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Chiefs Pantalones
07-14-2001, 02:53 PM
Congrats! It looks like Webber is staying.

ESPN reports that CWeb is close to signing a 7 year $120million contract extension. Some more things have to be worked out, though, but CW is positive about it.

California Injun
07-14-2001, 07:47 PM

CWebb is "bored" out here in NoCal. He needs to get back to Detroit to hang with his homies.

Oh well, better in Sack-town than going to San Antonio to team up with Duncan (Robinson would get the heave-ho if that happened)

Congrats, Adam (sort of):p

07-14-2001, 07:58 PM
I'm so glad that CWebb decided to stay in SacTown, where he can continue to get punked by the Lakers for the next 7 years.

California Injun
07-14-2001, 08:04 PM
Now Milkman,

Just because he pulls a "Barry Bonds" when the NBA play-offs start in no reason to rain on Adam's parade.:D

Chiefs Pantalones
07-14-2001, 08:32 PM
I just got back from the gym. I was with some friends and I was feeling it today. I hit 16 straight 3s. Honestly. My old record was 12, but I surpassed that today. The 3s were college range, BTW, not NBA. I had to comeback early though, because shorty after playing a pick up game, I tried to dunk...and failed. I clanked right off the front rim and fell on my elbow and ***!!!!


ice feels good:D

ps. has anyone else ever felt it like like before?

07-14-2001, 08:48 PM
Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades....

Until C-Webb actually puts his name on the dotted line and steps to the podium to say "I'm glad I'm staying here in Sacramento", I am not jumping up for joy just yet.

Still, the Kings likely can't beat the Lakers... but with Webber and Christie staying (as is now being predicted), to combine with Bibby's addition and Williams' subtraction, might mean the Kings will be the Lakers' opponent in the Western Conference Finals, instead of the 2nd Round.

As a life-long and long-suffering Kings fan, I'll gladly sign for that for the upcoming year.

Kings with Bibby, Christie, Stojakovic, Webber, Divac starting and Jackson, Turkoglu, and Pollard as the main reserves (possibly Barry too, should he get back to 100%), are the 2nd best team in the Western Conference, only trailing the Lakers and slightly better than both the Mavericks and Spurs.

California Injun
07-14-2001, 09:28 PM

Unless the Kings get the 4th best record in the Western Conference, they'll never match up with the Lakers in the Finals.

Those Euro's will be the Kings downfall as they aren't play-off tough. When a Rick Fox can shut down your best outside threat coupled with the Houdini act by CWebb, the Kings will be the West Coast version of the Jazz....50+ wins and ZERO rings.

CWebb better grow some hair on his pubes and take his game down to the low post. Settling for those weak 18 footers ain't gonna cut it in the "real" season.

The Bibby trade was HUGE but how will that affect the Jackson rotation? Turkolou is the wildcard in all of this. If his game continues to improve then Sacramento may pose a legitimate threat to the "World Champion Los Angeles Lakers."

But then he is still a Euro.....:confused:

07-14-2001, 10:15 PM
Cal Injun:

Webber wasn't settling for those stinkin' 18 footers when he was 100% vs the Lakers in the 2000 Playoffs... if I recall, he ate the Lakers alive.

Webber was playing on bad wheels... shoot, he couldn't even expose the Suns for the frauds they were.

I expect C-Webb (again, should he return) to return to his 30+ point, 15 board barrages against the Lakers. Sure Kobe will still be dropping in his 45 or so and Shaq his 45, but the Kings can present difficulties for the Lakers too.

You forget how young the Kings are (other than Divac and Barry, if you wish to include him) and how young the Lakers once were before they won Back to Back.

Now, can the Kings be like the Lakers? No. There's no way. Lakers have the 2 best players in the NBA, Kings don't.

However, if there's a team that can topple the Lakers this upcoming year, I'd choose the Kings because they're extremely talented, still maturing, and getting better at understanding what playoff basketball is all about (especially so after the Williams trade).

Kings will have a better record than anyone from the Midwest, finish as the # 3 seed with Homecourt in Round 2 vs the Midwest Champion (I'll say it's the Mavs) and take on the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Again, as long as Webber does in fact stay, as does Christie... and no major injuries occur to the Kings during the season.

California Injun
07-14-2001, 10:33 PM

I really want CWebb to stay to make the Kings competitive.

In 2000, you saw two teams (Kings/Lakers) trying to find their identity, which is why it went a surprising 5 games. I think most Sacramento fans got a bit over confident in 2001 and were riding the emotions of the players to their 50+ win season.

The reality is, the Lakers have the Grant Deed on the Kings psychologically. Sacramento may pull out a few games here and there but in a long series they'll get beaten 9 out of 10 times.

They have no answer for Shaq (except at the referee altar where they pray for charging fouls). They also have no discipline, which makes the Bibby trade so huge.

2001 was a positive because they finally got past the 1st round (witness Pollard's hitting-the-lottery reaction). They need a Sabonis to put some weight on Shaq.

Divac/Pollard ain't gonna getcha anywhere against the Spurs let alone the Lakers.

Congrats on CWebb....... busted ankle or not :D

07-15-2001, 05:48 AM
SacTown has talent, no question, as do the Mavs, but until either team gets a physical presence at center, to at least make Shaq work a little, they'll just be stepchildren for the Lakers to abuse.

Trading JWill for Bibby was a stroke of genious, and will have a positive impact, to be sure, but it just ain't enough.

It would help the Kings greatly if someone could get it through Vlade's thick skull that the floperoo is not a smart play.

California Injun
07-15-2001, 05:37 PM

I seem to recall a few Shaq elbows getting through to Divac's thick skull. In fact, a few teeth went flying on a forearm shiver.

At least Pollard takes his beatings like a man and tried to play him straight up.

I'd LOVE to have Pollard on the Lakers.

Hey Adam! Horace Grant for Scott Pollard straight up!!!

Whaddaya say?:p

07-15-2001, 05:48 PM
Ho Grant for Pollard?

I thought Orlando got Ho Grant so that they could keep him?

During the upcoming year, expect Pollard to replace Divac as the starter, as well as the finisher (which is what he had started to do last year anyway).. at the center position.

So Webber has said no deal with the Kings has been made... I knew it. Once again, when Webber signs on the dotted line to stay a King is when I'll finally believe he is a King. Until then, I remain unconvinced.

By the way, Cal Injun, I did respond to your e-mails from the other day... hope you got it. If not, I saved the message. Let me know, ace.

California Injun
07-15-2001, 06:07 PM

I'll pull your e-mail up tomorrow.