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04-24-2008, 04:22 PM
*Jared Allen walks off the tarmac to his new teammates in Minneapolis*

Hutch: Jared!

Pat: Jared!

Adrian: The madman himself!

JA: What's up guys? I'm ****ing thrilled to be here. Let's stir some shit up this year.

Hutch: Hell yeah!

Sidney: That's what I'm talking about!

Tavaris: ****in' A, man!

JA: Tell you what, before I go to the hotel, how about we get acquainted.

Adrian: Awesome, man. There's a Red Robin right around the corner.

JA: Ehh... no, nah. I'm thinking something more mobile where we can move around and have fun. C'mon! I want to get to know you guys!

Chester: Did you hit up Mall of America when you were here last? We always get chicks all over us there. It's perfect.

JA: No, not that mall. I'm more interested in a less commercial place to hang.

Tavaris: Perfect, we have the perfect place. Benny's.

JA: Sounds promising...

Hutch: I ****ing love Benny's. This guy Benny's runs the establishment...

JA: Yes...

Pat: And every time we go by we get free steaks.

JA: Hm.

Pat: Jared -- the guy gives us free steaks! You can't beat it.

JA: I'm not real hungry, though.

Chester: Well we can head over to my gym and shoot some hoops. You gotta see Pat play on the blocks, the guy is KILLAH.

JA: No, I don't feel up to it. Jet lag.

Hutch: Jared, you just said you weren't hungry, so what are we--

JA: I know. I mean I don't have an appetite. But I want to go to an establishment where we can sit, and you know...

Chester: Drink.

JA: NO. ... No. That is NOT what I'm saying.

Sidney: What are you saying, then.

JA: I want to go to some place like the place I own back in KC.

Tavaris: That's a bar, Jared. You own a bar.

JA: Well, yes and no.

Hutch: It's a goddamn bar.

JA: Okay, well, it's a bar. But I don't want to drink.

Sidney: You just want to sit at a table at a bar and eat and drink nothing?

JA: Well we don't have to DRINK anything, but I'd like to just have a bottle resting in my hands.

Hutch: Okay this is just ****ed up.

Adrian: WE TRADED FOR YOU. We can't do this.

JA: Well, just tell me, do you have any places like this?

Sidney: We have an Indigo Joe's--

Everybody: SIDNEY!!!

Sidney: OH SHIT.


Chester: ****ing shit.

JA: *walking to the rental car* I'm driving!

04-24-2008, 04:35 PM
:spock: :spock:

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swing and a miss. . .

hammer meet nail

04-24-2008, 05:03 PM
Wow, its like you recorded their conversation or something.

04-24-2008, 05:14 PM
*Jared walks off the tarmac and is greeted by his new teammates*

Adrian- Hello Jared

Steve- Hello Mr. Allen

Tony- Hello and glad we are reunited Jared

Jared- SHUT UP

Tony- what?

Steve- huh?

Jared- Just shup up

Adrian- what gives Jared?

Jared- you had me at hello, *sniffle* you had me at hello