View Full Version : Proof that any number of people in NFL front offices are clueless

Hammock Parties
03-18-2008, 11:21 AM
I love PFW's audibles section. They have anonymous quotes from NFL front officers, scouts and coaches dating back to 2002.


This one is a doozy:

"(Chiefs CB) William Bartee is a good player. He is a cover-2 guy, a physical player. He’s got limitations when he is off the line, but he is young and you have to be patient with young players and develop them. It takes time. There are many receivers that come out of the draft, year in and year out, that could contribute right away, but the corners that come out don’t contribute in the first year. It takes time."There are also some great Herm Edwards quotes (not from him, about him).

“What make Herman Edwards such a good coach is that he doesn’t accept excuses and is so positive about it. He has such fresh energy and a charisma about him.”


"Overall, I think the Broncos are the most talented team and best team in the AFC. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them in the Super Bowl again this year if QB Brian Griese continues to play at the level he’s playing at."

Hammock Parties
03-18-2008, 11:26 AM

“The Chiefs have a lot of weapons. They are hard to defend. I would say their offensive line is the best we have played. Willie Roaf is playing well. John Tait is not playing as good as Roaf — he’s probably the fifth-best. But Will Shields is playing good, Casey Wiegmann is solid at left guard. Brian Waters is solid, and they just play good as a group. They can position and create seams. And the running back is having career years back-to-back. I am not convinced the quarterback can do it the length of the season, but he had a helluva game against Miami. Their receivers aren’t great, but they are good enough. (Tony) Gonzalez is the best in the league, by far the team’s hardest player to match up with.”


“Joey Harrington is the spark in Detroit. His leadership is really something that has to be considered. Looking at the two games he has been in, they should have beat Minnesota, they won the game before that, and I think Joey Harrington just brings something to the table, and that is leadership and the intangibles. Needless to say, he has a pretty quick release, he has good feet, he is an athlete and he is struggling with all the things that a first-year quarterback is going to struggle with, but I think down the line, he is going to be a real good one.”

03-18-2008, 11:31 AM
Christ, that reads like a bunch of homer fans on an internet BB. :)