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08-21-2000, 04:17 PM
I recorded my first chiefs game on sat. Man I should have done that yyyyeeeaaarrrrsss ago. Each season (usually the first game), the putzfrau (joke) and I get into some sort of arguement over time/kids/household duties et al. But NNNOOOOO Brett has to watch his precious Chiefs game!!

This year was no exception. This time it was about the basement(see Websters under hideout). I spent a whole year building the ultimate place to watch TV (RE: Chiefs TV-I do very lil reg TV), 36" surroud,bar w/frig football pad. The secret got out, the purpose of the basement was to watch Chiefs and no, for 3 hrs a week, I wasn't going to watch the kids, I wasn't going to mow the grass etc. I tried to get assertive. Well, I assertived myself out of the bedroom as well.

Before, I could'nt tape a game. I don't have a degree in RCA cables and plugs. Also I could only get the game via Antenna. Try doing that 150 miles out of KC. My "seat" was by the antenna rotator thing magig to keep the picture-should I do KC or Omaha or Topeka and sometimes St Joe. This year, curtosy of the govmt, we were able to get local stations via dish. Finally, last sat. I did a GATZ(see Mr Webster), put in my pocket protector, flash lite in my mouth and broke the code on how to hook up the VCR to the dish. The whole time my 4yr old daughter was saying "Daddy be careful, be careful...don't shock yourself". Meanwhile the 2 yr old was at the other end pulling on various wires (I of course knew not where they came from when loose-but they didn't affect the VCR,Dish or TV).

I watched the game sun nite. Did you know that the VCR gagets have a PAUSE button?? Hey I could put the kids to bed AND THEN go back to watch the game. No big scene, no "getting cut off" over a game!!!! You'll never believe it but I didn't miss a play!! Hey, if you thought the PAUSE button was cool. The SLOW button is better! Yep no kiddin'. I'm not at the mercy of the NETWORK if they decide a commercial is more important the a slowmo replay. I now can actually see who has the ball, who can block, rush, all the football stuff you guys talk about. (scratching head) I didn't see many guys throwing the ball though..at least well.

One word-NIRVANA, I don't know if I can spell it, but I sure can say it and feel it.

MORAL- If you don't tape the game...you'er a sadist or a dummy.

08-21-2000, 04:21 PM
No name calling, Brett. I'm no dummy! LOL Thanks for the hint. And congrats on the newly found nirvana!

08-21-2000, 04:22 PM
LOL, Brett, This is real quality humerous reading. Thanks for sharing that story.

[i]Shoot 'em in the lips</I>

08-22-2000, 09:10 AM
That all being said, the VCR player is up in the living room. Now I gotta figure out how to get one into the basement. I spent my wad on the basement and am afraid another 100 bucks will break the camels back.

Huummm, maybe I can swipe the living room VCR? Noo kids watch videos there. One in the bedroom is the wifes...no go. Maybe I'll buy one and hide it!! Worse comes to worse, I'll explain that maintaining sanity in the household is worth the 100 bucks.

For with or without the VCR, you betcha I'm gonna watch my CHIEFS.

08-22-2000, 09:18 AM
I **** near had to make a prenup over designating Sunday PM's in the Fall/Winter as football time. In exchange, I go to church with her at 8AM...ouch! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/eek.gif

Im lucky I guess, I get all the games even PPV if need be.

Sounds like you've got a good setup there, Brett, btw, ever heard of TiVo? You can 'pause' live TV...

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my disk?

Mark M [BornChiefs]
10-13-2000, 01:02 PM
when a car starts knocking at inopportune times, we find the parts that are making the annoying rattle....why in the hell can't that be done with women?..

they just don't get it....mine thinks I'm supposed to suffer through the golden girls, and has the nerve to Bit** at terrible times during the game...3rd and 1 at the goal, crap like that..

I think I'll open a shop and become a woman mechanic...you guys can pay me to do a "tuneup" http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif<P>

10-14-2000, 05:30 PM
One of the FEW redeaming qualities about living in Texas... The women here (mostly) actually *like* watching football and pretend to be interested.

That is my one sexist comment for the day...