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Rain Man
09-21-2007, 07:38 PM
As a continuation of the series, I now present the Middle Ages of the Carl regime.

Who drafts better, him or a random monkey or a random chicken?

I've gone back and looked at the Chiefs draft from 1996 through 2001. I have compiled the Chiefs' actual draft, and then I have compiled two additional drafts where we can assume that a monkey and a pecking chicken randomly selected players from among the next nine picks after Carl's pick (or possibly Carl's pick).*

They are posted below, and we'll have a poll asking whose draft you would prefer: Carl's, the monkey's, or the chicken's.

*Occasionally the figure is less than ten picks for a couple of database reasons that I was too lazy to fix.

Here are the drafts. In each row, we have the year, the pick number, followed by Carl's pick, the monkey's pick, and the chicken's pick. In the case of the monkey and the chicken, I also include the team that actually did draft that player.

1996 28 Jerome Woods,DB,Memphis,Kansas City Chiefs Jamain Stephens,T,North Carolina A&T,Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Alstott,FB,Purdue,Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1996 58 Reggie Tongue,DB,Oregon State,Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Beasley,CB,West Virginia,Jacksonville Jaguars Brian Dawkins,FS,Clemson,Philadelphia Eagles
1996 68 John Browning,DT,West Virginia,Kansas City Chiefs Terry Killens,LB,Penn State,Houston Oilers Ken Blackman,G,Illinois,Cincinnati Bengals
1996 98 Donnie Edwards,LB,UCLA,Kansas City Chiefs Percell Gaskins,LB,Kansas State,St. Louis Rams Heath Irwin,G,Colorado,New England Patriots
1996 135 Joe Horn,WR,Itawamba CC MS,Kansas City Chiefs Rayna Stewart,SAF,Northern Arizona,Houston Oilers John Elmore,G,Texas,New England Patriots
1996 176 Dietrich Jells,WR,Pittsburgh,Kansas City Chiefs Dietrich Jells,WR,Pittsburgh,Kansas City Chiefs Reggie Green,--,Florida,Seattle Seahawks
1996 211 Ben Lynch,C,California,Kansas City Chiefs Mike Archie,RB,Penn State,Houston Oilers Rod Jones,G,Kansas,Cincinnati Bengals
1996 241 Jeff Smith,C,Tennessee,Kansas City Chiefs DeAndre Maxwell,--,San Diego State,Washington Redskins J.R. Conrad,C,Oklahoma,New England Patriots
1996 245 Darrell Williams,--,Tennessee State,Kansas City Chiefs Keith McKenzie,DE,Ball State,Green Bay Packers Eric Smedley,DB,Indiana,Buffalo Bills

1997 13 Tony Gonzalez,TE,California,Kansas City Chiefs Kenny Holmes,DE,Miami (Fla.),Tennessee Oilers Renaldo Wynn,DT,Notre Dame,Jacksonville Jaguars
1997 47 Kevin Lockett,WR,Kansas State,Kansas City Chiefs Mike Logan,CB,West Virginia,Jacksonville Jaguars Marcellus Wiley,DE,Columbia,Buffalo Bills
1997 110 Pat Barnes,QB,California,Kansas City Chiefs Monty Montgomery,DB,Houston,Indianapolis Colts Albert Connell,WR,Texas A&M,Washington Redskins
1997 163 June Henley,RB,Kansas,Kansas City Chiefs Al Harris,CB,Texas A&M - Kingsville,Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tim Scharf,--,Northwestern,New York Jets
1997 195 Isaac Byrd,WR,Kansas,Kansas City Chiefs Ed Jasper,DT,Texas A&M,Philadelphia Eagles Rod Manuel,DE,Oklahoma,Pittsburgh Steelers
1997 214 Nathan Parks,T,Stanford,Kansas City Chiefs Artie Ulmer,LB,Valdosta State,Minnesota Vikings Cedric White,--,North Carolina A&T,St. Louis Rams

1998 27 Victor Riley,T,Auburn,Kansas City Chiefs Leon Bender,--,Washington State,Oakland Raiders R.W. McQuarters,CB,Oklahoma State,San Francisco 49ers
1998 88 Rashaan Shehee,RB,Washington,Kansas City Chiefs Steve McKinney,G,Texas A&M,Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Brown,DE,Tennessee,Green Bay Packers
1998 120 Greg Favors,ILB,Mississippi State,Kansas City Chiefs Carlos King,RB,North Carolina State,Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Hardy,TE,Southern Mississippi,Arizona Cardinals
1998 128 Robert Williams,DB,North Carolina,Kansas City Chiefs Jonathan Linton,RB,North Carolina,Buffalo Bills Jason Simmons,DB,Arizona State,Pittsburgh Steelers
1998 181 Derrick Ransom,DT,Cincinnati,Kansas City Chiefs Dustin Johnson,RB,Brigham Young,New York Jets Shevin Smith,DB,Florida State,Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1998 216 Eric Warfield,DB,Nebraska,Kansas City Chiefs Eric Warfield,DB,Nebraska,Kansas City Chiefs Damian Vaughn,TE,Miami (Ohio),Cincinnati Bengals
1998 224 Ernest Blackwell,--,Missouri,Kansas City Chiefs Moses Moreno,QB,Colorado State,Chicago Bears Vince Amey,DE,Arizona State,Oakland Raiders

1999 14 John Tait,T,Brigham Young,Kansas City Chiefs Damien Woody,C,Boston College,New England Patriots Antoine Winfield,CB,Ohio State,Buffalo Bills
1999 54 Mike Cloud,RB,Boston College,Kansas City Chiefs Larry Smith,DT,Florida State,Jacksonville Jaguars Montae Reagor,DE,Texas Tech,Denver Broncos
1999 75 Gary Stills,LB,West Virginia,Kansas City Chiefs Tom Burke,DT,Wisconsin,Arizona Cardinals Zach Piller,T,Florida,Tennessee Titans
1999 84 Larry Atkins,DB,UCLA,Kansas City Chiefs Tony George,DB,Florida,New England Patriots Mike McKenzie,CB,Memphis,Green Bay Packers
1999 108 Larry Parker,WR,USC,Kansas City Chiefs Donald Mitchell,DB,Southern Methodist,Tennessee Titans Aaron Smith,DE,Northern Colorado,Pittsburgh Steelers
1999 220 Eric King,--,Richmond,Kansas City Chiefs Phil Glover,LB,Utah,Tennessee Titans Phil Glover,LB,Utah,Tennessee Titans

2000 21 Sylvester Morris,WR,Jackson State,Kansas City Chiefs Chris Hovan,DT,Boston College,Minnesota Vikings Sylvester Morris,WR,Jackson State,Kansas City Chiefs
2000 54 William Bartee,CB,Oklahoma,Kansas City Chiefs Jacoby Shepherd,DB,Oklahoma State,St. Louis Rams Jacoby Shepherd,DB,Oklahoma State,St. Louis Rams
2000 85 Greg Wesley,SS,Arkansas-Pine Bluff,Kansas City Chiefs Doug Chapman,RB,Marshall,Minnesota Vikings Corey Moore,OLB,Virginia Tech,Buffalo Bills
2000 115 Frank Moreau,RB,Louisville,Kansas City Chiefs Tyrone Carter,FS,Minnesota,Minnesota Vikings Josh Williams,DT,Michigan,Indianapolis Colts
2000 153 Dante Hall,RB,Texas A&M,Kansas City Chiefs Kiwaukee Thomas,CB,Georgia Southern,Jacksonville Jaguars James Whalen,TE,Kentucky,Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2000 162 Pat Dennis,CB,Louisiana-Monroe,Kansas City Chiefs Jay Tant,TE,Northwestern,Arizona Cardinals Ernest Grant,DT,Arkansas-Pine Bluff,Miami Dolphins
2000 188 Darnell Alford,T,Boston College,Kansas City Chiefs Mike Anderson,RB,Utah,Denver Broncos Darnell Alford,T,Boston College,Kansas City Chiefs
2000 208 Desmond Kitchings,WR,Furman,Kansas City Chiefs Delbert Cowsette,DE,Maryland,Washington Redskins Mike Green,RB,Houston,Tennessee Titans

2001 75 Eric Downing,DT,Syracuse,Kansas City Chiefs Dwight Smith,CB,Akron,Tampa Bay Buccaneers Snoop Minnis,WR,Florida State,Kansas City Chiefs
2001 77 Snoop Minnis,WR,Florida State,Kansas City Chiefs Kevan Barlow,RB,Pittsburgh,San Francisco 49ers Kenny Smith,DT,Alabama,New Orleans Saints
2001 107 Monty Beisel,DE,Kansas State,Kansas City Chiefs George Layne,RB,Texas Christian,Kansas City Chiefs George Layne,RB,Texas Christian,Kansas City Chiefs
2001 108 George Layne,RB,Texas Christian,Kansas City Chiefs Sage Rosenfels,QB,Iowa State,Washington Redskins Milton Wynn,WR,Washington State,St. Louis Rams
2001 141 Billy Baber,TE,Virginia,Kansas City Chiefs Tony Stewart,TE,Penn State,Philadelphia Eagles Tony Stewart,TE,Penn State,Philadelphia Eagles
2001 150 Derrick Blaylock,RB,Stephen F. Austin St.,Kansas City Chiefs Darnerien McCants,WR,Delaware State,Washington Redskins A.J. Feeley,QB,Oregon,Philadelphia Eagles
2001 176 Alex Sulfsted,T,Miami (Ohio),Kansas City Chiefs Rodney Bailey,DE,Ohio State,Pittsburgh Steelers Josh Heupel,QB,Oklahoma,Miami Dolphins
2001 212 Shaunard Harts,DB,Boise State,Kansas City Chiefs Shaunard Harts,DB,Boise State,Kansas City Chiefs Tupe Peko,G,Michigan State,New York Jets
2001 243 Terdell Sands,DT,Tennessee-Chattanooga,Kansas City Chiefs Andre King,WR,Miami (Fla.),Cleveland Browns Terdell Sands,DT,Tennessee-Chattanooga,Kansas City Chiefs

09-21-2007, 07:41 PM
Subtract TG and that is one sorry list.

Rain Man
09-21-2007, 07:48 PM
I went with Carl in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The chicken wins in 1999, and the monkey wins in 2000 and 2001. Overall, I have to go with Carl on the strength of Tony Gonzalez and a very strong 1996 draft.

09-21-2007, 08:05 PM
I went with Carl in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The chicken wins in 1999, and the monkey wins in 2000 and 2001. Overall, I have to go with Carl on the strength of Tony Gonzalez and a very strong 1996 draft.