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keg in kc
08-03-2001, 09:50 PM
I've created a ChiefsPlanet league with TSN (formerly known as Small World Football). It's a completely free, absolutely laid-back, no pressure whatsoever salary cap league (no drafting...) so there should be NO excuses for anyone not to join. We should have the biggest, bestest league in all the world!!!!

All you have to do to play is log in or sign up at link (http://fantasygames.sportingnews.com/football/fullseason/fantasy/login.html) (make sure you do the free game, not the pay game...). There's a complete "how to play" section available that covers all the rules, but, in short, you'll have 11 rosters spots to fill, and $50 million to do it with. Lineups will have to be in weekly, and, again, there's no draft, and no real pressure. We could just have a little fun with it. ;)

Maybe have a "ChiefsPlanet TSN Champion" or something like that...

Anyway, if anyone is interested, please go to link (http://fantasygames.sportingnews.com/football/fullseason/fantasy/login.html) and login or create an account. The league name is "ChiefsPlanet" and the password is "jalapenocheeseballs". Everyone is invited, especially our non-Chief fan regulars (you know who you are), and remember this is just for fun, not a hardcore majorly time-consuming league, and I'd love to have at least 100 of us there!

08-03-2001, 09:55 PM
I played in that league with some friends last season, so I may just join you over there this season.

Fat Elvis
08-03-2001, 11:04 PM
I signed up. My team is named:

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

(I'm waiting for Minnis to be added to the reciever list so I can sign him, then my team will be full.)

Fat Elvis
08-03-2001, 11:12 PM
Awww, I'm already chnging my team...and I 'll do it several times befoer week 1....

Fat Elvis
08-04-2001, 02:37 PM
Who else is playing, and what are the names of your team?

keg in kc
08-04-2001, 02:44 PM
I'm in (obviously). Kansas City Chaos.

Hopefully some more folks will check it out - I had a lot of fun with it last year and I think it would be great to have the whole board doing it.

Fat Elvis
08-04-2001, 02:51 PM
I've done it the past two years. I really like the whole salary cap approach vs the draft of other FFLs.

08-04-2001, 03:56 PM
I'm in. I've never done this before so the "Galloping Geezers" will be a shoo-in for last place I'm sure. :eek:

keg in kc
08-04-2001, 04:04 PM
The "Engineers" have appeared.

I think we have a Gaz sighting. ;)

08-04-2001, 04:57 PM
Nope old_geezer....I'm going to try it and I should make everyone laugh the hardest they ever have.:eek:

08-04-2001, 05:18 PM
LOL.......forgive me. What the heck is the
Division team? I'm trying and want to learn. So someone help me OK?

keg in kc
08-04-2001, 05:35 PM
Tommykat, the division is called "ChiefsPlanet" and the password (you'll need it) is "jalepenocheeseballs".

All you have to do is create your team (give it a name) and then select the option to join a division that already exists.

08-04-2001, 05:35 PM
Division is ChiefsPlanet. Maybe I have a shot at next to last. :D

08-04-2001, 05:46 PM
Cute.......lol......I told you so!:eek:

08-04-2001, 06:23 PM
im in .... the Extremists...

Bob Dole
08-04-2001, 06:25 PM
Bob Dole is extremely confident that Bob Dole's Legion of Terror will reign supreme by season's end.

08-04-2001, 06:29 PM
My teams name is....


I am very satisfied with my team...

08-04-2001, 09:09 PM
OK...Tommykat is happy with my picks. And under my cap..:)

And what else would my team be called? Care to guess? LOL..
Come to Moma...:D Thinking what I have picked will do quite well too.

08-05-2001, 06:06 AM

How about the Katastrophies? On further reflection I might want to reserve that name for my team. :D

08-05-2001, 11:28 AM
I like that name old_geezer.....LOL
Wish I had thought to use it.....would have fit me to a tee..

08-05-2001, 01:44 PM
My first time...

I'm the Shawks...

Archie F. Swin
08-05-2001, 08:05 PM
Do your have to pick the players for a certain position in order of importance/ value?

for example: the first QB I picked had considerably less desireable numbers than my second choice. Is that gonna be a problem? Should my first QB choice be my "starter"?

keg in kc
08-05-2001, 08:11 PM
Red Pants, all 11 of your players are your starters and get points. There's no bench.

btw, fyi for everyone - you can change your roster as often as you like before the season starts, but remember you only get 4 trades/week after Sept. 9, so don't expect to be able to create an entirely new roster every week.

KS Smitty
08-05-2001, 08:22 PM
The Smitty's are in. We are the Kippers. We've never done anything like this before but it sounds like fun.

08-05-2001, 08:48 PM
And I got crap for asking what the name of the ??? whatever was??? LOL I'm feeling better now. :D

So my name is Come to Moma....but I like Kats.....forgot how to spell it.:confused: A mess......:D

keg in kc
08-05-2001, 08:51 PM
You sure you joined the right league, kat? I don't see your team on the division list.

KS Smitty
08-05-2001, 08:54 PM
My first name is Kipp (based on my great-grandma's last name) and when I was a tad of a lad Kipper was a common variation.

08-05-2001, 09:00 PM
Here you go Kipp......Katastrophies
That's what Ole Geezer said my or maybe his name should be.:p

Archie F. Swin
08-05-2001, 09:18 PM
Are the players we pick exclusively ours? No two teams in the league could have the same player?

sorry . . . I'm a rookie manager

keg in kc
08-05-2001, 09:26 PM
Nope, red pants, the players are all available to every team (unlike a draft league), but the odds of two teams having the same exact players aren't that great, especially by the end of the season.

Just pick the 11 players you like the most (well, as many as you can afford...), don't worry about what anyone else has. If someone isn't available (several rookies aren't in the system yet) right now, don't worry, they'll get them into the game eventually. ;)

There are even leagues that take the salary cap approach (this league) and the draft approach and combine them, but I haven't tried that yet - seems pretty complicated...

keg in kc
08-05-2001, 11:47 PM
Looks like we're up to 14 (kat, I still don't see your team).

We need more!!!

08-06-2001, 05:15 AM
Captain Kirk to Tommycat

I can't pick up your ship on radar. I'm like Kyle; I don't see your team listed. When you go to your page there should be a list of the current teams on the right hand side of the page. If not, there should be a list of options on the left hand side of the page called "Game Tools". Choose the option "Your Division". The teams are listed. Currently there are 15 teams and Kansas City Chaos is the first team listed while my team "The Galloping Geezers" is listed 5th.

Are you in the right league?:confused:

08-06-2001, 08:45 AM
I'm trying to get in. setup team account "Iowanian Savage Midgets"......

the chiefsplanet link I found only had Tkats team...couldn't get in with the password.....any idea what I'm doing wrong?

~will keep trying.

08-06-2001, 09:32 AM
I would, if I were a football fan :D

08-06-2001, 09:34 AM
Iowanian, make sure you are using the correct password. It should be “jalapenocheeseballs”. There is a reply on this thread that says the PW is “jalepenocheeseballs”, which is incorrect. I had the same problem myself.

BTW, my team is Chemically Handicapped.

08-06-2001, 10:24 AM
thanks dart,

I figured it out....2 problems. I was spelling the password exactly like you thought, and I think TK created a new Chiefsplanet account...My querry was bringing up one until I searched "CHI"


the Savage Midgets will revage the Division with unheralded Sleepers :eek: grrrrrrrrrr

Mark M
08-06-2001, 10:52 AM
I just may need to try this out.

I've never done a fantasy league before, mainly because I like to watch the games, not pick them or the players every single freaking week!

I do have a question ... will I have to "activate" a roster every week, or will it just default to the previous weeks roster?

~~Fantasy football virgin.

08-06-2001, 11:33 AM
My understanding is that if you do nothing - your roster will remain the same week after week. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong because I don't plan on changing much unless injuries pop up.

Mark M
08-06-2001, 01:56 PM
Mark's Midwestern Marauders are ready to kick some a$$!!

Of course, I say that now ... that will end when the season begins and I get beaten like a rented general manager ...


~~Will be spending lots of time in the cellar.

Lightning Rod
08-06-2001, 03:31 PM
I'm in

The doorknobs

figured that would be PC enough not to offend anybody

08-06-2001, 03:49 PM
I am in, I have never done this before but the Fighting Mooks are ready to go and i am sure they will be at the top of the heap come season end.

08-06-2001, 04:03 PM
kyle, is the leauge full?? i can't get in

keg in kc
08-06-2001, 04:07 PM
Ohh, okay, I must have misspelled "jalapenocheeseballs" in one of the earlier posts. Moron. (I'm good at doing things like that...)

Name: ChiefsPlanet
Password: jalapenocheeseballs

Make sure you click on "join division" and not on "create division".

Chevy, as far as I know, the league shouldn't be full. I've never seen any indication that they limit division size (I was in a division with like 120 people last year).

Tommykat's in her own division!! :D

Well, kat, at least you're guaranteed to finish first! err, and last! :p

08-06-2001, 05:09 PM
Reminds me of the movie "A League of Their Own". That was an all-girls baseball league. Now Tommycat has created a league of her own. :D

keg in kc
08-06-2001, 05:17 PM
Update on the division size limit:

Auto-divisions will be a capacity of 20 and user-created divisions will be unlimited in size

So it looks like anyone and everyone should be able to join :)

keg in kc
08-06-2001, 05:18 PM
Geezer, to answer your earlier question, your roster does carry over, so you could go all season without making a change if you so wished. I'd advise against it, however, because you'll lose points due to players on their bye week...

Fat Elvis
08-06-2001, 05:36 PM
Originally posted by keg in kc
Geezer, to answer your earlier question, your roster does carry over, so you could go all season without making a change if you so wished. I'd advise against it, however, because you'll lose points due to players on their bye week...

You'll also lose points if they are injured.

Fat Elvis
08-06-2001, 05:38 PM
Another thing to consider....

You get 4 trades per week (at least that's what it has been the past two years), but if you don't use all four trades, they carry over to the next week and so on.

Fat Elvis
08-06-2001, 05:44 PM
Oh yeah, my team is looking good....

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon will stomp all over you!

08-06-2001, 08:37 PM
O.K. Elvis, I've got to ask...what does your team's name mean?

keg in kc
08-06-2001, 08:54 PM
Isn't that the full name of Apu from the Simpsons?

Fat Elvis
08-06-2001, 09:19 PM
Originally posted by keg in kc
Isn't that the full name of Apu from the Simpsons?

Thank you very much for shopping at the Kwikie Mart.

keg in kc
08-07-2001, 06:21 PM
We're up to 21.

There's got to be more than 21 regulars on the board...

Come on folks, step up to the plate. It'll be a lot of fun. ;)

08-07-2001, 07:22 PM
Geez, $50,000,000 doesn’t go as far as it used to…

Victim of inflation.

Mark M
08-08-2001, 06:05 AM
Can we make as many trades before Sept 9th as we want, or are we only alotted a cetain number of trades for the whole season? I looked and couldn't find it on there anywhere ...

~~Has already changed his roster 20,000,000,000,000,0000 times.

08-08-2001, 09:42 AM
My understanding is unlimited trades before the start of the season (Sept. 9) and after that a limit of 4 per week, with unused trades accumulating during the season, i.e. if you did not trade the first week, you would have 8 trades available for the second week, ect.

Old Geezer has already traded 5 times :rolleyes:

Lightning Rod
08-08-2001, 10:38 AM
Anyone else besides me stupid enough to have more Chiefs and Former Chiefs than they should?

08-08-2001, 11:01 AM
I picked two three Chiefs. I also have a, dare I say it, Raider...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Call me the South Park Chefs

Mark M
08-08-2001, 11:12 AM
I have but two Chiefs on my roster (right now, at least)

Tony and Trent.

Of course, I got Seattle's defense in the hopes that they will be better this year ... that and I ran out of money. :(

~~Thought he could get farther with his $50 million.

08-08-2001, 11:28 AM
I played this FFL game last year...I like the idea of a salary cap instead of drafting...makes me feel more like CP....Last year I picked up Tony G at the beginning of the season for like 4 mill...now he's up to 6 mill...as the season progresses they increase or decrease the value of players depending on their performance....

I think they should've increased the cap this year, it was 50 mill last year too...

All I can say is save as much money as you can and if you don't have to make any weekly trades don't...those bye weeks can be killers if you have more than a couple of players who have byes...

South Park Chefs Rule....

Mark M
08-08-2001, 12:00 PM
So if you have players that increase in value during the season, do you have to trade them for less expensive players to keep under the cap, or do their cap numbers stay the same as when you got them?

~~Thinking this is more work than he wants in a game.

08-08-2001, 01:14 PM
I'm in. I'm the Topeka Trills, whoo hoo!
I've never done this before so take it easy on the newby. By the way, adding to what Mark said....If I have picked a really good group of players and I am just under the cap at the start of the season. Let's just say I don't make any trades and my players do well. Their values go up, right? Does that mean I'll be over the cap? What happens if I do nothing to my roster?

08-08-2001, 01:28 PM
Their cap value remains at the price you paid for them.

keg in kc
08-08-2001, 03:25 PM
Actually no, dartgod, the ESPN game is like that, but in this game, your cap reflects the value of your players. Say for instance you have Trent Green and he has a huge week against the raiders. A bunch of folks pick him up thinking he's the best thing since sliced bread, so his value goes up 2 million from whatever it is now. Since you already have him, your cap will then be increased by 2 million to 52 million. Having a player that loses money will lower your cap just the same. Just as an example (and, no, this isn't my team :p):

Week one cap: 50 million

QBs: Trent Green (7.10 mil); Matt Hasselbeck (4.51)
WRs: Tim Brown (5.74); Wayne Chrebet (4.59); Mikhael Ricks (0.74l)
RBs: Emmitt Smith (5.39); Richie Anderson (3.82); Priest Holmes (3.25)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (6.20)
K: Richie Cunningham (1.68)
T: Tampa Bay (6.97)

Total Roster Value: 49.99 million

Week one is played, and the values go up/down or remain constant depending on performance:

QBs: Trent Green (8.88 mil); Matt Hasselbeck (4.51)
WRs: Tim Brown (6.32); Wayne Chrebet (4.20); Mikhael Ricks (0.74)
RBs: Emmitt Smith (6.22); Richie Anderson (4.00); Priest Holmes (4.65)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (7.02)
K: Richie Cunningham (0.50)
T: Tampa Bay (6.97)

NEW Total Roster Value: 54.01 million

You now have 54.01 million to spend on players, but only 4 trades to use (per week, but they do add up...). You don't have to worry about staying below the cap, because it's organic; the performance of your team determines the value of said team...

And for those of you afraid of too much work, fear not! You don't ever have to change your roster if you don't want to, and, again, after Sept. 9 you only have 4 trades to use, so you can't make a new team every week. ;)

Fat Elvis
08-08-2001, 03:51 PM
Just a small footnote Kyle---

A players salary cap hit can't go up or down more than $1 million per week.

keg in kc
08-08-2001, 03:56 PM
'tis true, 'tis true. I overlooked that...

Thank you fat elvis.

08-08-2001, 05:33 PM
Since I've never done this before, I'm trying hard to understand the salary cap - trading issue. Please tell me if I'm correct in this example.

For this example, say I have Trent Green for 7 million. He plays great for 4 weeks raising his value to 9 million. My roster cap is now 52 million? Now it is time for Green's bye week. I sell Green for 9 mill, and buy Bubby Brister for 1 mill (I said this is just an example) Does the extra 8 million dissappear or is it credited to me for cap allowence? Is my cap still 52 mill or has it shrunk to 44 mill? Can I buy Green back the next week for a maximum 1 mill additional, or am I stuck with Brister because my cap shrunk when I traded Green?

Old Geezer realizing there is more to this game than first meets the eye. :confused:

keg in kc
08-08-2001, 05:56 PM
Geezer, according to the official rules:

Your team's Roster Value will change accordingly to reflect the price changes for your players. Your Cash Left will not change. Remember, like the stock market, you don't realize a gain or loss on a player until you sell him.

So you won't lose that money...

08-08-2001, 07:40 PM

"Your team's Roster Value will change accordingly to reflect the price changes for your players. Your Cash Left will not change Remember, like the stock market, you don't realize a gain or loss on a player until you sell him. "

I hate to be dense, but if I sell Green for 9 million and buy Brister for 1 million, wouldn't my cash left increase by 8 million - or do I lose the money? :confused:

keg in kc
08-08-2001, 07:49 PM
Geezer - yep, your cash left will increase by 8 mil, but your total roster value will only increase by the 2 million net you made from selling Green. So, essentially, where during the preseason you had 50 million to spend, you would now have 52 million.

Roster value at start: 50 mil
Cash left: 0

Roster value after selling Green: 52 mil
Cash left: 9 mil
Purchase Brister: 1 mil
Cash left: 8 mil

Nothing will happen to that 8 mil left over after buying Brister. It will just sit there, so you can't lose it...

Let me give you another possibility:

You could also use that 9 million to purchase another player worth 9 mil at the time, say Brett Favre.

Favre has a good week and increses to 9.5 million. you sell him for Green again, and have another net profit of .5 mil, instead of having that 8 million sit doing nothing in the "cash left". Your roster value is now 52.5 million...

Or, Favre gets injured, and his value draps to 8 million. You lose one million and can't now can't afford to buy Trent Green. (this is also a possibility with Brister, who might drop .5 million, meaning you only had 8.5 to spend on Green).

Just trying to clear it up - hope I'm not confusing you more...

08-08-2001, 07:56 PM

You answered my question perfectly that time. I was afraid that if I didn't spend the entire amount of funds available to me at that time I would lose the excess.

Thanks for helping an Old Geezer across the street. :)

keg in kc
08-09-2001, 11:12 PM
Glad to have you JQ. ;)

keg in kc
08-09-2001, 11:23 PM
You have a valid point.

keg in kc
08-09-2001, 11:38 PM
We're up to 28.

More! More!

08-10-2001, 12:06 AM
29 now

Chiefs Pantalones
08-10-2001, 12:21 AM
Ok Kyle. I'm here.

keg in kc
08-10-2001, 12:28 AM
Okay Cody. Just ask me whatever you need to know.

(I'll be in and out, I'm working on several things right now...)

Just follow the directions I laid out in the first post to go to the TSN site and register yourself.

Chiefs Pantalones
08-10-2001, 12:58 AM

I'm going to finish this tomorrow. I have to get up in 5 hours.:eek:

I'll talk to you tomorrow about this!

Oh, and when I do get started on this FFL, if my team sucks after week one, can I resign? (like Gun almost did:D )



keg in kc
08-10-2001, 01:01 AM
No hurry, Cody, there's almost a month left before the season starts...

08-10-2001, 01:54 AM
Ahhhh...Finally done with 10,000 to spare for myself....don't I wish

08-10-2001, 05:52 AM
Just a quik ?

During this time before the season starts trades are unlimited. Let's say that I am 1mill under that cap of 50 mill and I have M.Anderson who is a 5mill cap hit, someone approaches me to trade M.Anderson for M.Faulk who has a 11mill cap hit, would it be a legal trade even though it would put me over the cap of 50mill? And if legal would it increase my overall cap space for the future personnel moves?

keg in kc
08-10-2001, 06:19 AM
Cooter, there's no actual "trading" in this game, so that scenario can't happen...

Every team can select/own every player, so all 29 teams could have, say, Trent Green on the roster, or someone else. So anyone on your roster is available to everyone else, and vice versa. If you don't find someone you want for some reason (i.e. snoop minnis isn't in the game), then chances are he just isn't on the list of players yet, but they'll add him.

As for exceeding the 50 million cap before the season, you can't. It won't let you pick up a player if his salary will take you over it.

08-11-2001, 12:39 PM
I've registered, recieved the e-mail confirming my registration, but no matter what I click on, I am returned to the log-in page.
I put in my user name and password, still returned to the log in page.

It doesn't tell me that I've entered anything wrong.

I click on 'your division', still returned to the log-in page.
I click on 'your team', returned to the log-in page.
I don't see any link to 'join a division' or to 'select players'

I click on draft package, it takes me to a page that tells me about the package, but askes me to either register if I haven't joined yet, or to enter my user name and password.
After entering name and password, I'm returned to the log-in page.

I liked this game better when it was Small World.

08-13-2001, 05:58 PM
Whats up with this stuff?

"There was a problem with your registration.
Sorry, the username "KCGannonStalker" is already taken."

Is someone here out to get me?

08-13-2001, 06:14 PM
No Matter! I've created my team and drafted my roster.

It's going to be great watching all you guys in my rearview mirror.

Go Cheifs!

keg in kc
08-13-2001, 06:20 PM
Hahahaha! :D

I can see it now, all Raiders plus Brent Green...

08-13-2001, 06:27 PM
I haven't tried it yet.
I'll get to it later this week.

I'll let you know.

keg in kc
08-13-2001, 06:31 PM
JQ, I'm counting 32 teams right now. Not sure why you'd be seeing only 20, unless you somehow got into the wrong division.

What's your team name?

08-13-2001, 06:33 PM
I couldn't find Brent, so I took that Hawaiian guy.

keg in kc
08-13-2001, 06:49 PM
Good, good.

For everyone else who might be in the wrong division, to change all you have to do is go to the "Your Division" link under the Game Tools menu. There, you'll find a link (on top of the list of teams) for "Change Division".

Glad to see you JQ, and I've done what you just did more than once, heh :eek:

That's why I generally keep the smaque to a minimum. Half the time I end up doing something that makes myself look (even more...) like an idjit!

08-17-2001, 06:46 AM
Kyle, I can't get into the division. When I search for a division called Chiefsplanet, it says "no division" so I can't join. Will you please send a challenge to philkloster@yahoo.com?

keg in kc
08-17-2001, 07:15 AM
Done, Phil.

08-17-2001, 08:47 AM
Thanks, I got in. For future people having the problem, you must use proper capitalization. When trying to join the league, type ChiefsPlanet - I was unable to get in typing chiefsplanet.

08-17-2001, 09:35 AM
I can't get to my team.

Anyone else having problems with the FFL site today?

Locked out.

keg in kc
08-17-2001, 09:38 AM
I was just able to get to mine with no problems, Gaz.

08-19-2001, 08:01 AM
I'm (finally) in.

Let the games begin!