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Pitt Gorilla
06-11-2001, 10:35 PM
In the process of moving, I've had limited access to the BB; I don't know if this has been covered yet. I think this may be a great move. The guy is big and fast and could be a third string answer at TE. What do you think?

06-11-2001, 10:51 PM
Something's gotta give. Gonzo and Baber, our draft picks, are probably locks. Gammon is a long snaper, but also a TE. We resigned Dunn. Barring injury, Ricks will have to outplay Dunn, Muther and Thomas to make the team. It'll probably come down to his blocking. I guess he could be kept as a 4th TE, since he can go back to being a reciever if need be, but only if he plays special teams. It'll likely come down to his blocking.

But with this offense, we'll likely want to carry more recievers, so TE's are not a luxury to keep around. They basically seem to have told Ricks he's not good enough to be a wideout on this team. So he's going to have to play his *** off or he'll be cut...

06-12-2001, 07:50 AM
This assumes that Dunn is sound physically. I know he was coming off a rehab, but I'm still unsure about his stamina. But you're right about Ricks "window of opportunity" in the NFL

06-12-2001, 08:09 AM
<i>with this offense, we'll likely want to carry more recievers</i> - not necessarily. In Coryel's San Diego O (which this O is based upon), the TE played a significant role. I expect to see 2WR/2TE/single RB sets quite often. :)

06-12-2001, 09:11 AM
Remember, Baber was a 5th round pick. He is not a lock to make the team. Baber, Dunn and Ricks will have a nice battle for 2 spots.

06-12-2001, 09:41 AM
Baber impressed me at the open mini-camp.

06-12-2001, 09:49 AM
I agree with HC...the TE figures to be a big part of the game...

We'll probably carry 4, meaning there's room is room for Ricks provided he can beat out Thomas and those guys. I think Baber and Dunn will make the team...

06-12-2001, 10:06 AM
I don't see us carrying more than 3 TEs (not including Gammons). I see 6 WR and 3 TEs.

keg in kc
06-12-2001, 02:52 PM
Here's a note from the KCStar today about this:


Wide receiver Mikhael Ricks was practicing as a tight end on Monday and apparently the move is permanent.

"He can help us, especially in the pass offense part of it," Vermeil said. "We're planning to take this into camp and see how it works."

Ricks, 6 feet 5 and 237 pounds, was signed last season as a free agent when size mattered under former coach Gunther Cunningham. Even though he was the biggest of Chiefs receivers, he played in just one game and failed to catch a pass.

Mark M
06-12-2001, 02:58 PM
This move makes me a bit nervous.

If the guy can block, then it's okay. But, since he's been a WR for so long, I doubt he is very good at it. When he comes onto the field everyone in the stadium will know we're passing it.

~~Hates predictability in an offense.

06-12-2001, 03:08 PM
If he can't block and function as a legitimate TE, he won't make the squad. He still has to earn a position.

06-12-2001, 03:37 PM
If Ricks comes on and becomes a player, can you imagine the 2 TE sets we can come up with?...No way a LB alone can cover TG or Ricks and if they bring up the SS, then we have a mismatch somewhere...

TG, Ricks, DA and Sly and/or Snoop...what a four or five receiver set that would be....sounds like fun...:D

keg in kc
06-12-2001, 03:45 PM
Joe, that could be a nightmare for defenses, especially if Ricks can develop some blocking skills. And we could even see a few 2 TE, 2 WR formations once again, as well, with differing multiple back formations. I, split I, pro, man it's almost mind-boggling, and we wouldn't be limited to running up the gut for no gain, a toss sweep for no gain or throwing a screen pass for 5 yards.

Imagine that...

Still, a set with 3 good wide outs and two athletic tight ends could be potent both running and passing.

06-12-2001, 03:51 PM

The great part is that our TEs are faster and bigger then a lot of teams WRs...and if Holmes comes on...we'd have a running and receiving threat out of the backfiled...not many teams can match up against a Ricks and TG...I hope Ricks can handle the job because it sounds like that's his only chance with us...I read that DV said this is a permanent move...it would be a shame if a 6-4, 200 plus pound receiver with speed couldn't make the team...

06-14-2001, 03:07 PM
Okay, please don't judge Mikhael before you know anything about him. (Sound familiar).

Mikhael played tight end in college for three years and even though it ain't the same in the "real" football world, I have every confidence that he'll make the grade. He's determined and he doesn't want to be treated the way he was in San Diego.

He's gaining weight so that he can block, Mr. Mark M. Don't judge a book by his cover or by what the media may have said about him in San Diego.

He's a good guy and he deserves the benefit of the doubt until he plays and y'all talk about him.

He'll be a free agent after this year, and I hear that he'll probably play a little WR, (for old times sake). Maybe if there is a blow out:confused: he'll play. The game that he did play in last year, he played on special teams, and they don't catch passes.

06-14-2001, 03:56 PM
I sure wish they'd hold another open mini-camp practice at Arrowhead! That was outstanding :) (and it gave us fans a chance to see the players and how they are progressing) It would be very interesting to see the TE competition now that Ricks has joined the fold. Baber looked really sharp - Dunn is big & strong, so Mikhael definitely has a tough road ahead of him.