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KC Tattoo
12-31-2007, 11:29 PM
Who gives a flying F***. Carl Peterson is still going to be our GM and this team is still not going to win a playoff game let alone a Super Bowl with CP as GM. This year is gonna suck. I hope we get some good draft picks and Brodie is the guy but with bad coaching and a GM that cannot be good for our beloved Chiefs then nomatter, we are not going to have a successfull Super Bowl campain. I think Brodie can do a good job but it is depressing that Carl is still going to be GM and that meens nothing special is going to come next year. Other than becouse us Chiefs fans want Carl Peterson fired and that is not going to help us. Does God Hate us?

Happy NEW YEAR!!! Love you all even if I don't agree with you. If you love the CHiefs then you are a fan of mine. Happy New year God Bless, keep the faith.

Be back next year gotta go now!

Rep to #5 draft pick who ever you are in 08 just do your job!!.