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04-19-2008, 09:55 AM
I'm going to start a series of 3-4 threads concerning what I would do if I were in charge of a league for a week. I wouldn't be a commissioner, and I wouldn't worry about unions. This would be my Utopian ideas of how to make the leagues better. Please feel free to shoot down, disagree, or add to my list of actions during my week.
I'll try to keep the list brief, as I only have a week to implement my ideas.

So to start, here is what I would do during my week as NFL Czar:

1: Make the salaries of drafted players slotted, like the NBA. Once you are drafted, you know how much you will make, and for how long. Established players should be the ones signing the biggest contracts.

2: Keep a hard salary cap with one exception. You can sign one player every five years under the new label of "Cornerstone Player." The salary of this player will only count against the cap as much as the average of the top 8 players at his position. This player must have been either drafted by that team, or signed as an undrafted player by that team. Exceptions made, on a cse by case basis, will be for players who played for another team, but didn't breakout in the league till they played for your team. (Tony Richardson Clause)

3: Domes will be phased out of the NFL. Football is meant to be played int eh elements. If you travel to Phoenix, you should prepare to play in the hot. If you travel to Detroit, you should prepare to play in the snow and cold. This sucks for fans, but the game is better, IMO.

4: No blackout rule. I don't think the rule works for the reason it's supposed to, and I'm doing away with it.

5: Good Behavior Rule: If you are convicted of a felony or any drug-related crime, you will be suspended (length of suspension to be determined). If you are charged with a felony or drug-related crime, on a case by case basis you will be suspended, depending on the severity, evidence and your prior history. Finally, if you are charged with a felony or drug-related crime, and your contract runs out, you must either sit out, or play for your current team under the terms of the lowest level of pay that was in that contract until your charges have run their course. If your trial ends or your charges are dropped during the season, you will become a free agent at the end of that season.