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07-20-2001, 05:37 PM
Just for fun...

Washington - Marty sentimental fave inheriting a killer D and a supreme smash-mouth attack;

Chicago Bears - this year's big beneficiaries of parity voo doo;

49ers - Garrison Hearst stays healthy and the D steps up;

Buffalo Bills/Miami Dolphins - can't decide; one or more of Colts' trifecta gets injured;

Jacksonville - I HATE these guys, but they always get cheesy schedules;

Kansas City - Griese, Gannon get hurt; Hasslebeck? Nah. Bolts COULD WIN THE DIVISION, but the Chiefs win because of (get ready) Rushing, defense and SPECIAL TEAMS!!!!!!!

Just for fun

07-20-2001, 05:52 PM

You projecting the division winners or the last place teams..:D


West= Kansas City
Central= Baltimore
East = Indianapolis


West = St Louis
Central= Green Bay (Gawd this division is awful)
East = NY Giants

Joe Seahawk
07-20-2001, 06:05 PM

West= Denver
Central= Tennesee
East = Indianapolis


West = St Louis
Central= Tampa Bay
East = Philly

AFC Champion= Tennesee

NFC Champion= Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Super Bowl Champs..

07-20-2001, 06:08 PM
NFC EAST: Philly


NFC WEST: St. Louis


AFC CENTRAL: Baltimore

AFC WEST: Toss up, but probably Chokeland. [Denver bringing in Glock sealed their fate. The cancer will permiate the team and by the final third of the season they will be out of playoff contention. I'm not joking either.]

07-20-2001, 06:14 PM
What the heck...

NFC East
Philadelphia - McNabb continues to develop into one of the league's elite QBs. This year he finally have the receivers that he desperately needed in 2000.

NFC Central
Tampa Bay - This is Dungy's year. After finally giving in to the need for a legitimate offense, the Bucs take their game to the next level.

NFC West
New Orleans - The Saints improve upon their 2000 performance and become the team to beat in the West. The Rams show their youth on defense as Kurt Warner experiences at least one concussion in 2001. Rams fans will wish that they never traded Trent Green as Joe Germaine flounders in a backup role.

AFC East
NY Jets - Vinny Testaverde comes back with a vengence and the Jets rise to the top of what will be an exciting division to watch in 2001.

AFC Central
Baltimore - The Ravens prove to be even more dominant in 2001. The league's best defense doesn't skip a beat and the Ravens offense gets a slight jump start with a healthy Travis Taylor and the addition of Elvis Grbac.

AFC West
Chiefs - the rest of the NFL will see what KC fans have known all along. Our young talent will shine under the new coaching staff, and our aggressive defense will complement a scorching offense to lead the Chiefs to their first division title since 1997. "Snoop" Minnis will shine in the Saunders offense while Donnie Edwards and Eric Hicks give KC fans flashbacks to the glory days of DT and Neil Smith.

Super Bowl Prediction:

Tampa Bay 24
Baltimore 20

Elvis chokes in the final 2 minutes, throwing an interception that kills their chances for a come-from-behind victory. This proves to be one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever as the league's two best defenses square off. Commentators will flood the airwaves with Ray Lewis vs. Warren Sapp comparisons.

2001 is going to be a good year.

07-20-2001, 06:23 PM
AFC East

AFC West

AFC Central

Wildcards: Denver, Baltimore,Pittsburgh

NFC East

NFC West
St Louis

NFC Central

Wildcards: Tampa Bay, San Fran, New Orleans

SB: Raiders over Rams

Joe Seahawk
07-20-2001, 06:30 PM
Hey jq, Tui just signed...In case you didn't know that, having in camp on time will be a big plus for him. IMO, he will take over the starting job next year (assuming Gannon retires)

The only good thing about the Hawks switching to the NFC is I'll get to pull for Tui a little bit....:)

07-20-2001, 06:37 PM
NFC East - Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Central - Tampa Bay Bucs

NFC West - New Orleans Saints


AFC East - Indianapolis Colts

AFC Central - Baltimore/Pittsburgh
---Pittsburgh lost a few close ones last year and lost 2-3 games just because of blown calls in the beginning

AFC West - Kansas City Chiefs

07-20-2001, 06:40 PM
Yep.... saw that Joe...

I think Gannon plays next year also to complete his 4 year contract.... It wouldn't surprise me to see Gannon sign for another 2-3 years after that to back Tui up....

I'm looking forward to seeing how Tui does in pads......

07-20-2001, 09:13 PM
These picks are WAY too conventional...

...parity, guys, PARITY.

Who picked Tenn, Ravens, StL or NYGs in the past two years???
NONE of you.

And this year will be loaded with surprises as well, and the Chiefs (conventional wisdom: 4th-5th place) will win the AFC West.


keg in kc
07-20-2001, 10:09 PM
AFC East
Miami Dolphins

AFC Central
Tennessee Titans

AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs (I have some legitimate non-homer reasons for this if anyone is interested; this ain't a 'homer' pick)

Wild Cards: Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, NY Jets

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Central
Detroit Lions

NFC West
New Orleans Saints

Wildcards: Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins

AFC Champ: Tennessee (KC will win a playoff game though)
NFC Champ: Tampa Bay

Super Bowl Champ: Tennessee

07-20-2001, 10:23 PM

Who said anything about parity? (I thought that was the topic you brought up in a different thread)

You asked us for our picks, and that's what you got. JFF remember?

I agree with keg that picking the Chiefs to win the West has more merit than being a "homer" pick.

San Diego - improved, but will still end up in the cellar 6-7 wins at the most

Seattle- starting an unproven QB and their stellar crop of draft picks won't come into their own for another couple of years when the Hawks are in the NFC.

Denver - Griese will go down (count on it) and their additions will do nothing to improve their 2000 standing. McGlockton will probably hurt them more than he will help.

Oakland - The team to beat in the West, but the Chiefs are more evenly matched with them than most would like us to believe. After 3 straight losses under the Gunther regime, look for the Chiefs to rise again on opening day.

07-21-2001, 08:09 AM
You are right, I was blending the two threads together. This one was JFF.
That beingthe case, I'll submit my SB prediction now:

Cincy 37, Chicago 30 (OT)

07-21-2001, 08:35 AM
I would definitely interested in your reasoning for picking the Chiefs in the west.

While it's far to early for picks, since it's just for fun, I'll toss mine out.

Wild Cards-Redskins,Giants, Vikings
Bucs over Eagles in conference final
Wild Cards-Dolphins, Titans, Broncos
Ravens over Titans in conference final

Bucs over Ravens in SB.

Clint in Wichita
07-21-2001, 09:26 AM

West - Raiders
East - Colts
Central - Titans (Due to the "Elvis Effect" in Baltmore)


West - Rams
East - Eagles
Central - Bucs

Not very brave pics, but pretty good bets IMO.

07-21-2001, 11:11 AM
My take:


East: Indy with Jets a wildcard

Central: Baltimore with Tenn a wildcard

West: Denver with Oakland a wildcard (KC finishes in the basement *sad sigh*)


East: Philly with D.C. a runnerup

Central: Packers (someone has to win) with Tampa a wildcard

West: Nawlins with St. Louis and San Fran as wildcards.

Dave Lane
07-21-2001, 11:28 AM
Hey I'm proud of KCJ! He's back on the wagon. Welcome aboard. Just have a little faith baby (hmmm seems odd saying that to you after all I am a heathen :D ) I think halfway through this season the Chiefs are going to be smoking!!

keg in kc
07-21-2001, 02:44 PM
Sure, Red Eyes.

This is how I see the season breaking-down:

We're going to start on fire, going 4-0, beating Oakland at home, Seattle on the road, the Giants at home and the Redskins on the road. We'll lose at the new pile high, but we'll win 3 more in a row, beating Pittsburgh at home, Arizona on the road and Indy at home. We'll lose a close one to San Diego on the road. We'll lose to the Jets at the Meadowlands, finish the sweep of the Seachickens at home following a bye, but lose to the Eagles at home on a nationally-televised Thursday night game (DV can't beat his old team). We'll beat Oakland at the black hole, beat Denver at home, and beat San Diego at home but finish the season with a loss to Jacksonville on the road.


Home Record: 6-2
Road Record: 5-3

AFC West record: 5-3
vs. Denver: 1-1
vs. Oakland: 2-0
vs. San Diego: 1-1
vs. Seattle: 2-0

Conference record: 8-4
non-Conference record: 3-1

I see our division like this (not taking injuries into account - I can't predict that...):

KC 11-5. Our offense will be good, but more balanced, with more scoring (we'll score at least 380 points, about 24 per game), but less lofty passing numbers. The rushing game will be much-improved behind the running of Holmes and Richardson. The defense will be improved, also, despite the naysayers, and will be just good enough to keep us in games (we'll give up about 19 points per game, just over 300 for the year, but we'll be much, much improved in the red zone - we were horrible inside the 20 last year). This will be a very exciting season, and Pepto sales in KC will reach an all-time high. I think we're looking good in every offensive position, with only the obvious question marks on either side of the ball (IMHO) being at DT and CB, which keeps us from being a true Super Bowl contender.

Denver 10-6. They'll post the offensive numbers we're used to seeing (although losses along the O-line will hurt them), but still lack the horses on defense which will ultimately limit the success of Ray Rhodes.

Seattle 9-7. A year away and lacking at receiver. Watters will have a great year despite that. The defense will be only slightly improved with the acquisitions made.

Oakland 8-8. I see them as the most overrated team in the division, by far. Aging offensive talent with an overrated defense. They won't have the luck schedule-wise that they did last season and all the bounces won't go their way. They'll continue to have a strong rushing game, I believe, but the lack of a downfield passing game and the fact that their defense won't skeep anyone out of the endzone will cost them.

San Diego 7-9. Like Seattle, they're a year away (at least) and severely lacking on the offensive side of the ball. Their defense will keep them close, but they don't have much but Tomlinson to threaten anyone on offense, nothing in terms of receivers other than Freddie Jones, and a horrible offensive line. Much better than last year, however, and they'll at least split with all the teams in the division (they may sweep Oakland, who had a lot of trouble with them last year).

07-21-2001, 04:09 PM
If the Chiefs go 5-3 on the road next year, I'll swear off liquor.

keg in kc
07-21-2001, 04:28 PM
John, I won't hold you to that. I'd never stand between a man and his liquor.

I think it's possible. Let's just say that last post was my "best case scenario", I can see things going entirely another direction as well, but I happen to think that, while it is difficult, our schedule has fallen into almost a perfect order for us. Think about it:

1) We get Oakland at home. We know what they're bringing to the table, but we're, for all intents and purposes, a mystery.

2) We get Seattle on the road early. A tough game, but neither team will be at full speed yet. Better to have them early on the road than later, IMHO.

3) The Giants at home, as opposed to at the Meadowlands.

4) Redskins on the road could be a tough one, but like the Seattle game, it's early in the season, so they may not be at full-speed yet (will we?)

5) Donkos on the road early is a tough one.

6) Pittsburgh at home is better than Pittsburgh in the new stadium.

7) Arizona on the road. TERRIBLE team, let's hope we don't overlook them.

8) Indy at home. Like some other tough games, better at home than in the dome.

9) San Diego on the road.

10) Jets in the Meadowlands. Tough one.

11) Seattle at home.

12) Eagles at home. Like I said, Vermeil struggles against his old team.

13) Jokeland on the road.

14) Denver at home. December game in Arrowhead bodes badly for the Donkos.

15) San Diego at home.

16) At Jacksonville. Can we win in Florida?!?

Look at it this way:

Home: Indianapolis, NY Giants, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
Away: Arizona, Jacksonville, New York Jets and Washington

You may see it differently, but I think we got the tougher of the non-division/conference teams at home, and, although that doesn't mean the road games are a pushover by any means, the schedule could be much worse - imagine if our home games were Arizona, NY Jets, Pittsburgh and Washington (Marty returns to Arrowhead) and our road games were Indy, Jacksonville, NY Giants and Philadelphia. Now that would be a brutal road schedule.

As for the schedule as it stands, well, it could go either way, really, we could be 11-5 or we could be 7-9 again. I could see us going 5-3 on the road, but I could also see us going 2-6. Who knows - ask me after training camp, but for now I'm going to stick with my 11-5 prediction...

keg in kc
07-21-2001, 04:39 PM
Another benefit of the schedule this season that I forgot to mention is the fact that we don't go on any sort of extended "road trip." The most road games we have in a row at any time during the year is 2, and that only happens twice (weeks 4-5 and weeks 9-10 - may not be the actual week numbers, I forget when the bye is...); that also means we don't have a lot of consecutive home games either, but the ones we do have all come late in the year (11-12, 14-15).

That could be a big plus (or a big minus if we struggle early). We only have 4 home games in the first 10 and if we can come out of those games 5-5 or even 6-4, which is certainly possible, we play 4 of our last 6 games in Arrowhead. Good potential for momentum there. Or disaster.

It could go either way...

keg in kc
07-21-2001, 05:22 PM
John, I just realized something.

I wrote the home/road records down incorrectly!

It should read:

4-4 road (losses to Denver, San Diego, NY Jets and Jacksonville)
7-1 home (Philadelphia)

Got to win those home games!

All in all, not too bad. If we lose a second home game, but still go 4-4 on the road, we're still 10-6, and probably a wild card, if not still the division winner.

Chiefs Pantalones
07-21-2001, 06:13 PM
Thats more like it everyone!!!!


is glad to see everyone being positive:)

07-21-2001, 07:19 PM
Thanks for getting me off the hook on my wager, Kyle (sipping burgundy contentedly).

Geat points about the schedule. My take is pretty simple: go 7-1 or better at Arrowhead and we are in the playoffs. That simple.

BTW, I may not be able to go to the Redskins game: my Brigade is on 2-hour recall at that time as the 82nd Airborne Division's Ready Brigade. We have to be able to respond to the President's call to go wheels up to perform an airborne assault anywhere in the world within 18 hours. Man, I was REALLY hoping to go. Some guys don't realize what it costs to be a soldier. I'm happy to do it, but that is a sacrifice for a Chiefs junkie.

keg in kc
07-21-2001, 07:45 PM

Man, this isn't the time I'd want to be on 2-hour recall with the situation brewing in the Middle East. At the risk of sounding cocky, I'll say that there aren't very many things that frighten me bit the mid east right now scares my pants off.

Hope you never hear that call...

Chiefs Pantalones
07-21-2001, 08:21 PM
You may not go to the Skins game?

If you do go, will you be the one wearing that pig mask that I always see on NFL films, etc?:D

07-22-2001, 08:19 AM
It's probably for the best if I can't go. Maybe I'd hate it, anyway. There will be a lot of Drama with Marty and Trent Green facing their old teams, but...

...duty calls!


07-22-2001, 11:09 AM
AFC - Titans

NFC - Rams

Division Winners AFC

West - Donx
Central - Titans
East - Colts

Division Winners NFC

West - Lambs
Central - Bucs
East - Eagles

Skip Towne
07-22-2001, 11:25 AM
Quit your job, John. It is the only sensible thing to do. How dare them schedule that recall deal when they knew this game would be going on. I'd just quit!!!