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08-19-2008, 11:35 PM
Position Breakdown: Defensive Line
August 19, 2008 - Bob Gretz |

Over the next 10 days, I will take a look at each position on the Chiefs and where I think the roster decisions are headed for the regular season. My conclusions are based on what Iíve seen during this pre-season and what I know about the Chiefs and what they are trying to create with this 2008 team. But just remember, these are my guesses, so donít commit them to stone! Events may change the picture at any position over the next two weeks.

Letís start with the defensive line.

The Chiefs figure to keep a minimum of eight and a maximum of nine defensive linemen. I think this year the number will be eight, largely because that was the number to start for each of the first two Herm Edwards teams. Plus, there just isnít a vast pool of talent there.

The starting group is locked in with Turk McBride and Tamba Hali playing the ends and Tank Tyler and Glenn Dorsey at the tackles. If that holds, it will be the first position on the Chiefs to have every starter come to the team from the NFL Draft.

Veteran Alfonso Boone gives the coaching staff a swing man, who can go inside and outside. Heís inside at tackle in the nickel defense.

Along with Boone, veteran Ron Edwards and newcomer T.J. Jackson will be the backups at the tackle spots. Jackson played five games during the 2006 season in Atlanta.

Ultimately that leaves one spot open in the eight-man group, and that guys needs to be able to play defensive end. Seventh-round draft choice Brian Johnston will likely be that man, although he really hasnít done much in this pre-season to earn the spot. Johnston has displayed some outstanding pass rush ability, but he has missed a lot of practice time with various injuries.

Among the other defensive linemen on the roster, it appears only rookie DE Jason Parker might have a shot at that eighth spot. The college free agent out of Arizona has been getting some snaps with the No. 2 defensive line.

Defensive end is also one spot where the Chiefs may run through the waiver wire in hopes of finding a more talented player.

08-20-2008, 12:34 AM
If the Chiefs really think TJ Jackson is worthy of making the roster, great carry him as the 4th DT behind Dorsey, Tyler and Boone, there is no reason to carry 5 DT's or even remotely think Boone is a swing man.

If they feel McBride needs to play end this year hey that's fine too, just pick up another end someone cuts or hell maybe 2. There is 0 reason to carry 5 DT's especially when McBride is capable of playing in there too especially when 2 of those guys are over 30 years old.

It should be Boone or Edwards one or the other not both.