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Hammock Parties
12-31-2007, 11:32 PM

The Chiefs finished 31st on offense this year, but that doesn’t mean every player who touched the ball or blocked deserves a failing grade. We’re not prepared to be kind, however. Grades are curved based on pre-season expectations for each player or coach.


Damon Huard – B+

No, he didn’t have the stats of a Pro-Bowl quarterback this year. But considering the state of KC’s offensive line, the absence of a running game, and the woeful depth in the wide receiver corps, Huard deserves praise for winning four games. Took shots in the mouth like a champ all year and never complained or threw his blockers under the bus. Probably saved Brodie Croyle from a serious injury by playing Pińata all year. Received bonus points for challenging KC’s offensive coaches.

Brodie Croyle – C –

Fans clamored for KC’s supposed quarterback of the future all year, only to be let down when he actually got in a game. Was hamstrung by overly conservative playcalling, especially on the road. Showed some potential against the Titans, but was mediocre at best otherwise. Needs to show he can stay injury free next season. The jury is still out.

Tyler Thigpen – I

Was vaguely reminiscent of Tony Romo on his first pass attempt, a 22-yard strike to Dwayne Bowe. Second pass was intercepted, reminding everyone of the average scout team quarterback.


Larry Johnson – D+

Contract holdout led to early bad chemistry with his blocking unit. Avoided media and was flagged for stupid penalties, not behavior anyone expects from the franchise’s highest-paid player. Earned bonus points for improving his receiving skills (30 catches and only a couple of drops in eight games), but lost some due to a lack of improvement in his blocking. Needs to wave more flags in 2008 to prove he’s worth the big cash.

Michael Bennett – A

Just as ineffective as LJ, but traded to Tampa Bay for not one, but two draft picks (one in 2008, another in 2009), far exceeding any worth he had on the field of play this year. The only 2007 Chief to make the playoffs.

Kolby Smith – B+

Rebounded from a poor preseason to show his training camp success wasn’t a fluke. Broke tackles and made something out of nothing from time to time. Had a great game (150 yards, two touchdowns) against the Raiders. Flashed good hands and is easily the best pass-blocking back on KC’s roster. Has a future as Johnson’s backup and just might be starting material if he polishes his game enough.

Priest Holmes – C+

Completed a comeback when few thought he’d do just that. Played with heart and made the most of a poor offensive line before he got hurt. Loses points for stealing playing time that should have gone to Smith. Bonus points for breaking the end zone once more like the old Priest, which at least was entertaining in a dismal season.

Gilbert Harris – I

Averaged one yard per attempt on nine carries, and will return to someone’s NFL practice squad, where he belongs.

Jackie Battle – I

Scored one touchdown. May never score another.


Kris Wilson – C-

After a decent season as a makeshift fullback in 2006, was mostly a disappointment after entering 2007 as the starting fullback. In Wilson’s defense, the Chiefs should have found a real fullback in free agency before this year began. Shouldn’t worry about his NFL future, however – Al Saunders probably still loves him.

Boomer Grigsby - B

Shocked everyone in training camp by catching the ball like a pro. Blocking improved as the season wore on, but needs to get stronger at the point of attack. One of KC’s best special teams players, and hilarious on the radio. Will probably have to fight for the starting fullback job in ’08.


Dwayne Bowe – A-

The best wide receiver Carl Peterson has ever drafted. Ran good routes, led all rookie receivers in catches, yards and touchdowns and blocked with great intensity all season long. Started strong despite his contract holdout. Showed up in the fourth quarter and even had perennial Pro-Bowler Champ Bailey beat for a touchdown on one play. Lost points for his inconsistent hands. Right now, “The D-Bowe Show” is the only reason to show up at Arrowhead next year.

Samie Parker – C

Didn’t drop as many passes this year, but failed to make many plays, either. On the bubble to make the roster in 2008, but the Chiefs are woefully thin at wide receiver, so Parker may stick. Bonus points for taking a dive against the Detroit Lions, securing a loss vital to KC’s draft position.

Jeff Webb – C-

Beat out Chris Hannon in training camp. Failed to steal KC’s third wide receiver spot from Parker, making people wonder just how horrible Hannon might be (currently on Carolina’s practice squad). Showed some potential at times – a big game against the Bengals – but needs another offseason to get polished as an NFL receiver. Blew a game against the Packers when he failed to get a toe inbounds.

Eddie Kennison – F

Blew a hamstring on the first offensive play of the season, then came back too early a few weeks later, blowing it again. Played extensive snaps in six games but only had 13 catches, none longer than 18 yards. Failed to get proper depth on a third-down route against the Raiders, contributing to a loss. Probably time to retire after a solid career with the Chiefs.

Bobby Sippio – D+

Never received an opportunity to demonstrate his supposedly All-Pro hands. Used extensively as a blocker on offense and on special teams. Excited underground fan club (inspired by his HBO appearances) when he touched the ball once on a kickoff return. What was the point of including Sippio on the active roster each week if the Chiefs had no intention of throwing a pass in his direction? Training camp in 2008 should tell us more.


Tony Gonzalez – A+

This year’s valedictorian, Gonzalez continues to drink from the fountain of youth. Led all NFL tight ends in catches and yards and continues to block well. Called out KC’s inept offensive coaching staff on an almost weekly basis. Deserves better in 2008, or will suffer the same fate as Will Shields, Trent Green, Priest Holmes and other KC greats.

Jason Dunn – D-

Declined noticeably as a run blocker in 2007, especially compared to his past – was once the best blocking tight end in the game. Pass blocking was atrocious at times. Avoided a failing grade by sporting a fashionable dark visor this year (seriously, it goes great with the dreads). Unfortunately, Dunn is done.


Damion McIntosh – B

Fought through injuries in training camp and the regular season to live up to his admittedly cheap contract status (7.5 sacks allowed). Had a few horrible moments (Cincinnati, Green Bay), but was KC’s most consistent offensive lineman. Isn’t the long-term answer at left tackle, and the Chiefs need a better run blocker next to Brian Waters. May be moved to the opposite side in ’08.

Brian Waters – C+

Play dropped off compared to earlier Pro Bowl seasons, especially in pass protection. Still KC’s best run-blocker and one of the most vocal locker-room leaders. A move to center could prove interesting – who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Waters bash heads with Jamal Williams twice a year?

Casey Wiegmann – F

Too small to play in a smashmouth offense and should have been phased out last offseason. Was dominated by large defensive tackles more frequently this year than ever before. Needs to retire.

John Welbourn – F

Move from right tackle to guard was an absolute failure. Too slow to pull, not strong enough to get any push in the run game, and abysmal in pass protection. The Chiefs gave up two draft picks for Welbourn, who was good for about a season and a half worth of games. Not a wise investment. Outplayed by Rudy Niswanger. Needs to retire.

Chris Terry – F

Another 2006 reclamation project that failed in 2007. Should write an apology to Damon Huard. Already cut, needs to retire.

Kyle Turley – D+

Almost as bad as Terry. Gets bonus points for his efforts in helping needy NFL veterans. Already retired.

Will Svitek – D+

A failed project at left tackle, showed flashes at right tackle late in the season. Probably should have been given an opportunity to beat Terry and Turley in training camp. Bonus points for keeping his temper in check this season.

Herb Taylor – I

Had a decent training camp and showed brief promise in his one game of extended action at left tackle in Detroit. Might be in the mix next year at right tackle.

Rudy Niswanger – I

Looked dynamite pulling in open space against the Raiders, leading the way for Kolby Smith, but lost valuable playing time due to a knee injury. Might have potential as a guard if Waters moves to center next year. Needs a chance at a starting spot in training camp.

Tre Stallings – I

Finally got in a game last week. Looks like Will Shields (before the ball is snapped).


Mike Solari - F

You don’t go from running the 16th-ranked offense to the 31st and expect a passing grade. Failed to identify weaknesses along the offensive line before the season began. Stuck with over-the-hill linemen too long. Leashed Brodie Croyle too much in an already lost season.

Dick Curl – F

Damon Huard’s play declined in 2007. Brodie Croyle showed little. Has Dick Curl ever successfully developed an NFL quarterback? Maybe it’s time to find someone who has.

James Saxon – B-

Deserves credit for preparing Kolby Smith to play at a high level and converting a linebacker into a fullback. Worked tirelessly with Priest Holmes in training camp. Needs to find a way to turn Larry Johnson into a competent blocker.

Charlie Joiner – C+

Chiefs finally found a go-to wide receiver (Bowe) under Joiner’s watch, but how much of it has to do with Bowe’s talent? Needs to make something of Jeff Webb and Bobby Sippio.

Wednesday - Grading the Chiefs - Part 2: Defense and Special Teams.

12-31-2007, 11:33 PM
I stopped reading this article after Damon Huard with a B+.


12-31-2007, 11:35 PM
If I was Whitlock, I'd be pissed. No, make that amused.

12-31-2007, 11:48 PM
nix the mancrush on dunn..

Extra Point
12-31-2007, 11:48 PM
The upcoming grade for Drummond? Obvious F.

Priest Holmes: F. Came back for payday, and milked the Chiefs.

Solari gets an F since the principal banned the textbook, and he didn't fight to use it.

Sippio: I. No touches, except he was on field for ST. Saw him whiff a block on a return. He must have figured that Drummond wouldn't do anything, anyway.

Waiting for tomorrow to give Herm's grade? D. As in "Dumbass." He can assume full control of the school-- he made an ass out of you and me for rooting for this team this year.

I agree with your other grades.

Let's see if you give CP an F.

Hammock Parties
12-31-2007, 11:49 PM
Waiting for tomorrow to give Herm's grade?

Herm and Carl get their own article. Especially Herm.

siberian khatru
12-31-2007, 11:49 PM
I think you can give Huard a much lower grade without bashing him.

I'm tempted to give Brodie a D, but C- might be right. The Brodie comments are spot-on.

Actually, I think all the other grades and comments are pretty dead-on (I might give McIntosh a C, which would be high for that line). I particularly like the Samie and Sippio remarks.

01-01-2008, 12:08 AM
Grading the Chiefs offense...

Gonzalez= A, Bowe= B+, everyone else= F minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus

01-01-2008, 12:42 AM
I would have rated Downfield Damon lower but other than that I think you were spot on. Good grades and explanations.

01-01-2008, 12:58 AM
Croyle a C? So you see Croyle as an average NFL QB? The expectation going into camp was for him to wrestle the job away from Huard. He couldn't even do that but he gets a C?

Huard a B+ WTF are you thinking? He lost his job. Just because he didn't totally suck doesn't mean he gets a B+.

Priest a C+? WTF did he do for this team this year? He played in what, 4 games?

Sammie Parker a C? WTF did he do? 1 friggin touchdown per year and your average in the NFL.

Hammock Parties
01-01-2008, 12:59 AM
Croyle a C? So you see Croyle as an average NFL QB? The expectation going into camp was for him to wrestle the job away from Huard. He couldn't even do that but he gets a C?

Huard a B+ WTF are you thinking? He lost his job. Just because he didn't totally suck doesn't mean he gets a B+.

Priest a C+? WTF did he do for this team this year? He played in what, 4 games?

Sammie Parker a C? WTF did he do? 1 friggin touchdown per year and your average in the NFL.

Grades are curved based on pre-season expectations for each player or coach.

01-01-2008, 01:04 AM
Good take on Huard.

Stay away from religious topics until you are willing to repent.

01-01-2008, 06:59 AM
This article is poorly thought out. That's really all I got from reading it.

Ugly Duck
01-01-2008, 07:18 AM
I stopped reading this article after Damon Huard with a B+.

I stopped reading this article after "The Chiefs finished 31st on offense."

01-01-2008, 09:32 AM
Huard a B+? Stopped reading after that.....

I would say a D, HE TOTALLY QUIT ON THE TEAM IN THE DENVER GAME! He single handly lost that game, then just quit....