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10-03-2000, 05:45 PM
I like this guy. He's show flashes and he's a super athlete. Not even Curtis Conway can hack it as a Chargers WR with Leaf, Harbaugh, & Moreno pitching. I say sign him as our 5th. Let him work on his routes & hands for a year and see what happens. Low risk, potential high return.....

10-03-2000, 08:15 PM
I agree. As soon as I heard that the Chargers cut him, I was hoping that the Chiefs brass might have him in for a workout. Anyone else heard anything?


10-03-2000, 09:32 PM
The Charger fans are saying good riddance to him. They are questioning his speed, strength and attitude. Based on his size and lack of speed, I'd move him to TE

10-04-2000, 07:11 AM
Of course Charger fans are saying good riddance. He hasn't had the opportunity to shine for them and has dropped some balls. Derrick Alexander has dropped some balls as well, he doesn't have a strong work ethic, his routes aren't always crisp but we're pretty forgiving because he usually comes around. Charger fans are just bitter because the guy cost them draft picks (an actual second & I believe a future 1st for Beathard to move up in the second to get him).

Fat Homer
10-04-2000, 08:34 AM
If memory serves me correctly, this guy is HUGE for a WR. 6'5", 220-230? That's exactly the size of WR Gun likes. We can put him through speed & hands drills. We need a 5th WR - I'd go for it; at least try him out! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-04-2000, 08:52 AM
Who do we cut to make room? Carlton Gray comes to mind, but that is only part of the problem, Gray is always inactive anyway, so of the ones who aren't who then? Parker is sticking around on ST evidently, and please not Lockett, though I think he will leave at the end of the season.

10-04-2000, 08:54 AM
Bracey Walker is expendable, IMHO. Ricks can also contribute & certainly would be required to as the 5th WR on Special Teams. Therefore, any strictly ST player we cut wouldn't be a huge loss.

10-04-2000, 09:11 AM
I'm not sure that Ricks would be a good addition. All I've heard on SD sports talk radio is how he has talent that he's wasting because he doesn't give the effort in practice, which leads to poor performance on game day. Maybe the Chiefs could get him to change, but I think that it would be a mistake to cut Walker. I didn't think much of Walker before this season, but he's stepped up his game and is playing with some fire, and provides insurance at the safety position. Gray is expendable. I'm surprised he's still here.


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Mark M [BornChiefs]
10-04-2000, 09:40 AM
Does this expression ring a bell?
"Don't throw it to stone hands!!!"

he has crappy work ethic and drops balls in pressure situations.

butterfingers, michael brick, stone hands...

Just say no.

10-04-2000, 02:34 PM
Is he truly a WR, or better as pass-catching TE. Bring him in and work him out... Larry Parker might get a little more motivated.... never hurts to have tabs on potential replacements.

10-11-2000, 01:37 PM
If Clint is gonna bring my (entirely incorrect) Stoyo topic to the top, I'm bringing this one up as well.... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-11-2000, 01:42 PM
Phil, are they going to have to widen the door for you so your head will fit?.... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


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10-11-2000, 01:44 PM
Nah, Joe. I figure this one just offsets the mistaken prediction regarding Stoyo this week.