View Full Version : Mio C230 Portable GPS with TTS - Under $200

12-29-2007, 12:29 PM
So I just bought myself the new Mio C230. This is an entry level Portable GPS. I bought it at Circuit City for $177.99.

Nice little unit. Considering that it has full Text-To-Speech (TTS) for the directions... it is a bargain. Basically, this means that it says "Turn Right in 50 yards at East Charleston Blvd" instead of just "Turn Right in 50 Yards".

From what I have read, this is the only unit under about $350 that has this.

It has 1gb of memory built in that houses all the maps and software. The downside is that it has few Points Of Interest (POI) then other models at roughly 1 million compared to 3-6 million on other devices. So while that is a bit annoying, it isnt a deal breaker for me.

It does have an SD card spot in it for future updates so maybe the POI issue can be remedied that way.

Overall, great little unit. Very easy to use once you take the time to get familiar with it.