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12-17-2007, 05:35 AM
As you'll recall, when Herm took over for Dick Vermeil one of the first changes he made was he got rid of the 3 hour "standing around" practices. He accused them of being unproductive for the defensive players. He touted a new philosophy of blitzkreig style practices. Quick tempo. Done in the time that Lens Crafters could make you pair of eye glasses.

I once had a friend who had blinding headaches, nausia, and vision problems. He went to a half dozen doctors and went on several medications. Finally, he went to a specialist who saw something that might be causing all of it. My friend went in for brain surgery. When he recovered, he still had all of the symptoms, and of course a big scar in his head where the doctor needlessly rearranged some of his brain with a knife. One day, my friend told his story to a guy he knew (who was a dentist). Turns out he had a molar hitting a nerve, pulled it out and the relief was INSTANT!

It seems to me that the Chiefs are suffering from an epidemic of terrible second half performances that makes me wish I had blurry vision. Media, coaches, players, and fans all have their opinions about why. It's Carl... It's Herm... It's Solari... It's Dick Vermeil!? (yeah, they say that). But regardless of the fate of the much maligned general manager, this coach isn't going anywhere. It will be the PLAYERS that will get the knife this year. To the tune of about half the roster if you're to believe Bob Gretz, including some "surprises." But it makes me wonder what will happen next year with 20 new players, 10 or more of whom figure to be rookies. But if they still have terrible second half performances, will we get a heavy dose of "they're rookies, they're getting better, it's too early to judge?" Meanwhile, these headaches are still pounding. Often times, the answer to these questions are painfully simple. If the games last 3 hours, and you practice for 1 hour, it stands to reason that you'll be pretty darn good for the first half of the game when it comes around. And when your legs get tired, and it's time to run a route, or make a tackle... You get the idea.

12-17-2007, 05:42 AM
Good post. I agree, unless their is upper management changes the team is destined for the same old thing year after year. Carl being the main common denominator. He has to go. If he doesn't then i don't expect any real changes other then team personnel. And certainly no chance of Superbowl hopes at all.

12-17-2007, 07:39 AM
If Dick Vermiel is the benchmark
why the **** bother

12-17-2007, 08:18 AM
But it makes me wonder what will happen next year with 20 new players, 10 or more of whom figure to be rookies.

Why does that make you wonder? They'll be bad, there's nothing much to wonder about.