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07-05-2001, 08:27 PM
Hey, just thinkin' 'bout how long it's been since the other board went down.

And since the members of the other board which decided to do so were "assimilated" into here(like myself), what are the results?

I was hoping for opinions on weather this board got better, worse, unchanged, or whatever...

I know that my presence and probably that of others were met with a bit of hesitation and cynicism, but is this a better board or worse now?


07-05-2001, 08:39 PM

I think you've all assimiliated rather gracefully.

We don't let trolls get too carried away (Packfan on ignore helps that immensely). The rest of you who came on board bring good ideas, insights and, believe it or not, thought out commentary on the Chiefs. :eek:

I'd say, as immigrants, you've made yourselves quite at home.


07-05-2001, 08:48 PM
Many of us were bi-boardal, and were familiar with you. Most were also probably familiar with you before the creation of this board.
Speaking for myself, not only was there no hesitation or cynicism, but happy to see you make the leap to this board.

07-05-2001, 09:30 PM
I didn't mean me personally, but many on here were not happy to see the other board talking about a mass-migration over to here. At the time the Star bb was infested with i-dots and trolls, Denise, and other various cluless individuals.

We did not have a great name going for ourselves at the time. There was talk of "can't wait for the trolls" and polls about how terrible the infusion of old-world'ers would be. It was a "there goes the neighborhood" kind of attitude.

I was only attempting to get a feel for how much that attitude has changed or if this board is better for the other going the way of the Dino's....

Personally, now that I DID come here, I'll probably stay here mostly even if the old board comes back. I was forced here, but now I'll willingly stay!


07-05-2001, 10:07 PM

I have only been uni-boardal and to be honest I haven't noticed a difference...Well, now that I think of it there seems to be more religious jousting but that could just be coincidence...

07-05-2001, 10:44 PM
EVERYONE is welcome as long as they're cool!
You don't have to think as the "collective" around here to be appreciated. Just look at the respect that Joe Seahawk and Brad have earned. :cool: :cool:

07-05-2001, 11:21 PM
I haven't been on the Planet as much (partly work, and partly because I am a moderator over at the Pen), but I never would have worried about it in the first place. We WANT lots of people on here, the more the merrier. And I sure wouldn't have been worried about the trolls, because that is one of the things that makes this place so great, trolls just don't survive here very well (with a few special exceptions of course). The mods weild a fair amount of power over them, and most of the rest of us know how to deal with them accordingly. So I for one am glad to have more people on the board, even the brave (or stupid, depending on your POV) trolls who decide to try and mix things up. It's not like they are going to cause too much trouble.

So welcome aboard everyone (a little late I know, but better late than never).

07-05-2001, 11:32 PM
Am I the "Brad" you're speaking of?

Or the bronco fan that use to spend time on the other board?

The Bad Guy
07-06-2001, 12:07 AM
I also migrated from the KCStarBB, but I was never a big poster over there due to the childish BS and all the trolls that circulated.

I think this board is the best on the net for Chiefs talk, and just every day talk in general.

I'm happy to call this my home. I think this board has gotten a lot better since people made the jump from the Star.

07-06-2001, 12:16 AM
On a side note:

Who was the old guy/dad in "Different Strokes"?

And did he "act" in anything other than that?

Sorry, only old enough to remember that they had a goldfish and that Coleman always seemed to look at his older sister a little funny....hmmmmmmmm.......


Chiefs Pantalones
07-06-2001, 12:25 AM

Playas...grab your hips if you love hip hop...ladies...rub your ****if you love big poppa...:D

Its been awhile since I've heard that one...



07-06-2001, 12:26 AM

07-06-2001, 12:31 AM
The character's name was Phillip Drummund
The Actor's name is Conrad Bain (1923- )
here is his filmography from imdb.com

Postcards from the Edge (1990) .... Grandpa
"Mr. President" (1987) TV Series .... Charlie Ross
Child Bride of Short Creek (1981) (TV) .... Frank King
C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979) .... Ralph Norton
Pleasure Doing Business, A (1979) .... Herb
"Diff'rent Strokes" (1978) TV Series .... Philip Drummond
Up the Sandbox (1972) .... Dr. Gordon
"Maude" (1972) TV Series .... Dr. Arthur Harmon
Fan's Notes, A (1972) .... Poppy
Jump (1971) .... Lester
... aka Fury On Wheels (1971) (USA)
Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name? (1971) .... Val
... aka Death of a Hooker (1971)
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) .... Dr. Rubicoff
Bananas (1971) .... Semple, G.E.C. Executive
I Never Sang for My Father (1970) .... Reverend Pell
Lovers and Other Strangers (1970) (uncredited) .... Priest in Confessional
"Edge of Night, The" (1956) TV Series .... Dr. Charles Weldon #1 (1970)
... aka "Edge of Night" (1983) (USA: last season title)
Coogan's Bluff (1968) .... Madison Avenue man
Star! (1968) (uncredited) .... Salesman at Cartier's
... aka Loves of a Star! (1968) (USA: promotional title)
... aka Those Were the Happy Times (1968) (USA: shorter version)
Lovely Way to Die, A (1968) .... James Lawrence
... aka Lovely Way to Go, A (1968)
Madigan (1968) .... Hotel Clerk
Borgia Stick, The (1967) (TV) .... Lawyer
"Dark Shadows" (1966) TV Series .... Mr. Wells, the clerk at the Collinsport Inn (1966, 1968)(original cast)

(notable: Has an identical twin brother)

07-06-2001, 12:32 AM
Ok, now I'm impressed!

What other useless information do you possess!

You MUST share!


Chiefs Pantalones
07-06-2001, 12:34 AM

look under the top-left hand corner of Franks name...thats a picture of B.I.G alias big poppa, alias B.I., alias Biggy Smalls, he was a rapper that was gunned down in 1996 due to the (former) east coast, west coast rap rivalry. He had some great songs, and was a good rapper.


sorry about that, Brad, should have explained what I was doing. Good thing I did, or else you would think I was saying that to Frank :eek:

07-06-2001, 12:38 AM
I had to look that one up. But I am a movie freak. Also I think A&E did a bio on him. I know they did one on Dana Plato, who was nuttier than Poe and Lennon and Oko and Lewis combined. She was the daughter by the way. She is no longer with us, nor was she a genious.

07-06-2001, 03:48 AM
There really hasn't been a great migration from the old star bb since it shut down. Not like the "Great Exodus of August 2000" Which happened BTW because of censorship on the Star and we were fed up with that happening. New blood is always welcome. It helps keep us old farts on our toes. Hell I even tolerate Packfan just wish he would come up with something other than blah blah blah Carl Peterson blah blah blah... :D

07-06-2001, 06:32 AM
The broader the opinion base, the better the conversation, IMO. As long as the board is user-moderated, the Trolls will not get a foothold.

The more the merrier, says I.

Closet bi-boardal.

07-06-2001, 07:29 AM
I was part of the original group that left the Star's BB. For all the stated reasons, and the fact it was down way to much. As others have stated new posters were then, and now, always welcome. But to say they new group have made it better is laughable. We were thriving before your arrival, and would have continued to do so. But as I said, the welcome mat is always out, and I do not believe the board is any better, or any worse with these new contributors.

07-06-2001, 08:25 AM
I too was one of the original "brat pack" that came over and started the Planet. This is the best BB on the face of the earth! Full of topics and TROLL-FREE!

07-06-2001, 10:21 AM
Hey, I'm down with new blood.

But, I haven't really seen too many new "faces" since the KC bb shut down.

Monitoring 3 boards (at the time), maybe all the names ran together. I couldn't tell you who hangs out where.

I think this place is just fine but I didn't really notice an increase or decrease in traffic at any time.

Guess I should have paid more attention.

In any case, we're glad to have you and any other non-troll element that migrated from kc.com, Brad.

07-06-2001, 10:26 AM
has benefitted from the infusion, although I didn't see the mass exodus I expected.
I miss a few of the TOBB regulars like Tim Nunya and the Fat Homer.

07-06-2001, 12:26 PM
I hope once the season gets under full swing more of the regulars will make it here. I agree that there are still quite a few that have not moved this way. Still a great BB and with the Park as an alternate when this one drops off occasionally we are in good shape for the upcoming season.:D :cool: