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Former Missouri star wide receiver Franklin already impressing Chiefs
The Kansas City Star

Dwayne Bowe led all rookie receivers last season in receptions and yardage, so he obviously figured out some things quickly.

He had to, as anyone who witnessed his spring debut can recall. Bowe, who was unsteady and fighting the ball every time it headed his way during spring practice last year, looked more like an undrafted rookie than a first-round pick.

In other words, Bowe looked like most rookie receivers. For whatever reason, receivers tend to strain in making the transition from college to the NFL even at a time of year no contact allowed when they should be shining.

All of which is why the Chiefs are cheered by the early play from Will Franklin, their fourth-round draft pick from Missouri. While its probably going too far to say Franklin was a star last week, the first week of offseason practice for the Chiefs, he certainly didnt look as if he were lost.

Franklin instead looked as if he belonged.

Hes really quick making his moves, and hes got really strong hands, said quarterback Damon Huard, who now in his 12th NFL season has seen more than a few rookie receivers come and go.

Hes dropped a couple of passes, but everyones dropped a couple. As a rookie receiver, its always tough for those guys coming into a situation like this. But hes got the skills to be a special player. If he works hard at it, he will.

Jeff Webb and Devard Darling are currently heading the line to be the starting wide receiver opposite Bowe. Its not inconceivable Franklin could beat them out.

He just has the rookie thing to overcome. Its easy to forget in light of Bowes big season, but even he didnt begin the season as a starter. He inherited the spot in the second game left by Eddie Kennison, who went out with an injury on the first offensive play of the year.

Its unfamiliarity with the offense, for one, and with the quarterback, said coach Herm Edwards, listing some of the reasons that rookie receivers have problems. The window closes a lot faster in pro football than it does in college football, so you have to be more disciplined in your route running. All of those things are a factor.

All of a sudden, youre playing against good corners. Thats a difference.

Webb caught 28 passes as a part-time player last season, but the Chiefs appear more comfortable with him as a reserve. Darling was unable to make much of an impression or earn much playing time in four seasons with Baltimore.

So Franklin might be their best hope for a dangerous downfield option to Bowe and tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs put his Arrowhead Stadium locker next to that of Gonzalez perhaps in the hope some of the wisdom might rub off.

He tells me to do the extra things, Franklin said. The extra things will give you a longer career. (Gonzalez asks) Do you want a two- or three-year career or a 10-year career like me? Those words alone tell me what its going to take.

Franklin also has been hearing it from Bowe, whose locker is across the spacious room. But Bowe is loud enough to be heard over at Kauffman Stadium.

Hes been in my ear every day in the meetings and even out there on the field, Franklin said. Hes wanting me to go out there and establish myself as the next receiver.

I have no complaints. Its going all right, but its going to get better the more I know and understand the offense.

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