barefoot, Southern Miss.(of course he's a kicker)

Potential Rookies of the Year for 2008-(HS Senior prospects)

Adonis Adonakis LB/RB 6'0 213 Walled Lake Central Michigan
Cassanova Selvage OL 6'4 295 Satsuma Alabama
Ty Cobb LB/OL 6'1 190 Hilliard Darby Ohio (talk about pressure to live up to your name)
Deion Sanders DB 5'10 160 Indianapolis Manual Indiana (the second coming...hope he tackles better than the first)
Clint Not Afraid QB 6'1 160 Browning Montana(to get sacked?....SIGN HIM CARL)
Roderick Rumble WR/DB 6'3 191 Oak Harbor Washington (Let's get readyyyyy....)
Bacarri Rambo DB/QB/ATH 6'1 195 4.46 Donalsonville Seminole County Georgia
Hayden Hunsucker DL 6'3 240 Arvada Pomona Colorado
Chris Sackman LB/RB Clearwater
Nimrod Piggee WR 5'10 165 Galt California (unfortunate on both names)
Clayton Pusey P/PK 6'0 182 Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran Indiana (another one that had no chance at recess)
Scott Glasscock DL/OL 5'11 230 Virginia Beach Salem Virginia
Weekendfer Saurit DT 5'11 275 Pasadena South Houston

09-21-2007, 06:39 PM
I noticed most of these on my NCAA game. I think there mighta been some more good ones. I'll take a peak after.

Ultra Peanut
09-21-2007, 08:42 PM
Taz Knockum (http://gotigersgo.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/knockum_taz00.html) is noticeably absent from that list.

Deion Sanders DB 5'10 160 Indianapolis Manual Indiana (the second coming...hope he tackles better than the first)Wow.

And Clint Not Afraid? We really need more Indians in college football.