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07-03-2008, 09:02 PM
From Chiefs Coalition:


June 21 & 22, I spent time with Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell as the two of us were among several coaches instructing a few hundred kids at The Robert Fitzpatrick Inner city football combine in Pittsburgh, PA.

John and I are friends and I ALWAYS pick his brains about various players. Here's some of his insight on a couple of Chiefs players AND coaches.

Glenn Dorsey: Of course Mitchell watched him up close at the combine and watched tons of tape and then simply joined the choir when praising Doresy's ferocious, attack-style game. He called Dorsey a monster! Ran down all kinds of freakish attributes inside his powerful body.

Adrian Jones: I told Mitchell about the o-line transformation going on and asked him about Jones since he coached against him a few times. I was surprised but Mitchell's eyes got big, then he shook his head emphatically and said "THAT'S a good ball player. Man he's good". I was like, really??? He said "yeah man!" So I asked, should Chiefs fans feel confident about Jones as a starting interior lineman. He said, "yes. Absolutely!" I read up on Jones coming out of college and scouts called him a smart and athletic player, not a mauler. Mitchell agreed greatly with that assessment, he's more of a positional blocker with nice athleticism. For what it's worth, it's coming from an opposing D-line coach who schemed against Jones.

Gunther Cunningham: Woooooooooooo, SHIT!!!! Mitchell said Gunther needs to go!! He basically talked about Cunningham the way James Hasty talked to me about Ty Law, during the week of Super Bowl 40. Hasty said Law was overrated. Mitchell basically says that Gunther is not liked by a lot of his coaches and then he mentioned Don Blackmon and Tim Krumrie in particular. At the time of the Law conversation I thought Hasty was just hating on Law but he turned out to be damn accurate. A few years ago Mitchell was in Gunther's corner but now he's not a believer but I couldn't get into many details. I was just left with the notion that Gunther is getting in his own way.

Linebackers: We don't have any... except for Derrick Johnson, that's Mitchell's assessment. He said "they need linebackers" and Johnson is only one man." We'll see what's up with that as the season progresses.

Those are the thoughts of one guy, not only close to the game, but deeply part of the game.