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10-08-2007, 02:34 PM
Made by announcers during the Jax game. sry if repost--not really


Jags get physical; Chiefs forget Bowe
Chiefs coach Herm Edwards couldn’t find an answer for Jacksonville’s defense. After last week’s performance by Dwayne Bowe against the Chargers, it’s almost unthinkable that the Chiefs could somehow ignore him in their offense until it was too late.

At least that was the buzz on the airwaves on Sunday.


“It’s been a rough, rough go of it for Larry Johnson.”

| Gus Johnson, CBS play-by-play man

“And the fans are voicing their displeasure with the Chiefs’ offense right now, and with good reason. The Chiefs need to spread the ball around.”

| Steve Tasker, CBS analyst

“By the way, where’s Dwayne Bowe?”

| Tasker

“They’ve got to get (Bowe) the ball.”

| Len Dawson, Chiefs Radio Network, during the first half

“Oh, what a catch by the rookie!”

| Gus Johnson

“He caught that ball when the ball was already past him. Wow. You’ve got to get him the ball!”

| Tasker

“It’s great that they’re finally throwing to Dwayne Bowe. They should have been doing it in the first half to get (defenders) to back off.”

| Dawson, rather disgustedly, in the fourth quarter

JF: It is amazing how the Chiefs, who have so few weapons, chose to ignore one of them for most of Sunday’s dismal effort. Not many teams run successfully against those huge Jacksonville defensive tackles, but the Chiefs stubbornly thought they could and wasted too many possessions.


“The Chiefs go student body right with Larry Johnson. The problem is, the student body across the line is pretty big, too.”

| Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Radio Network

“That missed field goal by Dave Rayner really seemed to suck the life out of this thing.”

| Holthus

JF: It also seemed to suck the common sense out of the Chiefs’ offensive coaches. The Chiefs opened the game by motoring down the field with play-action passes. But after the missed field goal, the Chiefs played like they were protecting a four-touchdown lead.


“I wonder if Larry Johnson can throw the football. I say this because every time he carries the ball wide, the whole defense crashes down the line on him. (LaDainian Tomlinson) throws it down by the goal line. Why not have Larry throw it in the middle of the field. It’d be open.”

| Dawson

“The Chiefs have been down 17-0, 17-0, 10-0, 10-0 and 10-0 through five games. Isn’t it remarkable how this team has fallen behind by two scores in every game?”

| Holthus

JF: It’s probably not that remarkable when you consider the conservative approach the Chiefs normally take in the first half of games.


“Old grandpa Ty Law makes the tackle! Ty Law!”

| Holthus, after Law made a rare tackle on a sweep.

“Ty Law, very soft in coverage out there.”

| Dawson, after the Jags converted another third-down situation with an easy pitch-and-catch in front of Law

“Wow. Everybody’s open. Everybody. And there’s no pressure on the quarterback.”

| Dawson

JF: Ty Law has been a heck of a player in this league. But he’s soft against the run and painfully soft in coverage. That’s got to be killing Herm Edwards.


“It all depends on the spot....”

| Holthus

JF: It’s extremely rare for Holthus to resort to clichés, and this one is one of my pet peeves. Of course it all depends on the spot. Tell us if you think he got the first down or not.


“How about this Jacksonville team? They have drafted well.”

| Holthus

“They (the Jags) could be very good.”

| Dawson

JF: The Jags have to be everything Herm Edwards would love the Chiefs to be someday. Physical and tough-minded.

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10-08-2007, 02:36 PM
Thanks. Now I'm pissed off again. Great.

10-08-2007, 02:39 PM
I just wonder, if so many people realize the problem, why not do something about it? Although it's hard as hell to do much with our joke of an offensive line.

Kinda goes back to what L.J. said a couple weeks ago
If they stack the line pass
If they stack left run right
If they stack right run left
It's not chess it's checkers <-----B.T.W. I love that line :toast:

Thig Lyfe
10-08-2007, 02:45 PM
Steve Tasker also spoke some latin when he said modus operandi. I forget the context.