View Full Version : Shaun Springs is hurt

08-11-2001, 06:57 PM
Just got helped off the field, putting no pressure on his knee.
Looks pretty serious. As for the Hawks, Watters, D. Jackson, and Hasslebeck look extremely good right now, but it is against Indy's D, which looks mediocre at best.

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 07:01 PM
Springs tweeked a hammy..

08-11-2001, 07:11 PM
gotta hate that...hammy injuries just suck

they gotta rate a close 2, right after the dreaded "ACL"

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 07:20 PM
You wish!...:) He'll be fine.

Hass looks good and the first team "D" looked good against Manning James and Harrison..

Yep, I'm convinced we are going to win the next 5 Superbowls now!!...:eek:

Based on this pre-season game , we are a lock this year to win the west

99 yard drive...not bad

08-11-2001, 08:00 PM
Joe...the Hawks look pretty damn good. I hate to say it. Both Watters and Alexander look strong. Fauria is playing awesome.
Ditto for Hasslebeck, D. Jackson, and the Hawks D. Chiefs better be ready for this group.:eek:

The Bad Guy
08-11-2001, 08:01 PM

Give me a fantasy report on Darrell Jackson, and Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck is currently my third QB behind Culpepper and Brad Johnson.

And Darrell Jackson is my 4th receiver behind Bruce, Freeman and Gonzalez.

It would be great to see both of them emerge so I could use them as trade bait

08-11-2001, 08:06 PM
Scoop...I'm watching the game, and I have been very impressed with Hasslebeck thus far. He's confident in his reads and throws,
and is playing very well in Holmgren's system. D. Jackson also looks very good, him and Hasslebeck are clicking, and he's running very good routes, unlike the end of last year. Fauria looks fantastic at the TE spot. The Hawks D is also playing very well...they just blocked a punt, and have the ball at the Colts one yard line.

keg in kc
08-11-2001, 08:07 PM
They called his hammy injury a "leg injury" during the Zima Halftime Report ("ZIMA" HALFTIME REPORT?!!? Who drinks zima watching football...), but I'm not sure if that was anything but a boo-boo by merely Dan Patrick.

Either way, that's not the kind of thing you want to see during a preseason game. As a football fan, I hope he's okay quickly. As a Chiefs fan I hope it bugs him all year. ;)

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 08:08 PM
Frank...You have a very good looking Team there...IMHO, Jackson will have a monster year..lot of catches, lot of TD's He is basically the go to reciever on a pretty good offensive unit..DJ will have a good year..

Hass?????? I have no Idea...He sure looks good in August though..My gut feeling is he will have a chance to hoist the Lombardi someday, but I need to see how he handles the pressure of this year..

The Bad Guy
08-11-2001, 08:11 PM
Joe and Canada,

Thanks for the updates.

I liked Jackson a lot. I got him and Hasselbeck in the 12th and 13th rounds, and think they could be diamonds.

The real problem I'm gonna have in fantasy is at my second running back. I'm hoping that Terrell Davis stays down because I drafted Mike Anderson late, and picked up Olandis Gary. I have Curtis Martin already, and couple him with Anderson or Gary and I'm set at just about every position.

I also have Priest Holmes, but I'm gonna see how many touches he gets before I go nuts about his fantasy ability.

08-11-2001, 08:12 PM

Is this the same hammy that he has been battling in the past? If so it could be one of those Isaac Bruce two year battles to get over it...

08-11-2001, 08:20 PM
Scoop...I really think M. Anderson is going to be the starter.

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 08:21 PM
jl80, I'm still trying to figure that out...Warren Moon (sideline reporter) says it is Not the same Hammy,...The announcer said it was..So ? I missed the play if was his right Hammy then that would be opposite...Frikkin Hammies! It just sucks that a stupid hamstring injury could mess with your career so bad..Gotta figure a way to reduce those fargin things!

keg in kc
08-11-2001, 08:27 PM
Looked like the right leg on the clip I saw, Joe.

08-11-2001, 08:41 PM
I just saw a clip and it looked to me like his LEFT leg...


Anderson will be the starter...

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 08:44 PM
See what I mean!!...Sheesh, I missed the play and All I get is conflicting reports...:confused:

He'll be alright...

08-11-2001, 09:04 PM
I don't know if he'll be alright Joe. He looked hurt pretty bad.
You can usually put weight on a hamstring injury, be Springs was helped to the sidelines, with no pressure whatsoever being put on his sore leg.

Joe Seahawk
08-11-2001, 09:14 PM
Canada, you're right...It does NOT look good....

08-11-2001, 09:42 PM
I'm still waiting to get an update, but you're right...I just saw it again and it looks bad...

California Injun
08-11-2001, 10:42 PM

If it is any comfort to you, I think it was both legs.;)

keg in kc
08-12-2001, 02:25 AM
"Seattle lost cornerback Shawn Springs early in the second quarter, when he injured his left hamstring. He needed help from two trainers to leave the field and spent the rest of the game with an ice pack on his leg.

There was no immediate word on the severity of the injury."

Doesn't sound good, Joe.

08-12-2001, 02:43 AM
I heard a radio snipet that Springs injury is not considered serious yet. I was only halfway listening so don't take my word for it

08-12-2001, 05:21 AM
Seahawks official site says he has a pulled lower hamstring.

08-12-2001, 08:45 AM
Told you it was LEFT...

HA! :D

08-13-2001, 08:39 PM
Just an update...initial reports suggest Springs has a torn hamstring and will be out at least 4-6 weeks. Darn...that means he won't be covering Derrick Alexander in week two:D :rolleyes: