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OTA Recap/Week No. 1
May 23, 2008, 9:02:11 AM by Bob Gretz - FAQ

The Chiefs have four of their off-season workouts under their belts. They will come back and hold three more next week. Here’s a recap of those first sessions and some of the work that got done in the first week of the 2008 Chiefs.

Remember this: it’s the middle of May. The players are not wearing pads; they are practicing in shorts and there is minimal physical contact, so it’s not really football.

But it’s instructive nonetheless. Here’s what we learned this week.

Brodie’s Spot
During last Thursday’s 7-on-7 passing drill, Jeff Webb went streaking down the right side line. He appeared to be well covered by the cornerback short and the safety coming over the top. Croyle drilled a perfectly thrown ball between the two defenders and into Webb’s hands. It was a bullet and it was one of the toughest throws in the quarterback book.

In the first week of work Croyle has thrown the ball well. Yes, there is not a pass rush and there isn’t a howling crowd in the stands; it’s just basic football, pitch and catch. But Croyle has looked very good doing the basics.

“He’s done a good job,” said Herm Edwards. “I think he feels good about this offense and what we want to do.”

Tony Gonzalez certainly liked what he saw. “He’s thrown the ball well,” the Chiefs tight end said. “I think he’s going to have a big year.”

While Croyle is getting respect from his teammates, some in the media can’t quite believe it’s happening. Here’s the lead paragraph on an article about the Chiefs quarterback in last week’s Kansas City Star:

“Brodie Croyle appears to have won over Chiefs coaches. But some players still want Croyle, a second-year starter at quarterback, to prove himself.”

Nowhere in the rest of the story is there a player quoted about Croyle needing to prove himself. Instead, there are comments from Dwayne Bowe talking about how well his quarterback is doing and what they can accomplish together. Quite obviously, it was the writer who wants Croyle to prove himself.

Such is the nature of today’s newspaper journalism (commentary hiding in a news story) and such is the nature of life as an NFL starting quarterback.

Remarkable Turnout
There are 92 players on the Chiefs roster. Eliminate safety Greg Wesley, who will not be with the team, but has not yet been released or traded. That’s 91. For most of the week two rookies were unable to take part in the workouts because their schools were still in session: safety Ron Girault and running back Kalvin McRae. That’s 89.

During four practices, there were 89, 89, 88 and 89 players on the field. Those are remarkable numbers, never seen before in off-season work with this team. Usually there are at least two or three disgruntled veterans, unhappy with their contract or the like. That was not the case in the Chiefs first week.

In the coming weeks those numbers will fluctuate. The Chiefs already know that tight end Tony Gonzalez will miss next week’s work; he’s going to become a father on Tuesday in southern California.

But he plans to come back.

Of those 89 players, four were in attendance but not practicing as they recover from injuries and off-season surgeries. Starting free safety Jarrad Page is watching because of post-season shoulder surgery. Linebacker Johnny Baldwin is still coming back from the knee injury he suffered at mid-season. Tackle Will Svitek is not practicing because of a bum shoulder and cornerback Tyron Brackenridge is out of action after surgery this month on a broken jaw.

Larry Johnson missed the Thursday practice, but that was a coach’s decision based on the team working inside on artificial turf. Earlier in the week, Johnson ran very well, showing a good burst and no ill effects from his foot injury suffered last season.

Right now, the Chiefs expect all of those players to be available for the start of training camp. Several may be able to practice before the OTAs end in the middle of June.

The Chiefs only did one session in four days where the offensive and defensive lines went head-to-head. That came Thursday in a 9-on-7 drill for the running game. The most impressive defensive linemen was tackle T.J. Jackson, who spent time on the practice squad last year. He was quick and disruptive on the second-team line … earlier in the week, draft choice Brandon Carr had a nice interception of a pass intended for Bowe. Carr and another rookie cornerback, college free agent Maurice Leggett made some nice plays in coverage over four days … college free agent Connor Barth had the best week among the three kickers on the roster … there are a number of players getting a look at handling the return duties, with the group led by B.J. Sams and rookie Kevin Robinson. Also catching balls every day have been second-year man Rashad Barksdale and rookies Leggett and wide receiver Luke Swan.

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A repost......Since it was a new article I figured it would have still been on the front page

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