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01-03-2008, 09:38 PM
This is an old post I made a couple of years ago that I dug up.


Herm's somewhere between #8 and #13 now. Changing the offense is just an effort to buy some more time and deflect criticism. Shouldn't be too long until he's gone.


1. Old coach gets fired.

2. New coach gets hired and says, "We're gonna do "this" and we're gonna do "that."

3. As long as "this" and "that" is different then the old coaches "this" and "that" the fans get hyped up and say things like "I love this staff", "we're going to the superbowl baby" Rock on!" "now we have this!" Sales of season tickets pick up.

4. If he's lucky, the new coach and his team have success actually changing "this" and "that" and pick up some wins doing so.

5. Fans stay fired up. "Yeah can you believe our (offense/defense/d-line play, secondary, qb play, insert whatever you want etc.), it's so much better then it was when ____ was here."

6. Coach has some success but with each team only having so much moeny to spend there's no possible way to optimize all the possible "this" and "thats" at the same time.

7. Fans don't realize that, they want it all now.

8. Coach says "well we're doing a good job at "this" and "that" (which is entirely different then the last coaches "this's" and "thats") but we need to improve "this" and change "this". We'll continue working towards our goals.

9. Repeat #8

10. Repeat #8 again

11. Fans get tired of #8 and no that those "goals" will never be reached.

12. Season ticket sales start to decline.

13. Start over with #1.

01-03-2008, 09:48 PM
But, but....they say they have A PLAN!!!! How, as mere credit card-holding cretins with no knowledge of football whatsoever, can we possibly doubt that edict coming from Mount Arrowhead?