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04-22-2008, 07:43 AM
Deberg_1990's thread led me to check out that avs forum website. It seems to be a really cool site. They have a listing to find your city with HD info for that area. I came across this post about Fox 43 in Topeka's anticipated HD signal. I thought I would share since I know that I as well as Guru and some others are waiting for this to happen. This poster goes by the username FOX 43 GM.

Good Morning,

I have received requests to update our over the air HD status and wanted to let this group know where things currently stand.

We are ready to make the upgrade whenever we receive permission from the FCC to do so.

As sometimes happens when trying to put the puzzle together, not all the pieces fit and the commission stops the process until things catch up.

Such is the case right now. The FCC has frozen all applications until mid-August when they hope to get things going again.

Long story, short - we are looking at sometime in the fall before we will be allowed to make the transition.

I know that some of you regularly check the FCC site for updates so I would recommend you keep an eye out for any news of the freeze being lifted.

We're all in a hurry for this - but our only choice is to be patient.


04-22-2008, 09:27 AM
I see that somebody put an icon on the thread for me. Thanks, I forgot about that part. Although it could have been the TV icon, as well.