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ummmmmm..... dammit Bevis this is from last year.

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Self Pwn?

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Our offensive line is going to be so much better with Jordan Black gone.

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Just in case anyone feels jipped for no article.

Where's Peter

Postcards From Camp
Kansas City Chiefs
River Falls, Wisc. | Aug. 5, 2007
More Postcards From Camp

Brodie Croyle takes over the Chiefs offense, but he hasn't shown much in camp.
Brodie Croyle takes over the Chiefs offense, but he hasn't shown much in camp.

In River Falls, Wisc., summer home of the Chiefs ... but for how long? The Chiefs are making noise that they may become another one of those teams that gives up camp life to work year-round at its home training facility. I'll campaign against that vigorously. Anything that gets teams to be able to touch their fans more, I'm for. And in River Falls (pop.: 12,000), a university town in western Wisconsin, you can buddy-up with the Chiefs pretty regularly.
Five Things I Think

1. I think the jury will be out on prospective starting quarterback Brodie Croyle until we see him manage a game under duress. Watched him Saturday in a scrimmage against the Vikes, and he was unimpressive. That and $3.49 will get you a triple grande hazelnut latte.

2. I think it's never a very good idea to have two teams face each other two nights in a row in scrimmages ... particularly when they have to bus two hours each way to do so. The Chiefs and Vikes got very chippy in the scrimmage tonight, with three separate fights breaking out, the last involving Kyle Turley, trying to win a job as the Chiefs' starting right tackle. The scrimmage was kiboshed 45 minutes early.

3. I think it's pretty interesting to note that the two corners, vets who didn't wholeheartedly jump on the Herman Edwards bandwagon last year, have come to camp hungry to play great. It shows in their weight. Patrick Surtain lost 12 pounds over last year's weight; Ty Law dropped 15. The coach is thrilled with both.

4. I think the Chiefs are rapidly falling in love with last year's second-round pick, safety Bernard Pollard. He blocked three punts last year and was probably the special teams player of the year in the NFL. This year, he'll have to lose the starting strong safety job in camp, but the team still plans to keep him on a few kicking teams because he's so good.

5. I think the Chiefs have the toughest opening quarter and closing quarter, combined, of any schedule in football. They open with three of four on the road (at Houston, at Chicago, Minnesota, at San Diego) and close with three of four on the road (at Denver, Tennessee, at Detroit, at the Jets). Eat your Wheaties this summer, men.
Did You Know?

Never know what you're going to learn from reading media guides. And the 552-page Chiefs guide has some real gems. My favorite bizarro note of the guide, in the bio for veteran linebacker Donnie Edwards: "While vacationing in Rome in 2005 [he] was present at the Vatican when the white smoke was released from the Sistine Chapel's chimney announcing to the world that Pope Benedict XVI had been chosen to succeed Pope John Paul II.''
On the Menu

Didn't chow down at the Chiefs' mess hall in the new $36-million student center at UW-River Falls. Sorry to disappoint. I did have quite a fine walleye sandwich at one of the local eateries, and if I'd been paying attention to the name, I'd tip you off on it and recommend it highly.
Camp Confidential

"We're not too worried about the Larry Johnson situation, but you obviously have to pay it some sort of mind,'' defensive end Tamba Hali said this afternoon, on a misty, rain-spitting day on the campus of UW-River Falls. "The way I look at it is Herm's not very worried about it, and if he's not worried about it, then I'm not.'' The Chiefs think Johnson, holding out in a contract dispute, will be in before the first game. Here's the thing to remember about Johnson, who, in 2005 and 2006, has more touches over a two-year span (826) than any running back in NFL history: He doesn't need camp. In some ways, it's almost better than he doesn't come to camp. For him to survive another year (if indeed he comes to camp), he needs to be very fresh on Labor Day.

Camp sages say this is the best summer Michael Bennett has ever had, at least early on. Bennett, the former Viking and Saint, has played a full season only twice in a six-year career. But he impressed in limited duty last year (36 carries, 5.6 yards per carry) and Edwards plans to run him more this year anyway, even if Johnson returns. The star of camp in the first week was Kolby Smith, who played some fullback then mostly backed up Michael Bush until Bush broke his leg last year.

So the depth at running back is good. Now the Chiefs have to trust that the rebuilt offensive line, once a staple of stability, will hold up now that Willie Roaf and Will Shields have retired within a year of each other. The wisest move Edwards made is moving John Welbourn inside to guard, where he's a better mashing fit than he was last year outside at tackle.

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Peter King is evil.....

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I feel confident Michael Bennett is going to have a HUGE year!!!