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11-30-2007, 02:56 AM
Late night bullshit thread.

We evaluated the 2004 Draft class after the 2006 season, which is probably how you should do it. You typically only wait three years after a Draft to fully appreciate it in retrospect.

But here we are, jumping the gun. There's not much left to this season anyway and I've been in Draft mode recently.

Without further ado, the 2005 Draft class:

1st: OLB Derrick Johnson
2nd: traded to Miami
3rd: traded to Philly
3rd (compensatory): P Dustin Colquitt
4th: WR Craphonso Thorpe
5th (from Miami): MLB Boomer Grigsby
5th (from Detroit): CB Alphonso Hodge
5th: traded to Tennessee
6th: OT/OG Will Svitek
6th (from Green Bay): DE Khari Long
7th: QB James Kilian
7th (from Green Bay): OT Jeremy Parquet

So the first two picks, as of this year, seem Pro Bowl worthy. DJ has had a great year so far, and Colquitt's Colquitt. Lead the NFL in net yardage last year (how does that not earn him a trip to Hawaii), and other than a couple spotty games has been his usual self this year.

But then the crap flies in. Little to nothing from then on. Thorpe can't even catch on with the best QB in the game, Grigsby has never been NFL material at the position for which he was drafted, and Hodge, Long, Kilian, and Parquet are unrepentant failures as picks.

I give the Peterson/Vermeil braintrust credit for somehow snagging DJ, and Colquitt, even if we did use our only other first-day pick on a punter. I also give them credit for Svitek, who looks like a decent backup option -- which, let's be fair, is what you should get when you're drafting an OT in a late round.

Now Boomer might yet catch on at FB (doubtful), but 3 out of 9 is just awful, especially when you consider one of them is a backup OT and the other is a punter.

This Draft class can be saved, however, if Boomer magically develops into a competent FB and Svitek is a good starter at RT in 2008, but both are longshots, and I think we can declare the 2005 Draft a classic Vermeil dud.

11-30-2007, 03:14 AM
This sure looks like a shitty draft to me....

Honestly man I'll be surprised if DJ is close to making a pro bowl, he's an OLB that doesn't have great stats while disappearing at times. That doesn't mean he sucks it just means he's not an elite pro bowl player...

Drafting a punter at any point is questionable...and he doesn't make the pro bowl because Brian Mooreman is better than he is.

All in all this was a pretty blah draft, you need to get more than 2 players out of a draft especially when 1 is a punter.