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CARL PETERSON: ďAll right, let me repeat myself (http://www.kcchiefs.com/news/2008/07/26/carl_peterson_announces_glenn_dorsey_deal/). We are very, very pleased, the Kansas City Chiefs, that Glenn Dorsey signed. We found him down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana working out in the weight room. Hopefully this wonít take too long because we want him on the field for our 3:30 practice. I know (Defensive Coordinator) Gunther (Cunningham) and (Defensive Line Coach) Tim Krumrie and (Head Coach) Herm (Edwards) would like to get their teeth into him a little bit. But we are very pleased about this guy. I told him before, heís a very special football player, heís got a great career and we only wish him the best now. Weíre going to watch him get better and better.Ē

Q: Does it bother you at all that this deal didnít get done on time and get you into camp?

GLENN DORSEY: ďOf course it does. You want to come here with your teammates and come together as a team. I knew it wasnít going to take that long; we just had to iron out a few things. Iím just excited to be here. Iím excited to stand here before you all and Iím excited to get to work with my teammates and my coaches.Ē

Q: Were you okay with your agent waiting to see who signed after you?

DORSEY: ďThat was his decision. He chose the way he wanted to do things. Of course it kind of delayed the process a little bit so that was the only bad thing about that. But he did a great job, the Chiefs did a great job, and Iím just excited to be here working out in camp.Ē

Q: Did you hear from any of your teammates while you were sitting out? Did you hear from Branden Albert?

DORSEY: ďNo. I heard from a few of them, telling me how it was and everything. They were telling me they canít wait until I get back. So Iím just really looking forward to that aspect.Ē

Q: Last year when (WR Dwayne) Bowe reported a couple days late they taped him to the goalpost. Do you see anyone going to be able to get you down like that?

DORSEY: ďWell there are a lot of big strong guys here. I donít put it past anybody, but itís all in great fun. Itís just something thatís going to go on and I just take in stride. Itís a rite of passage. Whateverís going to happen is going to happen. Iíll just try to enjoy it.Ē

Q: Describe your mood in the last 24 hours Ė going from uncertainty to getting signed and now being here at camp.

DORSEY: ďHectic. You go from not knowing anything at all to a couple days to Ė weíre in, letís go. Get your stuff together; youíve got to get on a plane at 4:30 in the morning. Itís really hectic, but Iím excited. Itís a new chapter in my life.Ē

Q: Did you feel bad that you were not able to live up to your agreement with Carl (Peterson) that you would be in camp on time?

DORSEY: ďOf course. I mean, you want to come in on time. You want everything to be ironed out perfect. You want to come in with the team. I missed a few days, but Iím ready to roll. I catch up quick.Ē

Q: Will you be able to afford that dinner with Carl (Peterson) now?

PETERSON: ďItís going to be a big steak dinner. Weíll bring Branden Albert too.Ē

Q: I know football is on your mind right now more than anything else but do you have anything in your head that you want to buy?

DORSEY: ďNot really right now. Just my family; Iíd like to take care of them. Thatís down the line right now though. Right now Iím up here in River Falls taking care of business.Ē

Q: Are you anxious to put the pads on and get outside?

DORSEY: ďItís been a while. Like I said, I didnít come in on time. But that just makes me want to get in even more. Iím just going to have fun; I like to have fun when I play. Iím glad to be here, Iím glad to get this over with and get the contract out of the way and get down to business.Ē

Q: How far away are you from being game ready for August 7th?

DORSEY: ďHopefully, not too far. This is a long camp. Iím in a totally different world now playing against people who are the best at what they do. So I canít even tell you right now. I have to go through camp and see how it goes.Ē

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