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10-06-2000, 02:16 PM
I've been a-puzzlin' over this for quite some time now. Could the league possibly punt KC from the AFC west? It could happen if the league decides to go with geographic proximity. Oak, Sea, S.D., and to some extent enver are all on the west coast. This could leave the Chiefs lookin' for a new div.
I really can't see the league doing this, but the only other team that looks like it's on the bubble is (expansion team)Seattle. It's gonna be a weird one next season.
I wonder how the league is going to set up the division games also. Half and half? Only six games with div competition? I need to know!!!

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10-06-2000, 02:19 PM
In hearing the talk from the owners' meetings, and Mr. Hunt's own take, it will most assuredly be Seattle that ends up being "realigned". They said there was "no way" they would split up Denver, Oakland, and KC (draws too many fans).

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10-06-2000, 02:21 PM
The old AFL West is so ingrained with its fanbase they would be nuts to break it up. That means KC, Oakland, Denver and San Diego would stay intact.

I would think that Seattle and the soon-to-be LA Cardinals will end up in a division together...<BR>

10-06-2000, 02:31 PM
Along w/ SanFran and St.Louis in the NFC West.

Anyone else catch that Art Modell has VOLUNTEERED for realignment?

My take would be:

NFC-LEAST: Dallas, NYGiants, Washington, Phily
NFC-CENTRAL: ChiTown, GreenBay, Minnesota, Detroit
NFC-West: Seattle, Arizona/LA, SanFran, St.Louis
NFC-South: Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina, NewOrleans

AFC-West: KC, Denver, Oakland, SanDeigo
AFC-East: Buffalo, NYJets, NewEngland, Baltimore
AFC-Central: Cincy, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indy
AFC-South: Miami, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee

Breaks up a few rivalries, but the best geo fit.


10-06-2000, 03:30 PM
Seattle would make the most sense in terms of tradition and historical rivalries, but the chiefs make the most sense geographically. However, with Lamar on the committee, there is no way that happens. But putting all my personal feelings aside, I think some hard geographical choices need to be made across the board despite traditional rivalries. But I totally expect to still see some geographically strange divisions after all of this because of stubbornness. Will the Cowboys agree to move out of the Redskins division for example? Maybe there is a compromise...

10-06-2000, 03:51 PM
Which is why I had left Dallas in the East, yet moved Carolina into the South.

Just like there is ZERO chance KC gets bumped out of the Afc West, likewise Dallas stays in the Nfc East. Doesn't make the best of sense geographically, but there WILL be some exceptions.

Also hard to move Indy into the Central, but this isn't as strong an exception as KC or Dallas would be to move.


Clint in Wichita
10-06-2000, 03:53 PM
http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

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10-06-2000, 04:03 PM
Joe - I saw this and my first thought is that you were going to blow a gasket.

politely not adding anything.

Clint in Wichita
10-06-2000, 04:06 PM
I'm just joking around.. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif
It would suck, but I can deal with it...I'm just hoping Paul Allen can bribe his way out of it...LOL

Oh yeah, GO MARINERS!!

Hop on the M's bandwagon..I'll let you on with a complimentary beverage....Joe

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10-06-2000, 04:10 PM
I'm rootin fer the M's, I think it would be funny if they were to win the thing w/o JR.!
Never been a JR. fan, to stuck on himself!

Clint in Wichita
10-06-2000, 04:14 PM
Whats you beverage snapper? And welcome aboard...

10-06-2000, 05:34 PM
I have to say I'm GLAD to see Seattle go. With Holmgren, plus Dallas' two first rounders (which will be in the first 10 the way they're playing) I think Seattle is gonna be TOUGH in about 2 years.

10-06-2000, 07:02 PM
Aside from Houston, that AFC south looks pretty tough. A Houston/Tennessee and Jax/Miami rivalry could be very interesting. BTW, I too would breathe easier if Joe's Seahawk's were in the NFC!

10-06-2000, 08:05 PM
Hell yeah, go Mariners. I hate the White Sux, I really hate the OAkland F's, and I totally hate New York. I hope the M's whup all their asses. I also hate the Cards, and I couldn't stand the fair weather people up here in SF crowing about the Giants, and I hate Ken Griffey Jr and the way he tried to hose Seattle and has whined in Cincy, so GO M's ALL THE WAY! Screw the rest of these teams. And hopefully you guys can keep ARod, I'd like to see these guys stick with their own teams for a while...

10-06-2000, 08:20 PM
Joe Seahawk:

I would like to hop on the Mariner bandwagon for the Post-season. Like Snapper & DaWolf I would love to see the Mariners get in the Series just to spite Griffey, JR.


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10-06-2000, 09:20 PM
Not livin in kc I can say when true fans of nfl talk about good football chiefs against raiders always comes up. Twice a year is a must for Tv.