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11-19-2007, 11:10 PM
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And it came to pass after 37 years of bitter drought that the Chosen People gathered together at One Arrowhead Drive to ask for a quarterback.

Then replied the King to the people, "I have given you 49ers quarterbacks! I have given you Martzyball! I have even given you Tom Brady's back up! What more could I have done for you ungrateful servants?"

"Nay, they replied. We want our own quarterback. For we have seen and heard how other franchises draft a young QB and develop them into leaders and prophets. Now therefore, go to and bring us a quarterback!"

The king would have parted company but the furor of the crowd could not be placated with the usual prattle about the Marty years.

After much thought, the king decided to offer up a sacrifice. "I'll teach them," he thought to himself. "After they see what becomes of their blessed redeemer QB, they will think twice before confronting their king again!"

So the king ordered his servant Hermaniah to offer up the innocent young lamb named Croyle to the wild stallion stampede. Hermaniah delayed as long as he could, but the king insisted on the sacrifice.

Now it came to pass that the Stallion stampede was passing through the valley of decision. The stallions were four stadia high and could destroy a furlong's worth of hubris in a single step. Hermaniah attempted to hide Croyle in the cleft of the rock but the lad would have none of it. "Place me in their path," saith the youth.

With all eyes on the lad, the stallions gathered steam in their stampede. Brodie lifted his eyes to heaven and prayed,
"Now Lord, if thy servant is pleasing in thy sight,
Send a plague to slay these evil beasts."

And behold, from the mist came a large creature with ferocious countenance and a mullet haircut. He wore a crimson robe with "69" emblazed on it. He that hath wisdom, let him understand what this meaneth.

The creature proceeded to break the legs of the Stallions one-by-one. The people gasped, "truly the Almighty has heard the prayer of Croyle."

Out of the heavens appeared a Bowe. It stretched from goal line to goal line. It was glorious to behold! Croyle was told "stretcheth forth thy right arm and hurl the forward pass to the Bowe." Obeying the voice, he completed forward pass after forward pass confuting the stallion stampede.

The people cried, "Our deliverer hath arrived!"

The king exclaimed, "It was my idea all along! For in my counsel I kneweth that he was the real deal."

But the people knew that the king deceived them.