View Full Version : If your gonna blame anybody blame me

KC Tattoo
11-18-2007, 05:51 PM
I'm sorry. I picked the Chiefs in our company pool. I really thought we had a chance to win with Brodie. Brodie played good, our defense played good, the team played good today. It just wasn't enough. I'm not upset with the team. It was my fault, some how we could have won this game. But we didn't and now what? I think Brodie should have started against the Bungles at leaste then he would have had a defense to pick apart, and get better for this kind of game. Brodie still has to prove himself to alot of fans and to the coaches that he is our guy. I am a believer in Brodie. I am a believer in this team to get better over the next couple of years and start becoming a domminant team. It is going to take some time. I think our coaches have to take their heads out of their asses for this to work.

Brodie to D Bowe is just huge and is going to be a huge problem for the rest of the league to deal with. I am stoked. This is still a new beginning and I think we are going to have a good GD team. I stick with this team through thick and thin. We are struggling but with Brodie we can get better and time will tell. I win with this team and I lose with this team that is how I work. I am not down at all cus we played a good game against the COLTS 14.5 point spread to beat us. We lost by 3 poinst with 4 sec left on the clock. Yes our play calling could have been better and it should have been, but damn we played a good game today.

I take back my sorry, I am not sorry, I will pick the Chiefs every fUDGIN WEEK! ! ! I just love em. :arrow: