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Q&A with PRIEST HOLMES - 11/15
Nov 15, 2007, 5:44:48 PM

Q: Talk about going into Indy.

HOLMES: “It’s going to be exciting to go into the RCA Dome and get an opportunity to face the former champions. Everything that we are doing this week is preparing ourselves to play in a tight game.”

Q: Is it different having QB Brodie Croyle back there?

HOLMES: “I think with young Brodie, the opportunity presented to him is one of gaining a lot of experience, especially versus a great team. Also, when you have that youthfulness in the backfield, it gives an opportunity for all the guys to get excited. The fans of course are elated and excited about the opportunity. Like I’ve always said, there is always one situation going on with one player where it may seem that things aren’t working out, but for another player it is an opportunity and it is up to the young guys to step up and make something happen.”

Q: How close did you feel to your old self last week against Denver?

HOLMES: “With the time off in two years I’ve gained a greater appreciation for where I’m at as an athlete and as far as where I am at in life. I really think that I’m a better athlete. I think that with everything that happened, even though there was an injury, there was a time off and a period of time that I had to overcome. That period was filled with doubt, fear and the concern of re-injuring myself. I’ve gotten myself to an opportunity where all of the work that I put in is starting to pay off and it has given me an opportunity to join the guys once again on the field.”

Q: Do you surprise yourself in any way going through the video?

HOLMES: “No, there are no surprises at all. I think that the only thing that I look forward to doing is joining the team again and getting back into the rhythm. We didn’t quite have the rhythm that some say we used to have, but at the same time this team has definitely changed in the two years that I have been away and we definitely are still a hard nose team, a very physical team and we definitely will make it a ball game when we go to Indianapolis.”

Q: Do you think that you can ever be the runner that you were before the injury?

HOLMES: “Hopefully not. That was just a time and period of where I was at given the talent that was around me. I think that right now there is so much more that I can do. With the opportunity given and the run game starting to get on track and getting a number of blocks that we need to get, there is going to be a lot of success.”

Q: What do you want to be able to do better?

HOLMES: “A lot of players seem to think that if you lift more weights or run more routes, that’s the thing that is going to help you, but with me it is all mental. I think as far as that mental game, be confident and being sure as far as what my role is and what I need to do. It is obviously getting into the end zone and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that last week, but we still have more games to prove that we can do that.”

Q: You run that hill. That is physical.

HOLMES: “It is and that is just to build a base, but even without the hill it is so much more mental with me and the opportunity to just gain that confidence. I think at times this team has had situations where there is a little uncertainty as far as players. We had a situation with the holdout at the start of the season; T Damion McIntosh injured his MCL and a lot of different things going on. The situation now with the quarterbacks, there is a lot of uncertainty, but I think as we get going with these next seven games it will really give us an opportunity to see what we can do as far as gaining that certainty for what each player is going to do on offense and defense.”

Q: What about the workload?

HOLMES: “For me, it is just a situation where I prepare myself very hard, very diligent as far as what I believe in and what I bring to the table. There was much said about if I would be able to carry the ball and even a lot of criticism was said. There is nothing that I am going to do any different. I am just going to show up on Sunday and do what I’m asked to do.”

Q: How much better do you think you need to play personally?

HOLMES: “The proof is in the pudding. As far as getting into the end zone, that is what we need to do. As far as the skill positions and with Brodie delivering the ball and getting guys into the end zone. That’s what we have to do and I measure myself by not how many times I run the hill and not how many times I make a good move on the field, but in how many scores I am getting. That’s really my focus and for me, I feel like I got a good feel last game. That game really opened up and opportunity for me to see what it feels like to have an eight-man box on every play. It seemed like once I made one guy miss, there were two there waiting for me and making the tackles. It just gave me an opportunity to get better.”

Q: How has your relationship been with Brodie? You guys had never played together before until last weekend against Denver.

HOLMES: “He is an exciting player and much like passers that have that great arm and have the ability to deliver the ball very precisely, those are the things that he’s equipped with. He has the ability to deliver the ball, he has a strong arm and he can be very precise on his passes. For a young player, he just needs to calm down and not feel that he has to over do it, but rather step into the situation and allow everything to come to him.”

Q: Does it help that you guys played a half last week together?

HOLMES: “I think it was good. I think that the opportunity that they gave him this past weekend was one that is just going to give him more and more experience. Also, late in the game we didn’t run the ball, even though there were opportunities that we could have. We felt that it was more important to give him more opportunities to deliver the ball with linemen coming against him and I think that he did a good job.”

Q: Can you figure out why this team is having trouble getting into the end zone?

HOLMES: “Right now I think I would just say that most of that comes from the uncertainty. Naturally that is what is going to happen when there are different players that you are now quite sure what is going to happen. Even for me, before I was brought into this opportunity with LJ going down, lots of uncertainty. Even though there is some uncertainty that we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, right now it is about taking back that opportunity for gain and finding out what exactly we can do. To me, it’s knowing exactly what I need to do by the time I catch the ball or run the ball to the point of attack at the line of scrimmage.”

Q: Can you put up the same type of numbers that you used to?

HOLMES: “At this point it hasn’t happened. Until we actually do that for a game, that is when we can really start talking about that. It really hasn’t happened to this point, but we have a very tough team, a very physical team, the defense is playing great, they bend but don’t break and with the support of the offense coming together to help the defense, we’ll be even stronger.”

Q: Can you talk about getting into the rhythm that the other jobs a running back has to do such as blocking?

HOLMES: “That is one of great detail. You really can’t practice it and you have to actually be given game time to get a feel of what the linebackers are doing, to be able to pick up the different tips that they give away. I think that is one thing that is going to help young Brodie as far as being comfortable in the backfield, knowing that there is a running back there that is going to help him out. Before we go out and try to make a five-yard catch, we’ll make sure we seal that line of scrimmage.”

Q: Is that something that can get lost a little bit?

HOLMES: “No, I think that the only thing that is more of a loss to get back is the awareness, getting a feel for the linebackers and the speed of the game and that is something that goes with getting out there and playing. As far as knowing who to pick up, that’s just x’s and o’s, it really is.”

Q: When you do it, that’s just desire?

HOLMES: “It is desire and it is also an effect that becomes contagious because of the fact that if I can pick up that block it gives the quarterback the confidence to know that they can sit in there and throw the ball under pressure.”

11-16-2007, 05:44 AM
Good read, thanks for posting.

11-16-2007, 08:50 PM
After listening to this on the website, I've fallen back in love with Priest. He was wierd coming out of retirement, but his interview was great. Everytime they asked questions about hiim directly... "Do you think you can run as well", he would answer "We need to score more touchdowns." That was exactly how they teach you to answer. I'm not saying he was coached, I'm saying that was perfect. It was interesting when he said it was a good learning experience running last week since he has never run against a consistent 8-man front. Not that that was Horrid's fault or anything.... really.... he is great....