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Holmes' career in jeopardy
Jay Glazer
FOXSports.com, Updated 4 hours ago STORY TOOLS:


With running back Larry Johnson already on the shelf with a foot injury, the Kansas City Chiefs may have been hit with even worse news.

Running back Priest Holmes re-injured his neck in Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts and his career is in doubt, FOXSports.com has learned. Holmes returned from a nearly two-year hiatus earlier this season, an absence that was also a result of a neck injury.
According to sources, Holmes was dinged two or three times on Sunday. The last time came in the fourth quarter, which saw him leave the field in a wobbly state after his 20th touch of the game.

As a result, Holmes saw a specialist early this week and will see a series of specialists who can help him better determine his future. In light of the fact Holmes is already returning from a neck injury, this latest scare certainly has to raise questions, not only about this year, but about the future of his career.

In 10 seasons, Holmes has rushed for 8,172 yards on 1,780 carries and 86 touchdowns. He also has 339 receptions for 2,962 yards and eight scores. He scored a then NFL-record 27 touchdowns in 2003.

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Burn the re-post!!!


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Burn the re-post!!!

You forgot "cock-ring."

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Sorry, really sorry. My first thread and I failed.

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braking news on nfl network, adam schefter reporting priest done for the season, expected to retire.

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Sorry, really sorry. My first thread and I failed.

That's okay, Mr. Smoke. It happens to everyone. It was a good thread in a lot of ways. To be honest, it was way better than Mr. Skip Towne's threads.

By the way, if you happen to see one of my threads, be sure and post on it several times.


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Sorry, really sorry. My first thread and I failed.

Don't worry Smoke keep posting -it is just a hazing that everyone goes through. Just have some thick skin and roll with it.

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Banged-up Chiefs RB Holmes expected to retire
By Adam Schefter | NFL Network

Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes is expected to retire after suffering another neck injury Sunday and meeting with doctors this week. An announcement could come as early as Wednesday.

Priest Holmes, RB
Kansas City Chiefs
Career rushing stats
Att: 1,780
Yards: 8,172
Avg: 4.6
TD: 86

VIDEO: Holmes on film
One source familiar with the situation said Tuesday night: "He is retiring for sure. Noon press conference on Wednesday."

However, a Chiefs spokesman denied that and said that Holmes still is weighing his options.

A three-time Pro Bowler, Holmes was one of the league's top running backs from 2001-05, rushing for almost 6,000 yards and scoring a then-record 27 touchdowns in 2003. His career appeared to be over when he sustained neck and spinal injuries during a game at San Diego in October 2005 and spent the next two years completely away from the game.

But he called the Chiefs shortly before they went to training camp in July and told them he had seen himself in a dream playing football again and wanted to stage a comeback.

Holmes capped a remarkable comeback story when he was activated in Week 7 against the Oakland Raiders. Holmes made two recent starts for the Chiefs and gained 137 yards on 46 attempts in four games.

Holmes would retire as the Chiefs' all-time leading rusher with 6,070 yards. He has rushed for 8,172 yards in his 11-year career with Baltimore and Kansas City.

The Chiefs, who traded running back Michael Bennett to Tampa Bay last month and possibly lost Larry Johnson for the season with a mysterious foot injury, could turn to rookie Kolby Smith to start against the Raiders on Sunday. Smith, a fifth-round selection out of Louisville, has rushed for 19 yards on 10 attempts this season

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