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04-21-2008, 11:09 PM
Chiefs picking players to start right away
By ADAM TEICHER | The Kansas City Star

Endless days are nothing unusual for NFL teams as they prepare for the draft. Even more overtime is the norm for a team like the Chiefs, who have a needs list so long they would have trouble fielding a team if they had to play a game today.

“We’ve gone deeper than we have the previous two years,” said Bill Kuharich, the Chiefs’ vice president for player personnel. “We’ve done 321 players. We’ve spent more time on each player. We’ve gone from 8 a.m. until 10 (p.m.) for 14 straight days. We’ve spent more time in-depth on players because of the quality of this draft.

“We didn’t do as many players last year. The most I’ve ever done for one draft is 321 players in 20-plus years of doing this. But there are good reasons we took so much time on each particular player.”

As much attention as there might be on the Chiefs’ first pick, which is fifth overall, they can’t afford for this to be a one-player draft. After finishing a 4-12 season with nine straight losses, the Chiefs gutted their roster, dumping several veteran players they deemed part of the problem and not part of the solution.

The result is a team that can use a lot of help in a lot of places. The Chiefs will soon need a boxcar to carry all of their rookie offensive linemen. They also must have cornerbacks, wide receivers, a quarterback and a kick returner.

If they are successful in dealing Jared Allen, they also will have to draft a pass-rushing defensive end.

These players won’t just fill out the roster. Many will be asked to play. Coach Herm Edwards said he expects at least five draft picks to start for the Chiefs.
Not eventually, and not just sometime next season, but in time for the Sept. 7 season opener against the Patriots in New England.

“We’re not drafting all of these guys to develop them,” Edwards said. “We’re drafting some of these guys to play. It’s not only about their talent, but it’s about whether they can handle it, whether they can handle lining up and starting. That’s what we’re dealing with this year, and that’s OK.

“The majority of your football team is not first-round draft choices. They’re second- or third- or fifth-round draft choices, sixth-round draft choices. That’s what will solidify your football team.”

Draft fortunes appear to be with the Chiefs. This year’s class is generally considered to be among the deepest in years.

That’s particularly true at positions where the Chiefs have some of their greatest needs: offensive line, cornerback and wide receiver. At all those positions, it’s a good year to load up.

“People talk about how there’s no clear-cut No. 1 player in this draft, and that’s probably true,” said Matt Miller, who runs an Internet scouting site at www.newerascouting.com. “But there are so many good players at so many positions. There’s talent at every position where someone can step in and change your franchise no matter what you need.

“There’s something in this draft for everyone. There’s a lot to choose from, so it’s going to be interesting.”

The Chiefs have drafted twice since hiring Edwards and promoting Kuharich, who formerly headed their pro scouting department. Five of the 14 players they drafted are starters. Most of the rest are reserves.

If this draft is to be successful, the Chiefs will need to hit on more of the picks in the bottom half. Of the eight players drafted in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds the last two years, only safety Jarrad Page figures to have much of an impact this season.

“Where the Chiefs are going to make their program is in those middle and late rounds,” said former Chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon, now a TV analyst for CBS. “Look at Green Bay’s roster. I think it’s the youngest in football. I think the average age is about 26 years old. They’ve done such a good job in the draft, but it’s not just the first round. It’s the second, third, fourth rounds. They’ve really worked the draft and now have a lot of young talent. That’s where you make or break your roster. That’s how you separate yourself from the field.

“It sounds like the Chiefs have a pretty solid plan in place. They’re positioned well for the draft. These next two years are really going to be big for them. There’s certainly a youth movement

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Yay! Opening day in New England...ummmm, no thank you

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Idiot , not a fan...but paid.....

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Wow we are gonna get smoked by New England. I am excited for the future seasons, but 08-09 is going to be ugly I am afraid.

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Wow we are gonna get smoked by New England.

What makes you say that? :rolleyes: