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03-10-2008, 03:51 PM

A Tinderbox Waiting to Happen! (http://www.bluejersey.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=7104)

by: KathyCallahan (http://www.bluejersey.com/userDiary.do?personId=900)

Sun Mar 09, 2008 at 11:52:59 AM EDT

(post slightly edited, with changes to ordering) Update by Juan Melli. Some of Kathy's post is confusing, so she has provided some clarification:I used a figure of speech that might be confusing for readers and I want to clarify: By December 18 I got all of my donations back. I happily donated $2,000. They had my VISA card on file. Unauthorized donations were made.
In addition, I was actually double charged for an event that I did attend.
Smoking gun: $5,800 is $1,200 over the legal limit.
I would say this in a court of law. I am an honest person...the following statement is true down to the letter:
Matt McQuenney who works in the compliance department at HRC headquarters told me verbatim -"What happened to you with credit card errors is happening to others,. You are not alone. Kathy, I'm trying hard to find out where and who it's coming from. What's going on!"
I voluntarily left the Hillary Finance Committee after I discovered more than $3,000 in unauthorized charges from HRC campaign on my own VISA card! And that set off a wave of overdrafts and $400 in bank charges that I was stuck with. And the compliance officer Allison Wright at Hillary VA headquarters refused to reimburse me for the charges. And the senior finance reps who I notified about more than $3,000 in unauthorized Visa Charges never once aplogized or empathized with my plight, much less sent me a "sorry for all the trouble" note and a check!
Unbelievably, it took me more than a month of pleading and begging via email to get the money back. I was told verbatim:
"Kathy Callahan, you are going to be with us all the way to the White House...So let's leave the money where it is and we'll save time on inevitable future donations and transactions!"
I went into a state of abject shock, disbelief and later anger! Heartbroken. I didn't want to report this entirely correctable problem to anyone outside the Hillary campaign! One long month later, and at the behest of a bank executive who said to me a few days before Christmas Eve, "You are way way way over the legal donor limit, Kathy! What are they thinking? Are they thinking at all?"
So I followed his direction and filed a police report in Ridgefield. I then notified Allison Wright and Cc'ed senior finance reps (who I met many times) via email again about the police report and said, "Enough is Enough, already! Christmas is coming!"
It was then and only then and within a matter of seconds that I got a cell phone call and email from Allison Wright imploring me, "Kathy, please don't do anything, formally! I will send you whatever you want back, immediately!" I told her, "You can send all of my money back!"
Finally, $5,300 large came back to me but not the $400 in overdraft charges. And to think that the legal limit during the primary is $2,300 and I had already generously and enthusiastically donated $2,000 to Hillary legitimately!
I had no other choice but to walk away! And I am so glad that I did. Every cloud has a green, gold and silver lining. And in my case it's Barack Obama.
-Kathy Callahan, MSW, NJ LCSW, MASS LICSW
<hr> I think Barack Obama can win the so called big states like California, New York and New Jersey during the general election. Dems will gladly vote for the affable uniter and fighter Obama...The Clinton argument that she won the big states and that is why she should be the coronated nominee is what I call in my line of work - a false cause argument...
For the first time, in the South and West, so called small, medium, and big size states (and in every region of the country) are turning out an unprecedented number of Dem voters and a colorful future....In Wyoming a % of Rep and Indep could easily go for Obama in the general...More than Hillary will capture for sure.
Where the states have no names. In the context of the big picture and in the fullness of time: we are the United States of America. And Hillary nit-pick arguing that Obama lost Texas and Ohio and that she is the stronger candidate is an illusion. Hard results reveal that Rush Limbaugh effectively rallied tens of thousands in Texas to switch from Republican to Dem for a day and vote for Hillary (Please go to Texas Sec't of state web site to see the very revealing county by county voting breakdown and also see reason.com/blog/show/125327.html) Err Rush's Republican switching strategy TRUMPED the 3 am "More spin than substance" red phone call strategy.
STILL Barack Obama picked up more delegates in Texas than Hillary and effectively brought out an unprecedented DEM turn-out, again. This is the rub: One year ago, Obama was virtually unknown outside of Illinois. Now he is a beloved household name that produces staggering electoral results and Dem grassroots activism in the cities and hinterlands of Alaska!
NY and NJ Dems are intrinsically linked and will be voting as one - and transformed into a veritable "super states" region" that no doubt will go for the Democrat and joyfully so for Barack Obama during the general election. Governor Ed Rendell himself said so on Meet The Press.
And another thing. Rank and file Democrats and young and impressionable first time voters are not turned on to the Dem political process when they hear and read everyday "the Clintons" discrediting Obama at each and every turn and IN the same breath telling Obama that he can be Hillary's VP! And that's the key distinction here. Now the Clintons, James Carville and Lanni Davis are feverishly piching, Obama can be Hillary's VP. The VP is the one who is ready to be President in a heart beat...Certainly, Obama is qualified to be VP because he is uniquely qualified to be president of the U.S. But that's not what Clinton et al are actually spinning and weaving at every opportunity. They say, "All Obama has is a speech."
Yes Words do matter. Their collective desperation is a sure fire smoking gun that foreshadows defeat. And the Clinton's NOT releasing their joint tax returns, President Clinton's donor list, and Hillary's schedule as First Lady certainly won't fly with the rank and file Dem tax payer!
That Super Delegate Senator George Mitchell - a truly great and honorable man who actually brokered the Irish peace Process has not come out for Hillary Clinton...
All of this and then some including Norman Hsu and "24/7 Republican cheap Monica shots" will be fodder for the general election.
Barack Obama is not carrying worn, torn and heavy baggage. And it's all that we can leave behind.
For I believe the Clinton camp knows deep down (most definitely unconsciously) that Hillary is on top is a TINDERBOX waiting to happen and during the entire course of the general election.
Barack Obama is not going to take the Clinton offer to be be Hillary's VP. This good cop / bad cop baiting is insulting to the intelligence and sensitivities of the electorate and defies credulity.
Former Senator Tom Daschle said this morning on Meet The Press: "Until the Clinton's shouted out the Obama VP proposal, I, have never ever heard of in our entire history the number two candidate running for President smugly offering the Vice Presidency to the clear front runner - Barack Obama!

Which also goes along with this Open Secrets log (http://www.opensecrets.org/indivs/search_hp.asp?txtName=Callahan%2C+Kathy&NumOfThou=0&txt2008=Y&submit=Go%21).

'Hamas' Jenkins
03-10-2008, 05:06 PM
That's f*cking sick.

03-10-2008, 05:10 PM
Is this racketeering? I don't see why it wouldn't qualify.