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The Bad Guy
06-21-2001, 12:06 PM
It's bad news, but at least he's not done for the season. Lets go Snoop.

Here is the link, and the story...

A sad note: the Chiefs have lost the services of wide receiver Sylvester Morris for the immediate future. Morris suffered an undetermined ACL knee injury during a pass play at yesterday's practice. Head coach Dick Vermeil said "it doesn't look good right now" and that Morris will likely miss the first part of the 2001 season.

Vermeil called the injury to his starting wide receiver "a part of football." Vermeil noted that in place of Morris, "the first guy who comes to mind is Marvin Minnis" to be his replacement and also Larry Parker.

keg in kc
06-21-2001, 12:10 PM
Everyone eat an apple a day to keep the injury bug away...

06-21-2001, 12:10 PM
We certainly didn't need that. We are going to thin all season in a number of our positions. The one thing that could make this a VERY long season is a bunch of injuries.


Hoping he comes back strong.

The Bad Guy
06-21-2001, 12:16 PM
Derrick Mayes is certainly an interesting possibility to fill the void left by Morris. Mayes has great hands, but had a questionable attitude under Holmgren.

I would believe that he would immediately be thrusted into the starting lineup next to DA because Snoop needs to come out of the slot to be effective.

If Mayes is signed, I will feel more comfortable, and then when Morris comes back we will have a 4 receiver set of DA, Morris, Mayes, and Minnis.

06-21-2001, 12:21 PM
Morris, Mayes, and Minnis?

That's too many M-is names for me...

06-21-2001, 01:43 PM
A fantasy football website says it's a torn ACL. That's a FULL year out if it's true:(

06-21-2001, 01:44 PM
Well this certainly makes things interesting. An injury in a position where we were basicly two deep to begin with.

Mayes or someone like him is almost a must. Minnis'll never get off the LOS anywhere but the slot. And he's way too slow to run Slymo's deep routes.

This could be a major opportunity for R. Hall and J.J. Moses. These guys can bring the speed that none of our other WR's have. Parker has the size to take on a #2 CB but I've been underwhelmed about him.

Now when Williams gets his yearly hangnail.....:rolleyes:

06-21-2001, 02:11 PM
Just a gut feeling but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end for Slime O'. 10 years from now when we die hards mention his name the casual fan will have the same look on their face as when we talk about Paul Palmer...:confused:

keg in kc
06-21-2001, 02:12 PM
Dave Klemic is the player to watch. An undrafted free agent we signed in April, he's 5'11, 185 pounds and as fast as anyone on the team. He's a perfect fit for the kind of receiver we're looking for, both in terms of size and speed, as well as good hands. The only question I have about him at this point is his route-running, which is, obviously, a question about any rookie.

Don't be surprised if his name pops up in the future, if not sooner...

06-21-2001, 02:13 PM
I think I am going to agree with jl80 on this one.

I just hope we can get a decent WR to replace him... :mad:

06-21-2001, 02:21 PM
There is no way that we will go into the season counting on rookies and guys with no experience as our 2nd & 3rd receivers...We will bring in a guy like Mayes. This makes the Keith Poole signing sting a little more.

The Bad Guy
06-21-2001, 02:26 PM
If I was CP (and god knows how many times i've wished I was over the last 10 years) I would call up New England and see if they have any plans to move Terry Glenn. His base salaries aren't anything we can't handle, and they have already paid some of the signing bonus to him to ease the cap hit.

I don't think Syl will ever be the type of receiver we need, where as Terry Glenn is.

I know this is all a pipe dream though.

I'm not so heartbroken about Keith Poole because he has a hamstring injury that could nag him the whole season.

Derrick Mayes has great hands, and is shifty enough to make a serious contribution to this team.

I think we will be fine in the longrun. I just hope Dickie isn't serious about Larry Parker. I will never ever get over that fumble in 1999 against Indy.

06-21-2001, 02:32 PM
I hadn't read a whole lot of good things about him in camp, so don't know if we lost our #2 or #4. I was hoping, with a full training camp and Charlie Joiner this could have been his breakout year. Unfortunately, methinks, this is the beginning of the end for Morris. Frank, I agree, I hope Vermeil sees more in Parker than I ever have. Actually, I hope there is more to Parker than I have seen.

06-21-2001, 02:35 PM

Glenn makes too much sense so I am sure that won't happen as much as I would like for it to...

Larry Parker is a joke. I was at the dome the day he fumbled that punt return away for no apparent reason.

Lets just hope that they don't go sniffing around Rison's direction...

06-21-2001, 02:36 PM
Hmmm, par for the course ...this represents the 1st blow of what I'm expecting to be the WORST of seasons. :(

06-21-2001, 02:36 PM
Chiefs | More on Morris; Mayes a Possibility? - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
13:19 PT: SportsLine.com's Len Pasquarelli reports the initial indication is that Chiefs WR Sylvester Morris suffered major damage to his right knee yesterday. There's a chance he could miss the entire 2001 season. It is believed that he tore his ACL and possibly also damaged his PCL. A torn ACL alone would be enough to keep him out for the upcoming year. Dr. James Andrews is expected to examine Morris. Chiefs officials inquired about WR Derrick Mayes, who was cut earlier this year by the Seahawks, earlier this week but have yet to schedule a meeting with him.

06-21-2001, 02:39 PM
I sure wouldn't mind seeing Herman Moore hit the waiver wire only to end up wearing the Red and Gold

The Bad Guy
06-21-2001, 02:44 PM
I don't think this is the start of a worst season, just a freak injury.


I agree, Glenn makes a ton of sense and I'm pretty sure that Vermeil is gonna monitor that situation just like a couple teams that need receiver help.

If they sniff around Rison's jock, they will probably find more than they are looking for, haha. I'm sure his house isn't the only thing that has a burning smell.

I hope there is more to Parker to, but I sure doubt it. This has been the only time I've ever heard Vermeil mention his name.

You can bet your behind that if Morris has a torn ACL, Mayes will be on a red eye flight to KC to meet with officials tomorrow.

Should get pretty interesting during a time we normally starve for football info. It's just a shame it will take an injury to quench our thirst.

The Bad Guy
06-21-2001, 02:46 PM

I completely disagree about Herman Moore. He is in the mold of Goonther receivers. Plus, he has become injury prone over the last couple seasons.

Mayes will be OK for us if he is signed, but I'd kill to see Terry Glenn on the other side of DA.

06-21-2001, 03:05 PM
Bumber! Sly was my choice for our 1st round pick in last years draft. He's the best young WR we've had in what seems like forever. If he rehab goes well I don't see this as the beginning to the end for Sylvester. His combination of size and speed had an immediate impact our passing game last year and the only way I see fading would be outstanding performances by those who fill his position. With people comparing our offense to the Cowboys of the early '90s I see Sly having all the same tools of M. Irvin without the Strippers and the straw up his nose.
Hang In there sly! If all goes well you'll be 100% by the time the playoffs roll around.

PhilFree :cool:

06-21-2001, 03:07 PM
Sylvester Morris is a kid with a lot of potential talent, who I was looking forward to seeing develop under Joyner's coaching.

He's suffered a possible career ending injury.

So what do the KC fans do?

Let's see, Big Daddy wishes him well. The majority of the other posters start refering to him as Slime'O, start talking about how much better off we'll be without him, how he was never going to amount to anything, etc.

<b> What the heck is going on?!?</b>:mad:

How about a little common decency? How about a "Geez, that's horrible, I hope he gets better soon."

Wow, you guys don't even let the corpse get cold before you start going through the pockets.


Wishes Sly the quickest recovery and looks forward to seeing him back on the field as soon as he is ready.

Chiefs Pantalones
06-21-2001, 03:07 PM
This is too bad for SlyMo.

But...I don't mean to sound like a jerk or something like that, but this might be really good for us.

I didn't/don't think that SlyMo is the right kind of receiver for this offense, I know you build offense around the players, but c'mon, the guy is slower than dirt (compared to what DV wants)


this is just my opinion

06-21-2001, 03:24 PM

JMO, but I don't happen to think he's slow at all. At the risk of repeating myself, the Rams (assuming you're referring to our lack of speed in comparison to them) are not that fast. They play fast, and they play on carpet, but they are not all burners. SlyMo is probably every bit as fast as Bruce. He looks slow with those loping strides, but his straight-line speed is very good IMO. I doubt he'd excel in the slot, but it seemed to me he'd be an excellent deep threat with his size, speed, hands and jumping ability. The kid's a good athlete, and just wore down last season both physically, and in his confidence. His route running is pretty crap, but I was pulling for him to impress this season and am sickened that this had to happen. Maybe we can survive without him, but it would be more fun to watch another 1st rounder pan out.....we were on a roll the last 5-6 years! I'd hate if this is the beginning of the end for him, he has too much physical ability to see him get wasted, but he also had a lot to learn, and this is a major setback.

Chiefs Pantalones
06-21-2001, 03:32 PM
I stand corrected, good point Cormac.


did not see it that way until you convinced me otherwise

Mile High Mania
06-21-2001, 03:33 PM
Ah-ha... this is what we call 'kharma'.

I recall a post a few days ago where a few of you were somewhat enjoying the fact that Keith Poole injured his hamstring. I mentioned that it was early and that EVERY team would experience something like this before the season started.

I like Sly... drafted as my #6 WR last year and in the first game I started him (b/c of injuries to my top two WRs) he rocked the house with a mult-TD game. He had a lot of upside for 2001.

I really hope it's not serious, but maybe this will put future 'reported injuries' into perspective for some of ya.

06-21-2001, 04:06 PM
Hey Cody, don't change your opinion on my account! I am a self-confessed Sly-fan. Hopefully he bounces back.

Hey MHM, that's not fair :) If there was backlash amongst Chiefs fans about Poole's injuries, it was probably because there had been debates about whether or not to sign him, and so we were relieved we hadn't.

06-21-2001, 04:08 PM
This makes Terry Glenn and Herman Moore very real possibilities - especially if it is a full-blown tear (requires nearly a year of rehab)

Chiefs Pantalones
06-21-2001, 04:12 PM

You have a good point, and I didn't see it that way until you mentioned that. You are right, SlyMo would be a good fit for this offense, because like you said, they play fast, not every receiver was/is a burner. The key is to play fast and smart.


is blaming it on summer classes...they boggle my mind to which I can't think;) :D

Chiefs Pantalones
06-21-2001, 04:14 PM
Does anyone know if its a possible career ending injury? Or did they (Chiefs) say its too soon to tell?

06-21-2001, 04:26 PM
Well this sucks!

I was really curious to see what Sly would do this year. DV didn't mention him too much in the press conferences. I wonder how he was doing.

I don't know if this was mentioned yet, I'm at work and don't have time to go through all the posts. But Frank mentioned Terry Glenn. I think DA and Glenn would be a lethal combination. Hope it happens.

The worst part about this is that it usually takes a year to get the knee able to hit the field then another year for it to get back into the 90 percentile in relation to where it was.

How does that sayint go? The football gods don't close a door without opening a window!?!?

Somthing like that.

~hoping for Terry Glenn more than ever

06-21-2001, 05:28 PM
I just saw it on the news here.....not good. Out for the first half of the season. OUCH.....:(
Hoping he is back a lot sooner.....

06-21-2001, 05:33 PM

I guess it's too soon to tell the extent of the injury. I assume they haven't done an MRI yet (or we would have heard), and usually one can't be done for a couple of days, to allow the swelling to go down. Until they can do that, they are only going on a physical exam, and judging what is wrong from that. We probably won't have an accurate diagnosis/prognosis for another day or two. Here's hoping the structural damage is minimal.

06-21-2001, 05:37 PM
Sucks for Cat, hopefully he'll rehab hard and be back soon.

I hate to say this, but I'm just glad it wasn't Gonzo or DA. Morris is at least replacable in this offense, assuming Snoop can step up and we sign a capable free agent. I was, like others have said, looking forward to him stepping up his game this season now that he was going to have an entire offseason plus training camp under his belt.

C'est la vie..

Joe Seahawk
06-21-2001, 06:57 PM
Clayton will be on www.kjram.com within the next 1/2 hour, I'm sure he's all over the Slymo story.

California Injun
06-21-2001, 07:09 PM
This is SlyMo we're talking about, right?

The same WR that disappeared after his 3 TD game against the Chargers?

The same WR that had that crucial fumble against the Raiders at Arrowhead in the 4th quarter?

The same WR that is basically still a rookie given that he missed the entire training camp last season?

Quite frankly, this is not a huge loss as many are perceving. The Air Coryell Chargers never had tall receivers, nor did the St. Louis Rams. We've got our Winslow in Gonzalez and this offense requires quick wideouts that can haul butt.

SlyMo might just be a square peg in this round "O"...

06-21-2001, 08:26 PM
AT 7:10 PM PDST, 9:10 CDST I just heard some disturbing information:

In a sports update from KC on Sports 690's Hacksaw program it is reported that Slymo has torn ligaments in both knees and is out for the season. This was a separate update from the regular show.

However, Hacksaw has been known to be less than reliable. I am crossing my fingers that, that is the case this time as well.

Does anybody have more recent and better information?

06-21-2001, 10:43 PM
Iím unsure how this loss could be considered diminutive in any way.

Our number one draft pick of last year is most likely out for the season with an injury that takes at least 2 years to fully recover from. His position, even before his injury, was dangerously thin and his potential replacements are questionable at best.

As far as his performance last year, I donít think it was all that bad considering he missed almost all of training camp and it was his rookie year. The fumble against Oakland wasnít exactly reminiscent of the Larry Parker fumble versus Indy. If I remember correctly Woodsonís helmet came in and knocked the ball loose and his knee was arguably down. Didnít Gun have one of his notorious rejected challenges on that play as a matter of fact?

He did as well or better than any other WR drafted last year. You want to look at a bad season look no further than Plaxio Buress.

His potential was limitless and contrary to popular belief, Iím sure he would have been productive in DVís system.

If nothing else, think of all the money we have tied up in a bench warmer.

06-21-2001, 11:26 PM
If he is out for the season does anyone know whether there is cap relief for the Chiefs. In other words I am sure his pro-rated bonus would still count but since the insurance policy covers salary in such situations do the Chiefs at least have his yearly salary to spend on another player for this season?

06-22-2001, 04:59 AM
no mention of Larry Parker or Michael Ricks....

06-22-2001, 10:10 AM
You won't hear any mention of Ricks, either. He's been moved permanently to tight end...

06-22-2001, 10:14 AM
If they don't sign Mayes then I would think that due to the circumstances that they would move Ricks back to WR....When they moved him to TE they weren't expecting SlimeO to go down for the year...What do you think?

The Bad Guy
06-22-2001, 10:17 AM
I don't think it's in the cards to move Ricks back to WR.

He is in the 240+ pound range, and that is way to big for any receiver in this scheme.

I think if we are unable to sign anyone we will utilize Ricky Hall, who has been tearing up NFL Europe.

06-22-2001, 10:35 AM
Even at 240, as long as he didn't lose his speed and quickness then that makes him that much tougher to defend especially when they already have to use their biggest cover guy with skills on Tony G...

06-22-2001, 10:40 AM
DV has NOT been pumped at all about SLYMO.
AS much as I wanted SLYMO to be the Big Dominating reciever we all hoped he would be, DV was not impressed with his efforts, or his ability to come off of the line quickly. It sucks that SLYMO went down, and won't have a chance to prove himself, but the writing was on the wall. Everything that DV & co. has talked about was getting more speed & quickness.

06-22-2001, 12:29 PM
Ok if speed and quickness are the menu of the day, then why is Minnis even here? At 4.55 he's probably one of the slowest WR's we've ever had.

Please explain something to me. Green in his Q/A spoke of Sly having a great camp and learning everything. Yet here we talk of DV not liking Sly. Granted Green isn't DV, but such a complete contridiction shouldn't exist.

As for those that think this loss is minimal, <b>excuse me?!</b> Sly was undoubtedly our 2nd best WR. He would've, and hopefully will in the future, fill the Irvin/John Taylor role in this O, complimenting DA's Harper/Rice. This loss will hurt in a big way, even more if we try to make Snoop a #2 WR instead of a slot WR which he is.