View Full Version : Ron Paul on MSNBC: Are His Supporters Even Represented in the Polls?

12-20-2007, 09:29 AM
"If the media doesn't handle it correctly, that's their problem not mine," said Congressman Ron Paul in regard to the story of his incredible record-setting 24-hour fundraising of more than $6 million being buried in the back of some major newspapers.

"Gambling911.com has been reporting on the Ron Paul campaign and its phenomenal support for over nine months now," expressed Carrie Stroup, reporter for the website who has been following the Ron Paul run. "We're more inclined to watch the betting trends than we are the polls."

And Ron Paul explained on MSNBC Tuesday why the polls may not be very accurate these days as in past years.

"Some of our people don't have land-based phones, they just have cell phones and many didn't vote in the last go-around so they don't even get called," Paul said.

He even used the man behind Sunday's biggest one-day fundraiser ever, Trevor Lyman, who Ron Paul said "has never voted before in an election".

"He's 37 years old but he just represents one of millions who is totally disgusted, so something special is going on."

Paul disclosed he will be spending his money heavily in Iowa as opposed to saving it for a state that has a strong Libertarian streak, New Hampshire.

"The MSNBC segment was an excellent one," declared Stroup. "It was fair towards the political candidate who is deserving of recognition by the mainstream media simply for the amount of money raised, regardless of what these conglomerates might think of him."

Ron Paul is listed with 10-1 odds of becoming the next US President at Sportsbook.com, a 4th place showing but in close proximity to Mitt Romney (8-1 odds) and Mike Huckabee (9-1 odds).

Ironically, Tuesday was the first day that Ron Paul was not generating the most number of hits among US Presidential candidates at the Gambling911.com website. It was, of all people, John Edwards gaining interest....but perhaps not for the right reasons. Reports began surfacing late Tuesday evening that Edwards may have fathered a love child out of wedlock. The National Enquirer was due to release the story, complete with photos. Whether such a story can be confirmed or not remains to be seen, but these are certainly interesting days ahead as we inch closer and closer towards the primaries.


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