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04-22-2008, 09:46 PM
Some of you Know I'm a K-State Alum, but I think we can all admit he's at least a third rounder in the draft. If this Jared Allen thing works out I'd love for the Chiefs to grab him with one of our third round picks. Alot of draft experts have him anywhere from mid 2nd to early third. He's exactly the type of reciever that Herm likes especially with his size (6'3" 217). At the Combine alot of scouts where asking local media "does this guy ever drop a pall?" Also he ran I believe a 4.48 and a 4.52 in the 40, but on ESPN according to their scouts he'll run faster in pads than alot of guys that posted a faster time because of his strength.

If we can get him opposite of Bowe we'd have a true #1 and #2 recievers by NFL standards. We've always had a #2 playing as a #1 and everybody else below Kennison sucked. If the Allen thing happens I believe we'll have 5 picks in the first three rounds. Hopefully they all work out, but in reality there will be a guy that doesn't pan out. We need to have at least four of these guys to contibute in some way this year. Then with the remaining 7 picks there should be a several guys that can be helpful this year or really surprise like Allen or Page who was a 7th rounder. I've watched Jordy for four years and he just kept getting better. Not many guys that walk-on end up being a consensus All-American which I think shows what a hard worker he is.

I think using our 3rd rounder on Jordy would be a great value according to all the scouts. Currently in the ESPN Top 100 he's ranked 48 and they said he could move into the the 31-40 range by draft day. If we can end up taking Minnesota's 2nd we may want to use that on him because when I went to get his measurements on ESPN.com and started looking at the most current stuff, I don't think he'll be there by the time we pick in third. Hell he might now be there with Minnesota's second. Using our second would be reaching, but as I mentioned he'd be a good value with the 45th. What do you guys think?

P.S. the Royals are starting to really look like shit. That game tonight and the series with Oakland has been an embarrasment. Meche needs to get himself straightened out along with Guillen and the rest of the offense. We've got $23 million wrapped up in two guys. One only went 3 1/3rd, had an ERA that is going to be in the 17-19 range, and the other struck out 4 times against a guy that came into the game with a 13.5 ERA. Maybe Trey needs to chew them out again on the field after the game like he did in Spring training. Treat them like a Little League team or the team that everybodys been getting healthy on for the last four years. Thats what they look like right now.

04-22-2008, 09:49 PM
I'd take him in the 3rd

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I don't really like him to be honest.......he gets pub here cause he's local but to be dead honest I don't like many of this years WR's...it's a bad year.

I'd honestly say they'd be better off not taking any WR's till the after 4 or 5 or waiting till next year.

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Put Jordy in the slot, and also nab Maurice Purify in later rounds ;)